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Accounting and Finance

Use our new and improved Builder to create a winning Accounting and Finance Resume to improve your chances of landing that perfect job. Gain access to examples of real resumes that the employer is looking for. Try it free of charge now!

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A proven resume template relevant to work, to get a quick start and get your ideal job. Build a professional resume within a matter of minutes. It is an example of an Administrative resume that you can customize. Download your latest resume and now open your job application!

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Create and download your very own professional resume to get a fast start and get your dream job. Within a matter of minutes, create an exceptional resume. It is an example of an Art resume that you can personalize!

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Develop an out of this world Banking resume quickly with professional content that can be tailored just for you! In a matter of minutes, create a professional cv. Download your new resume and now launch your work application!

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Stand out by going for one of our impressive resume templates-to get a fast start and get your ideal career free to customize on HipCv. In a matter of minutes, create a professional resume. It is a Beauty resume sample that you can tweak. Download your most recent resume and activate your application for a job now!

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Business and Management

Try our Business and Management resume example, which will help you get started if you're looking for your first job. Even if you have been in the industry for years, the free resume designs you find here mean that all the data you need to land the dream job is still featured!

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A new job opportunity is knocking on your door. The only problem is upgrading your old resume, the one that never seems to format the correct way in word documents. Try our free Childcare resume template, and you will not be disappointed! Download it now!

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A proven resume sample related to work, to get a quick start and get your ideal job. Build a professional resume in a matter of minutes. In our interactive resume builder, pick and slide your way to perfection, and you'll venture on the next phase of your profession in no time. To get started, choose and download our Construction resume template now!

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Customer Service

A resume is the first chance you have to build for a potential employer while on your job search, so make the impression count better. To get a quick start and get your ideal position, create a professional resume that you can customize from our templates. Download your Customer Service resume now and start your job application!

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To build an outstanding résumé, you don't have to start from zero. In a matter of minutes, craft a professional resume from our example of a Design resume that you can tailor. Download your new resume now!

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The aim is to select a framework that suits the requirements of the employer and the job, to get a kickstart with your job hunt process. In minutes, design a professional-looking resume. It is an example of a resume for a Driver that you can customize!

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With a simple-to-read format that clearly describes how your talents and experience make you the right person for the role, it is best to play it safe. In minutes, build a creative resume with our resume builder tool.   It is an example of an Education resume that you can change as per the job position.

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A solid resume is a powerful asset for taking steps forward in your working life. Try our resume builder tool and get your employment application to begin now! It's an example of an Engineering resume you can configure.

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A successful resume outlines your accomplishments and offers a concise description of your core strengths and experience. Create a professional resume in minutes with the HipCv resume builder. It is an example that you can edit from an Executive resume.

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With our exclusive templates, a professional template will get you on your way to getting your career started quickly. Download our Finance resume example that you can modify instantly!

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Food Service

Highlight your greatest achievements and characteristics by developing a professional resume to get your career started quickly and get an ideal role. It is an example of a resume for the Food Service that you can personalize. Get your resume uploaded online for the job position so, let's get started now!

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The government resume is different from a private job position and has a somewhat different objective. Check our example of a government sample resume that you can change. Now, download it!

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Be sure to use the HipCv Resume Builder if you want a resume that outshines all others. It is an example of a resume for Health that you can edit. Compile your new resume and begin your job application today!

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To initiate your work application process, save time by downloading our Hospitality resume template. It is an example of a hospitality resume that you can fit with the requirements of the company. Now, download!!

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Human Resource

Focus on what matters most, highlight your special talents and professional achievements by creating a resume that is unique and recognizable. That will make you likely to be heard, interviewed, and, we assume, get hired. Use our examples as a starting point for Human Resource resume and you can build a resume that will help you get hired!

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You ought to win your case in the legal profession. So, use our Legal resume template and customize to stand out from the sea of applicants!

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Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and repair workers keep turning the wheels of any business, house, or institution and constitute an important component of most organizations. This is an example of a resume for Maintenance and Repair that you can select.

