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Guidelines for Submitting an Article for Write for us on our Career Blog.

Although, before sending your blog entry to Write for Us, please ensure that it complies with the following guidelines. Because we check for plagiarism and Google checks before publishing!

  • The article should be completely free of grammatical errors.
  • The article should be around 850 - 1500 words.
  • For good measure, the article must include a DOFOLLOW backlink.
  • You must be aware that the article will only be visible on the site's blog page for a short time before being permanently updated by any subsequent posts.
  • In addition to making the post more approachable and SEO-tailored, the website contains both external and internal backlinks.
  • The website also modifies the articles by removing unnecessary information.
  • At least one link to your official site should be included in the article.

So, now that you understand what kind of content to post, you must also remember how to draw customers. To submit a guest post, just prepare your article and submit it to us. We will review your submission and post it on our blog. An email will be sent to you informing you of the status of your article review if it has been approved or rejected.

Career- Related Topics To Write About

We feature a broad variety of topics, but the posts that we and our readers are most interested in would include the following;

  1. Job hunting: Advice and direction for audiences who are particularly seeking employment (e.g., tips on writing a resume / CV, job searching techniques, remote job, and so on).
  2. Career advancement/growth: More basic career advice that can be used at any point in one's career, not just when looking for work.
  3. Specifics of the market/sector: More specialized job-search and career-development advice focusing on specific markets and sectors.
  4. If you already have an idea for a blog entry but aren't sure if we'd be interested in it, feel free to reach out and we can consider it.
  5. Guestographic Submission Page: We welcome guest contributions with interesting career infographics, job search infographics, interview infographics, resume writing infographics, cover letter infographics and remote job infographics. Share your knowledge with us.

All articles will be subject to our editing.

HipCV will own the article rights however you will be given credit for writing it. Guest authors are required to help promote the article via their social media channels and any other appropriate means.

All submissions must be in Word format and sent to support@hipcv.com with the subject 'Guest Article.' Any posts received without this subject heading will be deleted on the grounds that you have not read these guidelines thoroughly.