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Indeed Resume Builder

Indeed.com is a famous online job listing platform accessible in over 60 nations and is the most used employment portal in the United States. Indeed.com has a significant market share of 16.36 percent among job websites with 250 million visitors. The site provides a free job advertising platform and a resume builder tool. When deciding to post a job advertisement, customers may select their own costs. The website has built-in skills evaluations to help in applicant evaluation. It integrates with the career pages of organizations. Candidate and job tracking options are available on the corporate portal. The website has a massive repository of over 200 million resumes. Indeed.com has Indeed Resume Builder that provides resume templates depending on the professional level, guidance, resume recommendations, and compliance with ATS software. 


The secret to writing an exceptional CV is not mentioning previous positions but also how creative you can make those positions sound. You want to distinguish yourself and catch the employer's attention at first sight. Getting the job is half the work, but creating an outstanding CV is a vital initial step. HipCV Resume Builder offers the following features;

  • User-friendly resume builder that allows resume building quick and easy.
  • Track each visit to your digital resume and view the employer visits of the place and time on a map.
  • Includes pre-written words and resume examples to increase your chances of landing your ideal job.
  • In minutes, you may have a mobile-friendly website, or you can download and send it as a PDF file.
  • Get excellent cover letter templates that complement your CV/Resume.

Is Indeed Resume Builder worth it

Indeed's resume builder is a popular tool for people looking for jobs. According to a review by Money, it's great if you want to make a basic resume fast. But if you want to customize it or use advanced settings, Indeed's resume builder might not be the best choice. Another downside is that you can only save your resume as a PDF.

On the flip side, Resume Genius says that Indeed is a legitimate website for career services. It helps job seekers find job openings, build a resume, and send it to potential employers. In general, Indeed is seen as a reliable resource for both job seekers and employers.

Reddit users have different opinions about Indeed's resume review service. Some think it's not worth the $25 cost because the feedback is too general. Others find it helpful, especially if they're having trouble getting responses from employers or feel like their current resume doesn't show their skills well.

In the end, whether Indeed's resume builder is worth it depends on what you need. If you want a simple and quick way to make a resume, Indeed's tool could be good for you. But if you want more control over how your resume looks, you might want to check out other options.

Can I make a free resume on Indeed

Yes, Indeed offers a free resume builder that allows you to create a professional-looking resume in minutes. A lot of templates are available for you to select from, and you can modify them to fit your specific requirements. Once you’ve created your resume, you can download it to your computer or use it to apply for any job on Indeed.

Is it better to convert a resume to an Indeed resume

Indeed Resume is a tool on Indeed that helps people looking for jobs. It lets you put your resume on the website so employers can find it easily. You can either upload your existing resume or create a new one using Indeed's resume builder. The good thing about using Indeed Resume is that it makes applying for jobs on Indeed easier. When you apply for a job, you can use your Indeed Resume, and you won't have to fill out extra forms or information. But remember, Indeed Resume doesn't replace your regular resume. It's best to use both. You can use your regular resume when applying for jobs outside of Indeed, and use Indeed Resume for jobs on the Indeed platform.

How much does Indeed resume cost

Indeed's cost of a monthly subscription for Indeed Resume is $100 for the Standard subscription and $250 for the Professional subscription. Employers can save up to 20% on Indeed Resume services by paying annually instead of monthly.

What is Indeed Resume Builder

Indeed Resume Builder enables users to develop resumes by utilizing templates that have made an impact on hiring managers. Users may select from eight professionally created templates, benefit from expert advice and recommendations, and save their resumes in Pdf file.

How can I create a CV for a job on Indeed

  1. Select an appropriate template.
  2. Fill up the blanks with your contact details.
  3. Write a professional summary.
  4. List your abilities, employment record, credentials, and education.
  5. Include any extra information, like accomplishments or interests.
  6. Spell check and structure your resume.
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