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Marketing resumes undergo the dual problem of demonstrating enthusiasm and imagination to illustrate effect alongside daunting numbers. Use our resume builder tool to create and optimize this marketing resume with ease in a matter of minutes using our intuitive online resume builder.

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Don't waste your precious time trying to correctly get the Production resume. Use our new and intuitive Builder that has all the tools and pointers you need to convince and get closer to being employed by prospective employers. To assist you to enter that extra info, take advantage of the ideal format and layout, predictive text tools, and pre-written job material.

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Real Estate

Looking to build a free and ideal Real Estate resume? Try our Resume Builder now and during the recruitment process, be well on your way to impressing employers. Our new and improved builder will help you manage your career search and navigate it, resulting in a simple and stress-free operation. In a matter of minutes, create a professional resume.

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Prepared to crush the competition from retail employers and get spotted? In minutes, HipCv Resume Builder can help you develop a stand-out resume that is professionally built. Save time and stress by having the resume writing process lead you through our builder. Get your PDF file downloaded and saved!

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HipCv eliminates the stress out of writing a resume. Choose from several templates and follow simple instructions to quickly create the perfect job-ready resume. Start your job search process now by using our example Sales Resume template.

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Security and Protective Services

Making a resume that truly impresses hiring managers requires a lot. Take a look at our Security and Protective services resume templates before you get to writing. To craft a professional resume in minutes, use our example resume.

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Social Work

Social work requires applicants who are supportive and caring and are determined to achieve outcomes. By producing a well-written resume, you can show that you are a strong option for a new role. Check our resume builder app, an example prototype for social work that you can customize according to your requirements.

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Sport and Fitness

It can be difficult to get a job as a fitness and sports trainer. Competition is fierce, but you can get your name on an employer's shortlist with the optimal resume. Create a proper and well-formatted resume in minutes with the help of our resume builder tool and resume template. Use our sample resume to optimize for sports and fitness job positions.

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Using our resume builder app to develop a job-winning student resume in a blink. Develop a great resume, one that has every recruiter pleased and can be a door-opener to an ideal job. Check out our Student sample resume, edit it, download and save your PDF file, and get started with your career application presently!

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Transporation and Logistics

It works to have a couple tricks up your sleeve while you are searching for a new career. Sending an exquisitely-crafted resume including your work application is one way to attract the interest of every potential employer. Use our resume builder tool to develop a professional resume and use our example of a Transport and Logistics resume to kickstart your career right now!

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Having trouble making the right resume? Dont worry, hipCV downloadable sample resume and the tips for resume writing will get you through the job hunt process. Try our easy-to-use builder.

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Sample Resumes

A compelling resume is a gateway to a future career that creates opportunities. The way to catch-the-eye is an impressive design, but especially important is appropriate competent writing. And so, no matter your profession or work title, we've developed sample resumes to get you moving on composing the ideal resume. Every sample has been impeccably designed to reflect your field's best standards and navigate you from the profile overview to the format with every component of resume development.

We recognize that it may feel overwhelming to create resumes for every job position from scratch. That is why our expert resume examples lead you through the development phase and, part by part, drill-down the structure of a phenomenal resume. To enable you to tackle digital era obstacles such as Candidate Monitoring Systems and the correct file formats, we dig a bit deeper into the complexities of the present scenario job market and recruitment processes.

Our sample resumes cover major pitfalls and alternatives that you can experience, which guides you to identify any issues. Nowadays, competitive pressure is a lot when you're on the job quest. That's why our example resumes are packed with practical tips to empower you with the unique edge required to build a resume that attracts the attention of a recruiter and offers you your ideal job. Our professionally designed resumes streamline the way of developing a functional document that will help shine light on your qualifications and skills.

Sample Resume Format Style

You have alternatives when it comes to compiling your resume. Therefore, there are several simple guidelines to assist you and select the layout that ideally fits the needs of the prospective employer. The reverse-chronological order is the widely used resume layout. This style lists the current job experience of the applicant as the primary one, accompanied by former jobs. If you have vast experience related to the role for which you are applying, then perhaps the approach is to incorporate the chronological style. It will not create any concerns, at the minimum.

