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Frequently Asked Questions

I wrote a resume but am not sure if it is ok. Can you please review it?

Sure, we are happy to take a look. You can find additional details here: Resume review and writing service

I want to use hipCV but you don't seem to have the template I want. Can you add custom template for me?

We add new templates all the time, and are happy to try to add your suggested template. Just send us an email at support@hipcv.com and we'll get on it.

Do I have to put a photo on my resume?

All of our templates provide ability to remove photos. So, if you are not comfortable or your industry does not prefer photos, feel free to leave it out.

I like the template but am not sure about the color. Can I change that?

All of our templates support use use of dark plain colors as well. Feel free to update to any color of your choice.

Is my credit card information stored by hipCV?

No, hipCV does not store or has access to your credit card information. hipCV uses Stripe for payments so all payments are securely processed by them.

Do you have any additional questions?

Email us and we will be happy to help: support@hipcv.com