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Office Clerk Resume Example

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How to write an office clerk resume

A resume that demonstrates quality and organization is required to seek employment as an office clerk. This position necessitates meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of a corporation's internal frameworks. HipCV's resume builder can assist you in creating a professional and eye-catching office clerk resume in minutes. This guide will provide you with all the information to write an office clerk's resume.

What is the job of an office clerk

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Responding to phone calls, arranging office records, and handling and modifying calendars are all examples of administrative tasks performed by office clerks. Office clerks can specialize in a range of sectors in which basic office duties are required. Office clerks must have both standard and advanced office qualifications, enabling them to address both routine administrative responsibilities and more intricate responsibilities. They usually require a basic knowledge of office supplies, such as the ability to make duplicates, scan reports, and handle mail room devices. Office clerks must have outstanding organizational skills and provide exceptional customer service. The ideal applicant has a high school education or a comparable certificate and some administrative experience. 

Tips for writing an office clerk resume

An office clerk's resume must highlight several different attributes required to perform basic office responsibilities. Office clerks must be proficient in computer interaction, booking, and, in certain contexts, payment processing. Office clerks must illustrate their administrative skills and their potential to easily learn new methodologies. The ideal applicant works well both individually and as part of a team. A solid office clerk's resume must emphasize one's ability to offer great customer service while working under time limits. Before a recruiter ever sees your resume, a computer algorithm has most probably analyzed it. Yes, ATS software is integrated into most of today's digital application platform and are utilized to browse for keywords in resumes. Just the top candidates are then forwarded to the recruiter's desk. As intriguing as this may appear to be, there are solid steps to follow to prevent being filtered out. Examine the job requirements carefully for key phrases, abilities, or responsibilities highlighted by the manager. 

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Resume format

Pick the most appropriate resume format for office clerks. Because office clerks usually hold entry-level roles, you have a few options for the right format for your resume. If you also have administrative experience, the reverse-chronological order resume format is most probably your best option. It's due to the use of an extensive job history category in this format, which emphasizes former positions. It is also the format that prospective employers intend to see on resumes. If you're searching for your initial job, you might regard a functional resume format, that starts with an 'Experience' or 'Skills' segment and enables you to mention your strong points without tying them to a specific employer. Because the functional format can appear incompetent at times, you may wish to build a hybrid format that incorporates aspects of both formats and usually requires a shorter work experience section.

Professional summary

The resume summary provides companies with a flavor of everything you can offer without being overburdened with specifics. These 3-to 5 sentences are intended to capture the recruiter's attention and entice them to continue reading the rest of the document. Concentrate on your most notable achievements and qualities, and any extraordinary skills or specific knowledge. It is also one of the most vital portions for including ATS-beating key phrases. Note to include as many strong action verbs and job-relevant information as possible. Office clerks play an important role in ensuring that office processes operate properly. To give your accomplishments more weight, add figures and quantifiable metrics. Here is an office clerk resume professional summary example;

Dedicated and competent office clerk with extensive experience offering organizational and management skills in the workplace. Exceptional assistance skills to respond to modifying preferences of an office and to facilitate coworkers and top management. I bring strong organizational skills and a goal-oriented drive to excel. Expertise in a variety of software applications, file records, and office hardware. A devotion to managing sensitive information activities securely and professionally. 

Work experience

If you use the reverse-chronological format, your job record will take up a large part of the space on your resume. Begin by listing your former job titles, commencing with the most recent job titles, and working backward until you have covered all practical experience. Remember to provide the employer's name, geographic area, and dates worked. Construct 4-5 bullet lists that involve your primary responsibilities and successes. Use statistics and action verbs to demonstrate your contribution in the office and indicate to a manager what you can deliver to their corporation. You can also add positions that convey transferrable skills essential for an office clerk role. Here is an office clerk's resume work experience example;

  • Replied to phone calls and set up meetings.
  • Welcomes visitors with a polite and supportive attitude.
  • Supplied general data to those who were willing to participate.
  • Organized and processed inbound and outbound mail.
  • Arranged bills and managed classified documents.
  • Memos and records were written down and modified.
  • Constructed copies, entered data, and completed other essential clerical tasks.