In circumstances where you want to display your qualifications, functional resumes perform well. This interface will help you mitigate any cracks in your employment record and persuade a recruiter that you can contribute value to the organization. The non-conventional alternative is a functional resume, although, in some contexts and professions, it can work fine.

Our resume sample configuration tells you how to manage all of these strategies to create a modern and professional resume that works for you. And if you choose to spare yourself time and secure your ideal job with the ultimate tool, use our stylish resume builder with tried and tested resume templates!

To construct a hybrid resume, you do have the benefit of merging these two resume types. By placing your expertise at the core while also featuring your strengths straight away, this structure provides you the best deal of both genres.

Our list of best resume examples

Mechanical Engineer

There is an increasing demand for you as a mechanical engineer. Of course, an excellent resume is an answer to land your dream job. This overview sample resume expertly illustrates the recruiting complexities that any candidate experiences and, it assists you in solving them with flexibility and pace. The tech, reviewing, and debugging skills may be invaluable and that doesn't indicate that your skillsets are not useful.

There is no better way to land a job, after all, than to offer a recruiter only what they prefer. Similarly, this post provides excellent pointers to measure your most outstanding professional experience. Check our mechanical engineer sample resume with tips and useful hints on how to create one.


Accountants operate through businesses and economies, ensuring that the resume must be able to fulfill a range of requirements and constraints of the employer is quite a hard ask. Fortunately, this sample resume of the Accountant example provides you with an answer for just that, stating the various influential accreditations and the correct way to display them. In what seems like a highly technical area, this article still demonstrates to you how to incorporate the all-important personal element.

On the resume of an accountant, not every segment is represented equally. So, this sample also provides you with tips and information on strengthening your abilities and complying with only the fundamental principles in various scenarios.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Wizard? Kudos, you are an icon of the company. The uniqueness of this job is how they allow you to collaborate with almost any aspect of an organization and develop connections through groups and divisions with peers. In many respects, inside the corporation or beyond, they operate as a professional launching pad. A successful Administrative Assistant resume is a bit like a switch-blade; it reveals how to solve real-world problems at the precise moment with the appropriate instrument.

This example also offers you with insights and details on refining your skills in multiple situations and operating with just the basic principles. Check out our tried and tested Administrative Assistant sample resume and see how you can create one to reflect you are the 'jack-of-all-trades' and grab the attention of the potential employer.

Check out Office Administrator Resume Example.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer must leverage the influence of visual elements as a vital member of the marketing department of an organization to elicit a visceral reaction among customers. Not only do graphic designers have to be professionals in art and technology, but they also need to have an ability for interaction. To be seen in the top graphic designer jobs, your resume should have both quality and aesthetics. Check our sample resume for a Graphic Designer to know how you can express your unique design skills to companies.

Personal Banker

You are responsible as a personal banker for establishing long-term partnerships with customers and cross-selling goods and services. Also, you have to be an outstanding speaker with a thorough understanding of financial transactions and products. In this position, sales and customer service experience will give you an edge. Dynamic and ethical, the perfect candidate has an excellent problem solving expertise.

But, to highlight all of this, you need an exceptional resume. Keeping in mind the employer rules, we have developed tried and tested sample resumes. Check our Personal Banker resume example that provides a reference to create an accurate and quality resume. Also, it will outline tips and strategies to construct your resume.

Hair Stylist

Does your resume in need of a unique appearance? You have to be a top-notch applicant for the top hairstylist jobs. All professional hairstylists are required to operate a bunch of grooming shears efficiently so you can position a leap above all other candidates, despite any customer service experience and specialized knowledge in your resume. Our sample resume for the hairstylist will instruct you on how to build a resume that will catch the eye among the pool of applicants. We have also posted a write-up on the job description and optimal job credentials for hairstylists to convey to you additional details on what a candidate in this field is supposed to accomplish.

