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15 Best AI Resume Builders

Making a stellar resume is no simple task, especially if you have a lengthy professional history. A resume, unlike a CV, shouldn't be longer than two pages. It can take a lot of time, and it gets even more difficult if you have to modify your CV for each job you're applying for. By offering a pre-formatted document that you can personalize with your information, resume templates can provide you an advantage. In this manner, you may utilize your time to fill out the resume instead of spending extra time on the format.

For the purpose of getting you a job interview, a resume acts as a promotional instrument for your educational history and professional experience. When applying for jobs, your resume's appearance and content are important. According to a survey, before deciding whether a prospect is a "fit" or not, recruiters take an average of six seconds to consider them. The length of time a hiring manager or recruiter spends reviewing a resume, however, might vary based on the position, the organization, and the volume of resumes they evaluate. It's essential to choose the right ATS-friendly resume templates, as today, you can find fast resume builder that provide suggestions, prompts, and even resume templates compatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS). These templates are valuable not only for individuals seeking assistance with resume design but also for anyone aiming to create a comprehensive and polished professional resume.


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HipCV is the best resume builder that has both free and paid options. Job seekers may download and share their resumes using HipCV. You may monitor the amount of times your resume has been seen using the analytics section of the service. The HipCV resume creator is a helpful resource for high school students, professionals, researchers, college students. HipCV software can assist in making the task of preparing a resume straightforward and easy because the job search journey can be very challenging for a job seeker. Check our pricing

Free Account - resumes templates, pre-written phrases, track 10 job applications

1 Month Pro Account - $9.99 (One-time payment)

3 Month Pro Account - $14.99 (One-time payment)

12 Month Pro Account -$29.99 (One-time payment)


Kickresume provides a distinctive combination of manual and AI-assisted resume creation alternatives. It puts a big emphasis on ATS optimization, which makes it easier for your resume to get via applicant tracking systems. Making a standout CV is also made simpler by the visually appealing templates. Users can also import their LinkedIn accounts to speed up the resume generation process and save time. Although a free version is offered, it has several features that are restricted because some users could perceive Kickresume's premium alternatives are too costly. However, the cost may be worthwhile in the form of more successful job search results. 

Free Plan:  4 basic resume and cover letter templates

Monthly Plan: $19 per month

Quarterly Plan: $13 per month

Yearly Plan: $5 per month 

Resume Genius

A great option for people who are new to creating resumes is Resume Genius because it provides a step-by-step method for doing so. This function offers step-by-step advice and directions that are very clear. A cover letter builder and an ATS compatibility check are both features of Resume Genius, which helps guarantee that your resume is optimized for applicant tracking systems and increases the likelihood that hiring managers will take note of your application. Users of all expertise levels may easily browse the platform and make a polished CV thanks to its user-friendly interface. However, Resume Genius can be lacking key cutting-edge elements that can be found on other platforms for professional growth, career networking, and industry insights for people wishing to connect with industry insiders. 

14-day trial: $2.95 (auto-renew after the trial period)

Monthly Plan: $7.95 (billed annually at $95.40)


EnhanCV provides templates with a contemporary layout so your resume is professional. The templates from EnhanCV are made to stand out with a contemporary appearance and an emphasis on ATS optimization, a crucial component of resume success. Your resume will perform more effectively due to the platform's features such as keyword optimization and content recommendations. The capability to integrate your LinkedIn profile simplifies the resume writing process and is a helpful tool. The restricted capabilities of the free version, however, might not be sufficient for individuals with particular purposes. Also, a disadvantage for people on a restricted budget may be that some customers consider the premium plans to be somewhat pricey. 

Pro Monthly: $24.99 per month

Pro Quarterly: $49.97 billed every 3 months

Pro Semi-Annual: $79.94 billed every 6 months

Resume Now

With its user-friendly design and in detail resume-building process, Resume Now is the great option for those who are new to creating resumes. By providing ATS-friendly templates, the site makes sure that your resume is prepared for applicant tracking systems. An important feature of Resume-Now is its cover letter creator, which enables users to produce thorough job application materials. The detailed instructions make creating resumes simple for individuals of all levels of experience. The likelihood of passing the initial screening rises significantly with ATS compatibility. The free version of Resume-Now can have certain feature restrictions, though, and some users might think the price of premium subscription plans is too excessive.

14-day trial: Full access for $2.45

Monthly Access: $10.45 per month


Novoresume is renowned for its ATS-friendly templates, so the ATS will accept your resume. Real-time information provided by the resume generator is also beneficial for enhancing the standard and clarity of resumes. Additionally, the resume builder gives you the option to export your resume in a variety of formats and delivers real-time content review to assist you in improving your material. When presenting your CV to numerous employers, this adaptability is beneficial. Although Novoresume's templates are made to work with ATS, some users might find them to be less attractive than those from other resume builders. Some design aspects might be sacrificed in the pursuit of practicality.

