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Administrative Assistant Resume Example

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How to Write an Administrative Assistant Resume

The administrative assistant role encompasses a variety of industries and competencies. You can get your dream job by learning how to write, design, and optimize your resume for particular job positions. Serving as an administrative assistant can be a medium to various job positions, which includes project manager, office manager, and a market analyst.

The wide variety of businesses in which administrative assistants work ensures you can choose an environment to gain knowledge and information unique to the sector. The entrance bar is a high school diploma, so if it is a lifetime career or a job for a short time, this job is a good one for you.

A career as an administrative assistant requires a combination of hard ability and soft competencies. Through the Hipcv guide, sample resumes, and resume builder tool, understand about:

  • ATS software and winning this part of the job application process.
  • Describing and demonstrating your work experience to outshine in the competition
  • Captivating the attention of the hiring manager
  • Get the best out of minimal resume space

This post will give you all the support required to build a resume for a job position as an administrative assistant and to share all the various stages of the work recruitment process. If you are the right candidate for the role, but you just put your resume into the vacuum and do not hear anything that makes you upset from the other side, then try our helpful tips to get through the process of the job hunt.Through following our roadmap, you can understand how to develop and send your administrative assistant resume into the hands of the hiring manager. The upfront work will always help you to achieve your goals!

ATS application

Image for part: ATS application

There are algorithm-based systems that scrutinize resumes before sending them to the recruiter. ATS software searches keywords related to expertise that is prioritized by employers and is a mandatory skill for a prospective worker to be selected. The hiring manager relies on ATS applications as it helps them in sorting a lot of job applications since an employer does not have a full day to go through hundreds of them.

These are algorithm-based systems that scrutinize resumes before sending them to the recruiter. ATS software searches keywords related to expertise that is prioritized by employers and is a mandatory skill for a prospective worker to be selected. The hiring manager relies on ATS applications as it helps them in sorting a lot of job applications since an employer does not have a full day to go through hundreds of them.

The first task is to identify the keywords in the job listing and make sure to incorporate them into your resume. To do so, you should review the job requirement and illustrate any qualifications or attributes needed by the employer.

Image for part: Industry-related knowledge and terminology

Your core expertise in an administrative position means that you should be able to show your computer literacy skills and competence in using MS Word, Excel, and database management. The more you have knowledge and expertise, the more your chances are of getting the job. Besides the core skills, you may need to obtain experience in the specific sector in which you are working.

Different organizations have unique environments in which they have different sets of jargon and rules under which it operates. Like, professional, scientific, government, healthcare, or educational services.You may be well aware of these environments as probably you are part of the above-listed sectors, but even though you have no prior knowledge in a particular area.

When going for an interview, you can obtain an understanding of the company. It is necessary to remember that the applicant monitoring program searches for skills and keywords. Use and adapt industry-specific terminology wherever possible.


Image for part: Profile

Your resume statement is highly relevant, as you may have to highlight your personality traits. Here you get to show your expertise and accomplishments. It is possible to do anything if you put your mind into it.

Whether you are just starting your career or are an experienced professional, administrative assistant position is a start to learning and developing new skills.

Why a resume objective? Since you do not have much time to please, you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd right from the beginning.

The Goal of resume statement

Image for part: The Goal of resume statement

A resume statement should emphasize on your soft skills while adding a touch of professional character. Since the other sections of a resume rely on the educational qualifications, certifications, and abilities, with no space for imagination, but here you can make yourself known and get the hiring manager to look at you for a longer time to get your dream career! An administrative assistant is the face of the company with whom the office visitors will engage and interact, is better to reveal your personality in a resume statement stating if you are a problem-solver, calm, or an active listener.

Include these traits to the overview section and even hard skills or any professional accomplishment, if you feel it is relevant and appropriate to the job listing. Be sure to do some research about what kind of industry you want to get in. Have a clear understanding of the requirements of the employer for a specific job position, and highlight the skills in that area.

Whether you are just starting your career or are an experienced professional, administrative assistant position is a start to learning and developing new skills.

Employers and recruiters desire to know how you will improve and complement the office environment with your skills, knowledge, and personality, highlight and include them in your resume statement. It can be the frightening phase of resume writing because your resume objective should have a Wow factor for the employer as you have to feature core qualities about yourself in not more than two to three sentences.