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst's position differs from industry to industry. In each company, however, the occupation plays a crucial role, especially in the realm of business growth. It is a demanding position that entails responsibilities as top executives depend on your research to formulate its plans and solve problems and concerns. To achieve its strategic targets and objectives, you can assist in implementing the map and sustain the course of an organization.

Looking for an appropriate example resume of a Business Analyst? You have come to the right place. To apply a resume that captivates the employer's attention, you will require a strong Business Analyst resume. Our sample resume has all the information you need to create a robust resume. As a useful guide, we have also provided suggestions on the Business Analyst industry requirements and including the right qualifications to get a job interview.

Check out Project Manager Resume Example.

Professional Nanny

A professional nanny resume has a more personal touch but is a bit different from other resumes as the parents or families hire you. Your resume must be able to specify your childcare skills at their highest, and you must involve information on the tasks you have completed in your previous babysitting work locations. It is advisable that before submitting it in your future position, attach your credentials to your resume. In this post, we have also given our tried and tested nanny resume example to allow you to comprehend each segment effectively and what they will indeed look like once you follow the advice in this article.

Construction Worker

Your Construction Worker Resume may indicate the dichotomy between getting the job or not while you are on the quest for a spot in construction. The following sample resume of our Construction Worker is filled with tips and instructions to ensure you develop an impressive application with all the correct details, qualifications, experience, and accomplishments for which an employer is searching. So, check our tried and tested resume example of a construction worker and unlock your dream job by following the guidelines in the post to craft an outstanding resume.

Customer Service Representative

If you are looking for an opportunity as a customer service representative? Once you get further, it is necessary to view our sample resume of a tip-top Customer Service Representative example. You have to ensure that, by being both insightful and persuasive to read, your resume can shine apart from other applicants. But, without the employer being swept away with irrelevant data. To do that, take a look at our guide as to how to create an excellent Customer service representative resume example and advice on showcasing your skills, job record, and format it as per the employer rules.

Fashion Designer

Are you looking to move into the fashion world? There is more to being a competent fashion designer than a fascination for apparel or a knack for style, whether you intend to work for a designer or launch your own business. Similarly, learning the right technical expertise is phenomenal. Review our tried and tested Fashion Designer resume example along with helpful advice on building a professional resume.

Bus Driver

In the transportation sector, bus driving is responsible work that involves practitioners to have a perfect understanding of driving laws and transport policies. The bus drivers are accountable for gathering the travelers from and to their respective locations and dropping them off. To ensure the safety of commuters and their equipment, they incorporate generic security protocols. We have some helpful insights about the resume writing process, so take a look at our Bus Driver sample resume and follow the suggestions.


Due to the multitude of required qualifications and also the number of teaching positions available, teacher resumes may be more tricky to construct than those for other professions. Are you developing a teacher's resume? With the information and guidelines stated here, along with our sample resume, you can approach any form of a CV and establish a first impression with your prospective employer.


An executive resume specifically, then all other resume types, involve more detailed information. Executives are also carefully evaluated by individuals in the business sector, such as research positions or board members. Executive resumes are examined explicitly by members of the current executive committee in tightly owned companies, start-up cultures, and smaller enterprises. We have some tips for building a chief executive officer resume, along with our sample resume. Walk with us on the journey of constructing an impressive CV and proceed with the instructions.

Check out Executive Assistant Resume Example.

Financial Analyst

You likely know that without developing an eye-opening resume, you can't get the top financial analyst spot. You will need input, whether you want to tweak your former resume for a new position or create a fresh one from the beginning. We are here to assist you in getting your top-class resume. Here is a comprehensive list of the right information and strategies to place you on the path to achievement. For your reference, we have generated a Financial Analyst sample resume that is as per the recruiter's requirements.


The one selected to serve the customers, take their orders, attend to them, and deliver them the meals is a waitress. She is the one who connects with people explicitly. The businesses are searching for the talents and abilities of candidates who affirm the efficiency of their services is up to par, whether serving customers at a restaurant, functions, or social gatherings is acceptable. We have a clearly defined Waitress example resume that means it is in sync with the job prerequisites and particulars of enrollment listed in the job posting.