While specialized degrees are not necessary for office clerks, identifying your academic achievement in this portion assists the recruiter know your background. Add the degree title, school, location, and dates of attendance. If you are still a student, provide your expected graduation period and your GPA if it is greater than 3.0. Any honors or distinctions must also be mentioned here. You don't have to list high school education if you have a higher degree than a bachelor's degree.


Your abilities as an office clerk must be displayed on your resume. It is also the part of your resume that showcases to a recruiter precisely what you can offer to the organization. Due to the bullet list format, it's best to select abilities that can be outlined in a single word or two. Review the job description for any qualifications that are crucial to the manager. Provide a combination of hard and soft skills to display why you're a suitable candidate for the office. To be viewed as a good prospect, you must introduce yourself as a resourceful and well-organized individual. Include job-relevant skills in your resume.

Resume design

Your resume's design is also significant as the written text itself. Since your design helps the prospective employer to form an initial impression of you the instant they view the job application. As it's one of the few spots on the document where you can include color or other design features, your header is one of the most relevant parts of building a remarkable design. Select your header with care, keeping in mind the company's aesthetic, tone, and brand image. Based on the job you're applying for, you may have to change your design. A simple resume template can assist you in completing this task easily.

Office Clerk Resume Sample

An Office Clerk will be responsible for a variety of managerial duties such as obtaining and responding to phone calls, word processing, file copying, and record keeping. Obtaining phone messages and transmitting calls, classifying and conveying incoming calls, scheduling meetings, giving basic details to staff and clients, duplicating and reporting digital information, organizing and handling travel vouchers, and conducting data entry work are among the main responsibilities displayed on the Office Clerk resume.

Since the job specification is lengthy, the applicant is required to exhibit at least some or all of the following qualifications in their resume: expertise with office operations and accounting standards, thorough understanding of office machines and processes, quick typing skills, stenography competence, and multi-tasking qualities. Applicants can obtain an entry-level job by enrolling incorporate academic programs at community colleges or earning a postsecondary certificate.

Office Clerk Resume Example

Office Clerk Resume Professional Summary

Office Clerk with 4plus years of industry experience creating everyday office tasks as seamless as possible. Goal-oriented and competent Certified Office clerk with a track record of efficiently maintaining paperwork and databases, resolving client problems, and developing and implementing new administrative practices and regulations. I am currently seeking a job as an Office Clerk with a forward-thinking company.

Office Clerk Resume Skills 

  • Invoicing
  • Customer Service
  • Detail Oriented
  • Data Entry
  • Scanning
  • Communication Skills
  • Answering Phones
  • MS Office
  • Scheduling

Office Clerk Resume Job Description

  • Each day, communicated with around 250 people to assist overcome whatever mistakes occur.
  • Evaluated, investigated, recorded, interacted with distributors, and executed cost analysis for the solid flexible action plan, finally assisting 90+ employees in becoming more proficient at work.
  • Customer support, precision, communication, and an enthusiastic and proactive demeanor all received top ratings.
  • Work as an office manager, addressing calls and communicating with diverse customers and professionals.
  • Accomplished a variety of department targets, both independently and in collaboration with others, like speaking with customers or assisting in the arrangement of different functions and briefings for customers and work functions.
  • Experience studying, extracting, distributing, archiving, and recording data in a filing system.
  • Findings and other details, like records, must be computed, recorded, and reviewed.

Office Clerk Supervisor Resume Example

Office Clerk Supervisor Resume Professional Summary

Office Clerk with more than seven years of expertise in arranging and submitting high volumes of business-critical data, formulating error-free structural interactions, and utilizing accelerated typing speed to finish office duties proficiently.

Office Clerk Supervisor Resume Skills 

  • Time management
  • Payroll software
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication 
  • Listening skills
  • Multi-line phone systems
  • Team player
  • Organization

Office Clerk Supervisor Resume Job Description

  • Worked with copy machines and printers, fax machines, voicemail message devices, and personal computers.
  • Addressed calls, diverted calls, and took replies.
  • File, stock, mailing, and database platforms were monitored and updated mechanically or by employing a computer.
  •  Grouped, and transferred incoming mail, replied to correspondence, and developed outgoing mail.
  • Documents of office operations, business practices, and other tasks were gathered, replicated, classified, and submitted.
  • Findings and other details, like record-keeping or statistics, were calculated, captured, and proofread.
  • Utilizing computer systems or typewriters, I compiled, configured, reviewed, and modified interaction and other papers from memos or dictating devices.
  • Executed work schedules, maintained calendars, and booked appointments.
  • Monitor office operations, business arrangements, and other tasks by compiling, copying, sorting, and filing records.