1-month Plan: $19.99

3-months Plan: $39.99

12-months Plan: $99.99


VisualCV resume templates are unique and adaptable. The platform provides analytics tools that monitor resume performance and give you useful information about how well your application is working. Additionally, users can host their resumes online, complete with a customized URL that makes sharing easier. Users have the opportunity to design distinctive resumes that complement their personal branding with VisualCV's editable templates. Analytics are included to allow users to evaluate the effectiveness of their resumes and make adjustments. However, the free version could have restrictions, and some users might find the platform's UI to be a little confusing.

Pro Monthly: $24 per month, billed monthly

Pro Quarterly: $15 per month, billed quarterly


Zety stands out because to its expertly created templates, which provide an outstanding and clean resume. Their cover letter creator makes it simple to put together a thorough job application package. With Zety, creating a resume is simple; all you need to do is enter the necessary data, and your resume will be completed in no time. You must set up an internet account even though this service is free. Additionally, integrated spell-checking and content suggestions guarantee flawless and intriguing material. The premium features are slightly more expensive and the free version has some restrictions.

2-week trial: $2.70 (cancel anytime)

Monthly plan: $23.70 per month

Annual plan: $71.40 per year

What is the best resume builder


CakeResume stands out thanks to its distinctive one-page structure, which in the resume creation industry makes a strong visual statement. It gives users the chance to display their professional information in a unique way, which can be very tempting to creative professionals trying to create a big impression. CakeResume stands out for its multimedia integration features, which let users add links, videos, and other aspects to their resumes. This feature enables creative people to dynamically and effectively display their work and expertise. 

Advanced plan:

$20 per month

$10 per month billed quarterly

$8 per month when billed annually in advance

Pro plan:

$30 per month

$15 when invoiced quarterly

$12 when billed annually


MyPerfectResume is a resume building platform that is comparable with the rest of the field due to its range of templates and useful pre-written material. The large selection of pre-written material makes the resume builder at MyPerfectResume exceptional. We discovered that it sped up and simplified the resume-writing process. But many of MyPerfectResume's templates have a dated appearance or an odd layout. For instance, some templates' style was extremely ineffective and there is a lot of white space on the page.

Trial plan: $2.95 for a 14 day trial

Monthly plan: $5.95


Resume.io is an easy-to-use online platform for crafting professional resumes. It boosts an extensive array of resume templates, encompassing over 350 occupation-specific examples and templates that recruiters have put to the test. Additionally, it offers various subscription options, both free and paid, with varying pricing tiers. This platform incorporates a range of features, including ATS-friendly resume formats, AI-generated pre-written phrases, research-backed writing recommendations, and a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it includes extra functionalities such as a tool for removing photo backgrounds, an integrated job board, and the capability to merge resumes and cover letters into a single PDF file.

7 Day Trial: $2.50

6 Month Plan: $37.97

12 Month Plan: $63.30

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JobScan offers an effective free resume maker with the objective on assisting you in getting your resume past the ATS software that many large organizations utilize in their recruiting process. Although if you don't have a lot of professional expertise to offer, the JobScan resume writer is simple to use and does a good job of formatting the material. But the ATS compatibility assessment is where JobScan really shines. After creating your resume, you may get a free resume analysis to see what details are missing, whether you're required to incorporate keywords and if the necessary skills present on your resume.

Free Plan: 3 basic templates

Monthly: $49.95


ResumeNerd is a resume builder that provides a simple but effective platform with a variety of themes to pick from, making it usable by users with different levels of experience. The portal offers straightforward editing tools so users may create resumes fast and effortlessly. The useful cover letter builder enables users to put together a thorough job application document. One noteworthy benefit is the offer of a free edition, which makes it an appealing choice for anyone on a budget. Users must be advised that relative to more sophisticated resume builders, ResumeNerd may offer less customizing choices.

14-day trial: $2.75

Monthly Plan: $24.75

Quarterly Plan: $59.95

Yearly plan: $99.95


You may construct descriptions for specific resume elements with Rezi AI builder tool. Every description is customized for certain jobs in your industry and keyword-targeted for applicant tracking systems (ATS). You are initially prompted to choose if you wish to start from blank, import a recent resume from LinkedIn, or start with a sample resume. After that, you decide if you want an all-purpose resume or one that is geared to a certain position. Then, you must choose the position you would like to work in, a company (if appropriate), and you may also paste the precise job description.

Free Plan: 1 resume limit

Lifetime Plan: $!29 (Additional AI credits)

Monthly Plan:  $29 per month


A rather sophisticated AI resume writer called Skillroads can evaluate and review your existing resume in addition to creating one for you. It depends on the answers to a somewhat extended but simple questions. You must first enter your contact details, including name, email, and mobile number. The second phase is a 6-step survey with questions about your ideal career, your goals, your greatest achievements, your experience, your abilities, and your education. Though some of these processes just ask you to click on the available selections, some take a little longer. Your resume will be created when you complete the final step. The completed product can then be viewed and edited. There is no dedicated pricing page to check the cost of the resume service.

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Your life can be greatly simplified with resume builders. The best resume builders also perform the hard work for you by assisting you in creating engaging job descriptions that are packed with action verbs and strong language. They offer you well designed, customized templates, expert advice for every stage of the resume writing process, and, most significantly, they do the work for you. That makes resume builders worth their money because they offer features you will not find in tools such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

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