Are you prepared to have an influence? It can be a daunting task to build a federal resume that reflects your credentials to light and illustrates that you are an optimal candidate for the role. Click here to check our post on the Federal sample resume and follow the instructions to formulate an outstanding CV. When applying for a job in the government sector, a generic resume won't cut it. Stay up to date with federal job application process preparation. Besides that, enhance your job quest and make sure that each application you send matters, with a professionally designed resume customized for your federal role.

Health and Safety Engineer

To ensure safety at workstations, the health and safety engineer recognizes and evaluates possible dangers. As an engineer, you avoid unsafe environmental workplace conditions by adequately formulating and managing safety measures. Also, they work with fire services and environmental protection companies to establish and put security equipment. At the federal government level, security in the work environment is due to the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) requirements. To receive OSHA licensure, safety engineers require online and on-site training. Likewise, your resume must look outstanding and insightful and as per employer standards. We have devised a Health and Safety Engineer sample resume keeping in mind with an employer's rules. And, we have shared a few tips on crafting a remarkable resume. You can use our example resume and optimize it to match the job requirements when applying for a job.

Restaurant Manager

It takes an enterprise as well as professional skills to be a restaurant manager. The role demands efficient day-to-day activities to be driven while still meeting business and safety regulations and remaining on top of sales and marketing to maximize profit and satisfying customer interactions. A comprehensive understanding of the job title of a restaurant manager that you want to look for will entail writing a resume with the appropriate collection of strengths, abilities, and experience to make your resume eye-catching to a recruiter. Another main factor to consider when writing up an effective resume is choosing the correct format. It allows you to garner your resume persuasively and compellingly. A successful design for the CV of a restaurant manager should be able to make the reader feel that this is the right candidate as soon as they pick to read. Employ our career tips and a sample resume example of a Restaurant Manager to stay at the top of your game and to withstand your restaurant manager resume to excellence.

Human Resource Manager

As companies seek for a potential applicant to recruit, before they pick a person who matches and whom they choose to call for an interview, employers also have to browse through tons of resumes. The ideal way to impress the recruiter is to build a resume that demonstrates the top talents, qualifications, and career development effectively. Placing a competitive resume together is indeed a great way of setting yourself apart from the crowd right from the very start. Our classic HR sample resume is a perfect example of what your resume should resemble, such as after you have edited it and incorporated your specific skills and knowledge. We have also added some relevant practical tips for resume writing that is straightforward, informative, and easily readable for hiring managers.

We have some excellent resume writing tips, and you can understand with our sample resume to get an in-depth overview of preparing a relevant and apt resume. The example resume highlights industry experience and specific skills. As HR, for potential employees, you are the company's first reflection, so it is essential to reinforce excellent communication skills.

Data Scientist

Data science is a diverse profession that can provide many technological opportunities. It can assist with hard skills such as technical and numerical skills to reach a specific career but, soft skills such as problem-solving, communication, and teamwork are also essential abilities. Thus, in all your job skills, you require your competence in both skills. The standard skill sets that recruiters want to see in the resume are statistics, data visualization, transformation, and exploration, also programming languages such as Python and Advanced Machine Learning. To include these skills as per your job position, we have this guide on the data scientist's resume. Check this link, along with our data scientist example resume, and follow the guidelines on how to create an excellent resume.

Student Resume

A well-formulated resume is a compelling and influential resources you can have at your fingertips during a work quest. A student resume is typically the initial contact point you will have with a hiring manager. It's a single-to-two-page document that helps you to illustrate all of your accomplishments and events throughout your life. Though you do not have a lot of practical experience in the corporate world, the student resume helps you to concentrate on the abilities that you have built through your school and university years and how they can aid in your new employment.

Check out College Student Resume Example.

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Although we have presented you with the most crucial and relevant information to build a resume that offers exciting possibilities and do take a peek at all of the impressive features of the Hipcv resume maker. It will save you time and resources and push your resume to the next level!

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