Office Clerk / Receptionist Resume Example

Office Clerk / Receptionist Resume Professional Summary

All-inclusive and devoted General Office Clerk with 12 years of experience. Proficient, reliable, and capable of multitasking In a fast-paced setting. PC savvy, with a strong background in MS Office and payroll systems. To progress my career in office administration by seeking a job in a supervisory or managerial role with Omega Rocketship enterprise.

Office Clerk / Receptionist Resume Skills

  • Scheduling
  • Event planning
  • Time management
  • Typing 90 WPM
  • Problem-solving
  • QuickBooks
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Customer service
  • Conflict resolution
  • Corporate accounting
  • Organization

Office Clerk / Receptionist Resume Job Description

  • Refined new renewals, withdrawals, dismissals, and updated the student and faculty records system. Compiled messages, notices, and written documents.
  • Enrollment responsibilities included conversing with special school systems, advisors, instructors, and administrators to confirm students were correctly assigned to the suitable education program.
  • Answered phones, directed calls, emailed, filed, and faxed documents, among other things.
  • Accountable for retaining all office materials and guaranteeing proper operation, and taking note of materials and services.
  • Accomplished solid team-player characteristics such as responding to new job preferences to promote a balanced and friendly workplace, and effective interaction with different groups.
  • Other associated duties were conducted as delegated to ensure the reliable and productive operation of the work unit.

Lead Office Clerk Resume Example

Lead Office Clerk Resume Professional Summary

Lead office clerk with significant organizational skills and attention to detail. Proven knowledge to perform duties timely and accurately. Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of payment handling and tracking, account settlement, archives, and client profile file maintenance.

Lead Office Clerk Resume Skills 

  • Multi-tasking
  • Data entry
  • Teamwork
  • Administrative skills
  • Office Administration
  • Filing
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Microsoft Office Suite

Lead Office Clerk Resume Job Description

  • Built and implemented a paperwork framework for all office files, such as agreements, payments, invoices, and personnel files.
  • Established outgoing post and parcels, incoming materials, and hardware were obtained as necessary.
  • Maintaining a meeting schedule to verify that the office was never overloaded or under-booked.
  • Replied to calls instantly, welcome guests, and arranged meetings as appropriate.
  • Handled a photocopier, fax machine, and printing machine for use by both workers and clients.
  •  Picked, submitted, and structured paperwork for storage in a database based on the time and place of the event.
  • Approached clients via phone or email about findings, validated customer data, and organized payments, if relevant, via bank deposit/check billing approach.
  • Process and distribute worker paychecks and income.

Sr. Office Clerk Resume Example

Sr. Office Clerk Resume Professional Summary

Seeking to apply outstanding communication skills in a dynamic company with clients and staff, ensuring tasks are completed for the organization's growth. Respond to client calls by phone, email, and in-person, solving specific problems or complaints as soon as possible.

Sr. Office Clerk Resume Skills 

  • Accounting
  • Research Writing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork
  • Research
  • Clerical Skills
  • Communication

Sr. Office Clerk Resume Job Description

  • Aided in event management, such as travel and strategical plans.
  • Finished data management, resume monitoring, and applicant tracking system maintenance.
  • Cataloged and transferred business information and relevant materials to applicants.
  • All guests were scanned and channeled to the appropriate worker or department.
  • Acquired signatures on financial data, intrinsic and extrinsic receipts, and other documents.
  • Facilitated, booked, set up, and gathered travel schedules, such as company and social events.
  • Arranged all recruit, safety, and short-term paperwork.
  • Maintaining a clean waiting area, such as the lounge and surrounding areas.
  •  Replied to emails, and planned meetings, among other administrative and office tasks.
  • Records were sorted, examined, cataloged, and business databases were kept up to date.
  • Record keeping tasks were completed, and cash handling assistance was offered.

