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How to write a resume with no work experience

Compiling your initial job application is not a simple task.

If you do not have job experience, it is essential to mention previous tasks, qualifications, and other interactions to illustrate that you have specific skills, qualifications, and competence. When organizations recruit entry-level workers, the two main qualities they expect are mindset and proficiency.

So, how to market yourself to a recruiter when you're a novice who has no practical work experience?

If you have no practical experience, reflect on other initiatives that enable you to establish a career level of competence, address your core strengths, and demonstrate your skills. While compiling your resume without any professional training, it's best to write about temporary work such as taking care of the kids, dog walking, mowing the lawn, etc. You can take part in volunteering or temp work. Here are a few tips and illustrations that can help you create an exceptional resume with no practical background.

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Assess each detail of the resume segments and what is available in each aspect. It's a great thing to examine the high school sample resume to check what is acceptable. You do have a significant amount of life experience related to the job hunt, even if you've never had a full-time position.


The right approach for you to introduce yourself, your abilities, and strengths to the prospective employer is to give them a solid resume that will display your core individual qualities.

When you are part of the corporate world, the larger part of your 'Employment' segment will be full of practical experience. Until then, you can explore how to acquire skills that lead to your job role and identify experiences that depict your professional attitude. Since you have no professional qualifications, your profile description can involve one or two phrases defining your professionalism, educational background, qualifications, and formal aspirations or interests. Optimize a professional overview as per the job posting for which you want to qualify. 

Here are some examples of the interactions you may apply to your primary resume;

  • Temp-work such as nannying or repair work  
  • Extracurricular events, like games or athletic competition
  • Vocational training or unpaid internships
  • Volunteering

Concentrate on the abilities you established for every position, specifically those added to the job requirement. Also, where you can address any successes, such as the improvements you've made over time or the particular goals you've managed to reach.

For instance, for a customer service role, you can write about your experience in the following ways;

Community lawn services  


  • Trim grass and fringe from spring to mid-fall.
  • Retain ten lawns during the spring period
  • Apply interpersonal skills to create connections and receive references.
  • Growing the clientele in eight months from one to twelve houses.  
  • Received and sustained a five-star rating on the social media page of lawn service. 

Care services for pet


  • Offer regular and long-term care for pets
  • Utilizing the attributes of customer service to connect and engage with customers.
  • Keep a medium of eight dog-walking customers every week.
  • Established an online website and built a digital presence to increase the clientele.

Check out this guide on how to write a cover letter, how to format a cover letter.

Tips on showcasing skills on a resume with no work experience

The purpose of the initial resume is to illustrate your potential as a worker and convince companies how you can contribute to the business. So, thoroughly job specifications and take note of any unique skills or criteria you may satisfy. Remember that companies are seeking a mix of hard and soft skills. Soft skills apply to any job, like team management, social interaction, or self-governance. Hard skills are usually things you acquire through advanced schooling or practical training, such as business-relevant technical experience or language skills.

If you about applied any skills in school, or if you've been practicing those skills in a co-curricular activity, describe them. Always ensure you're transparent about your degree of proficiency in an interview.

When recruiting for primary-level positions, most companies expect soft skills over hard skills since interpersonal skills are not easy to teach. It's appropriate if you haven't yet mastered all the hard skills you require for a job by displaying the desire to develop specific skills and learn new methods, companies will consider your real worth as a prospective new worker.

Note to provide only the details most valuable to your work. For instance, if you are applying for a job as an executive assistant, you do not have to explain how your role as a nanny has contributed to improving your childcare abilities. But you can discuss how the process has taught you to develop managing time and the capability to handle several activities at once. By modifying your resume for every job position, you can confirm that the recruiter will see if your skills match with their requirements.

Here is a list of soft and hard skills that you may provide when seeking employment as an executive assistant;

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Problem-solving
  • Customer service
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Active listening

Here is a complete guide on how to add hard skills, time management skills, soft skills, organizational skills on a resume.

How to add education on a resume without job experience

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When you develop your initial resume, it's essential to mention your educational qualifications. It will illustrate to hiring managers that you can resolve obstacles, keep to your promises, and discover new things.

Outline any courses you completed or any certificates you are currently exploring. If you've finished attending school before you get a qualification, you can mention the grades or number of hours finished. You may also use this chance to convey the work you have done that is valuable to the role. For instance, if you aspire for a store assistant job, here's how you can illustrate your high school information;

Graduation Date: 2020

GPA: 3.9

Relevant coursework: Introduction to Digital Illustration, Digital Poster Design

Clubs: Graphic Design Club and Association

Things to note when creating a resume with no work experience

  1. Display that you are detail-oriented by carefully checking your resume for spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and irregularities. Try asking a friend or colleague to review the job application before you send it to the company. Every time you modify your resume, remember to proofread it.
  2. Hiring managers expect to learn that you acknowledge your accomplishments and competent in your skills. Remember that it shines across in your resume by exhibiting all of your highest strong points and successes.
  3. Employers also have many requests for evaluation and may invest as little as a minute analyzing your resume. Your resume should be impressive but short. It must be convenient for the potential employer to possibly identify how your background and expertise fit with the work they provide.

Resume example with no work experience

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Key Points

A simple, easy, and reliable structure is crucial to grab the recruiter's attention, particularly if you do not have comprehensive professional training. Compiling your first resume is an incredible opportunity as a new graduate. It's a chance to highlight to the recruiter how you've trained yourself for the work environment and how you can contribute to the company's value. By developing a convincing resume today, you will be able to improve on it as you expand your experience and expertise in your profession. 

  • Do not lie on your resume. You will not be able to keep the assurance your resume made.
  • You may not have to provide references or confidential data outside your contact details or a set of irrelevant hobbies.
  • Confirm your resume for mistakes and errors before you send it to the recruiter.
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