Dedicated and skilled Administrative Assistant with experience working in a range of office settings, adept in workplace software and equipment, and expert at managing multiple projects. Good communication skills and proficiency in MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.


Image for part: Experience

If you start your career as an entry-level position, but despite your work history, you can construct this section by providing your skills that show you are a valuable applicant. Build a list of all the skills you have learned in previous work, and for the fresher role, when performing tasks. Examine and decide the work details as per the job postings. Categorize the achievements of your previous job that represent the abilities as per the requirements of the prospective employer.

If job details are fuzzy and lengthy, here is a way you can clear the clutter. You can customize it by using a user-friendly word cloud program such as WordItOut or TagCrowd. To generate different sizes of terms, compile the job description into the application, and make it look amazing on the resume and attract the attention of the reader.

A great work experience section highlights the following points:

  • Employ power words to illustrate duties and accomplishments
  • Validate your skill credentials by specifying and stating statistics and figures to support it
  • Problem-solving insights and add the steps to solve these challenges
  • Demonstrate your capabilities and expertise

In many of the jobs in your prior roles, you have achieved a goal that allows you to take on an administrative assistant position. Figure out how, in your previous employment, you have gained success that can be of significant advantage to your current career. Give yourself the best chance of landing a job by highlighting any experience you already have in these areas.

Skills and abilities

Image for part: Skills and abilities

Depending on the type of environment you are in, the duties of an administrative assistant can differ widely. Still, you can impress the recruiter by featuring your qualities. In this article, we have talked about word clouds previously since it is a valuable tool when trying to decide which competencies to add to your skill section on your resume. The word cloud application gives you the advantage to pass the doorkeeper, Applicant tracking system.

The segment on your abilities should be unique to the expectations of the particular job description. The hiring manager will likely program the Applicant tracking system to scrutinize for keywords and phrases that are also in their job listings. Cherry-Pick all the appropriate skills from the collection you made earlier, and add them to your resume.

It is better not to duplicate your skills that are already added in your experience section as there is a space constraint, so try to use the space to your benefit by including new information.

Technical skills are the measurable skills required to perform a job. Typically, you can learn by taking courses in accounting, editing, and keyboarding. Below is a list of common skills required for an administrative assistant job position;

Hard skills

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Quickbooks and Xero
  • Database Management
  • Administrative Support
  • Inventory and supply management
  • Records Management

Soft skills

  • Flexibility & efficiency
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork & delegation
  • Attention to detail
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Customer Service
  • Communication


Image for part: Education

The education section carries more weight for freshers, but you can use it to your advantage, even if you are at the start of your career! Your entry point into this field is a high school diploma, but you can boost your candidacy over others by taking a course. You can add the following to your education section;

  • Computer courses
  • Training or internships
  • Awards, scholarships, or certifications
  • Industry-related career course undertaken in high school

Format and layout

Image for part: Format and layout

Employers create an impression judging by the design of your resume. You have crafted a resume that includes every important detail like appropriate keywords, remarkable accomplishments, and have entered the Applicant tracking software. Now it is time to make it look good visually.Cluttered formatting is the reason employers will not approve of your resume. Notice that as it shifts from one program to another, format style may not work the same on all applications. Convert and save your resume to a PDF file format and check that the design and structure are intact the way you have created it.

Administrative Assistant Resume do/donts

  • Include competencies listed in the job description
  • Only add computer software that you are familiar with
  • Describe and specify soft skills in detail as they need some facts to prove your level of expertise.
  • Add skills which are not part of the current job listing
  • Use too much space filling your resume with unrelated skills
  • Employ terms and words like word processing application

Administrative assistants are vital to corporate success; their role is to run the workplace smoothly. As an administrative assistant, those who can handle anything and have the technical expertise to be in-sync with the ever-changing market standards will get the most results. Below are the key points to note before start working on your administrative assistant resume;

Points to Remember

  • Your resume objective gives a first impression of who you are and how you can contribute to the organization.
  • Be specific when highlighting your accomplishments
  • When talking about your education, consider adding relevant classes and your achievements.
  • Focus on passing the Applicant tracking program
  • Format and design an easily readable and attractive resume layout

Use our Hipcv Resume builder tool and create an Administrative Assistant resume now!

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