Jr. Office Clerk Resume Example

Jr. Office Clerk Resume Professional Summary

Passionate and committed Office clerk with more than 5 years of experience in Clerical and Administrative Assistants, including customer support, device custodianship, record-keeping, keeping scheduling and event planners, answering calls, offering details to contacts, and redirecting calls to suitable individuals.

Jr. Office Clerk Resume Skills 

  • Project Management
  • Negotiation
  • Sales
  • Event planning
  • Time management
  • Typing 90 WPM
  • QuickBooks

Jr. Office Clerk Resume Job Description

  • Managing and monitoring all documents and training all workers, guaranteed regulatory compliance.
  • Scheduled and structured logistics and equipment for board meetings, panel meetings, and staff events.
  • Arranged and delivered office equipment even as complying with a strict budget for the office.
  • Assembled internal and overseas travel plans, such as the reservation of air tickets, hotels, and transportation.
  • Handled office materials, distributors, organization, and maintenance.
  • Instructed staff and assisted in recognizing the hardware and smooth functioning of the machines.
  • Answered any queries about the protection of various equipment.
  • Coordinated a group of workers in terms of tasks, shift planning, and lunch breaks.

Assistant Office Clerk Resume Example

Assistant Office Clerk Resume Professional Summary

Well-organized, team player, and professional Assistant Office Clerk seeking to determine a job with an organization that requires back-office and front-end assistance to handle diverse facets of operation successfully.

Assistant Office Clerk Resume Skills 

  • Data Entry
  • Microsoft Excel
  • MS Office
  • Cashier
  • Communication Skills
  • Answering Phones
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing

Assistant Office Clerk Resume Job Description

  • Booked conferences and office events, and catering.
  • Keep the supply store-room and restock offices as mandatory, such as stock and purchasing office supplies.
  • Organize payroll checks by cross-referencing review details with the salary paper copy.
  • Coordinated managerial travel arrangements, such as hotel and flight reservations, and favored car service.
  • Welcomed clients right away and respectfully in the office and over the multi-line telephone network.
  • Inter-office texts were handed to workers and management via electronic mail and in-person.
  • For business letters, took dictation and translated them.
  • Arranged all company files, such as communication and corporate documents.
  • Ensures that the agreement is distributed to all relevant personnel.
  • Effectively answers questions and requests.
  • Aided in the development of guidelines for computation, like government and corporate forms.

Office Clerk/Executive Resume Example

Office Clerk/Executive Resume Professional Summary

Expert, reliable office clerk with over 6 years of experience collaborating for a big company. Executive Office Clerk keen to deliver excellent communication and clerical skills to a growing organization in need of top-tier assistance. Launched a scheme, which accelerated office performance by 28%. Striving to use exemplary project management and strategic skills to assist ABC Corporation's team in lowering workplace administration expenses.

Office Clerk/Executive Resume Skills 

  • Word Processing
  • Clerical Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • MS Office
  • Research Writing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Invoicing

Office Clerk/Executive Resume Job Description

  • Worked as an office administrator for a fast-paced manufacturing corporation. Customer ties were retained, and shipping and interaction logistics were.
  • Supervised and replied to customer emails and customer retention was enhanced by 25%.
  • Clerical mistakes were reduced by 15%. Reduced booking errors by 35%.
  • Arrange or categorize data following regulations.
  • Discover and obtain data from documents approved by user requests.
  • Scanning and reading incoming resources to ascertain how and where they must be categorized or registered.
  • To index items for submission, designate and track or stamp identification digits or standards.
  • Conduct administrative assistance duties like proofreading, deciphering manually written data, and using calculators or computers to function with remuneration records, receipts, financial statements, and other documents.

Key Points

  • As the office clerks jobs are becoming more dynamic, a significant resume would be very valuable.
  • Using familiar section headings makes it possible for a recruiter to determine significant facts and for the ATS to inspect your resume.
  • A prospective employer can recognize the significance you bring by using action verbs and tangible numbers.
  • Don't forget about formatting, header part must make a distinct resume without being too stylish.
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