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How to become an office clerk

Whenever you see office clerks in movies, they are upset due to indifferent employees who bother the central character for humor or disagreement. Office clerks are talented officials who maintain an office cohesive and running smoothly. They have exceptional organizational abilities and a diverse range of clerical skills that render them invaluable members of any office. It is one of the most widely known jobs in the United States, with over 2.9 million office clerks employed within the nation.

Job Market Outlook

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The best part is that working as an office clerk is a work that is fairly stable. Businesses' data and office management systems may adjust and evolve with the periods, but there will every time a requirement for eligible individuals to execute these tasks. The BLS forecasts steady if a bit slower growth of 3% by 2024. But, once again, the abilities you learn as an office clerk are outstanding foundational competencies that you can apply to a scope of disciplines, even if workplace clerking isn't your long-term goal.

Office Clerk Job Description

Taking calls, delivering mail, and keeping corporate data will be your responsibilities. To be successful in this role, you should be a dependable and self-directed specialist with strong organizational skills. In addition, an applicant will be acquainted with standard record keeping and office administration procedures.

  • Record minutes of meetings and transcripts
  • Manage general bookkeeping duties
  • Prepare and mail bills, contracts, and invoices
  • Help with office management and organization processes
  • Schedule meetings and plan various division activities and calendars

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What is the job of an office clerk

An office clerk is a managerial specialist who handles overall office operations like typing papers, taking calls, filing archives, and entering information. Specific responsibilities vary based on the requirements of the company. For instance, an office clerk at a university may structure student applications and respond to enrollment questions. An office clerk at a health center may handle billing information and retain the patient data paperwork. Other duties may involve record keeping and banking transactions.

  • Creating meeting priorities, joining meetings, and taking minutes.
  • Managed and handled office devices like computers, copiers, and fax machines. 
  • Diagnose technical issues with office furniture and make support calls as necessary.
  • Taking messages and assigning incoming calls to the company employees.
  • Interacting with work colleagues via phone or email to respond to customer queries and address issues or concerns.
  • Maintaining a stock of office resources and reordering them as appropriate.

Steps to becoming an office clerk

Although much of the talent training for this role occurs once an office clerk is recruited, there are some points to follow before seeking employment as an office clerk. An office clerk will have to finish on-the-job training upon applying and getting employed. The following are the requirements to become an office clerk;

Finished high school education

An office clerk generally requires a high school education. If your high school provides them, the striving clerks must take computer abilities and workplace methodologies courses.

Take certification training

Prospective clerks should think about taking classes in basic office methods, computer knowledge, and computer-related tools like word processing and excel sheets.

Though completion of a certificate program is not necessary, taking the classes voluntarily will enable striving clerks to accomplish the skills essential for the job. Certificate courses for office clerks are usually given at vocational universities or community campuses.

Apply for roles as an office clerk

Applicants must study businesses with available office clerk jobs and submit their resumes and cover letters in compliance with the software guidelines.

Completing on-the-job training

 Office clerks are instructed to carry out tasks and discover the organization's operational processes in addition to standard office skills like typing, text editing, and phone decorum. For instance, if the business applies a repository or accounting application, the recruiter will prepare the office clerk on how to use the database effectively.

What are the prerequisites for becoming an office clerk

Applicants for the office clerk position must fulfill the academic qualifications and have standard office skills. A few jobs may also involve prior customer service expertise.


Typically, high school education is essential to work as an office clerk. Determined clerks can obtain relevant skills by enrolling in high school lessons in word processing or spreadsheets. Applicants with clerical knowledge who do not have a high school education may be acceptable for office clerk roles. Would-be clerks might even seek an Associate degree in Business Management, which will teach them about subjects, such as database systems, recordkeeping, and corporate communication.


A large number of office clerks' responsibilities are learned during the work. Office clerks are educated in corporation quality standards, phone decorum, and the requisite computer apps and software after they are hired. They are also taught how to use phone call systems and office devices such as printers and fax machines.


Community colleges provide office work clerk accreditation, such as courses educating the necessary company and office abilities to be an office clerk. Prospective clerks study word processing technology, excel sheets, and computer operating structures. They also take lessons for office skills like keyboarding. An office clerk credential verifies that the candidate possesses all of the qualifications required to function as an office clerk.

What skills and qualifications are necessary to become an office clerk

Office clerks typically begin with a high school education or an academic degree. There is no formal schooling or certification course in place for office clerks. Instead of particular education achievements, clerks are generally recruited depending on experience and qualifications. Office clerks must be proficient in these aspects;


Maintaining everything simple and progressing forward is a crucial component of the job.


Office clerks commonly serve as a link between various sections of an office, ensuring that data and procedures are running smoothly. It implies that you must be willing to interact precisely and successfully with a wide range of people.

Customer care

Since this is a service job that widely deals with immediate requests within the corporation or outer customer experience, it's critical to have a calm and understanding customer service happy face.


Office clerks are perhaps handling sensitive data or simply a large amount of it, so detect discrepancies and confirm that everything is valid and relevant is significant.

Computer skills

An office clerk three decades ago would have been well-versed in hard copy archival systems, bookkeeping, and such. An office clerk must now be about all of the software utilized to oversee the storage and stream of data in the business. It can range from standard paper documents to software and databases. You don't have to be a tech guru to succeed, and understanding how to utilize the most innovative development for your sector or corporation is essential. Identifying how to use new tech can also render you a more team asset as businesses find contexts to optimize their personnel and processes.

What are the salaries of an office clerk in different countries

Here are some of the salaries of an office clerk in various countries;

  • Australia - $96,415
  • United States - $31,800 
  • Canada - $36,817 
  • Switzerland - $45,600
  • France - $31,651
  • Germany - $39,496
  • New Zealand - $33,817
  • United Kingdom - $29,383

What are the top certifications for an office clerk

Here is a list of top certifications for an office clerk;

  • International Accredited Business Accountant (IABA)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Master Certification (MOS)
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Certified Legal Secretary Specialist

What is the job of an office administrator

Office administrators are responsible for keeping the office functioning properly. They are in charge of the workplace's clerical requirements. They receive phone calls addressed to the formal organization phone, maintain supply stock, take ownership of or purchase requisitions for adequate materials, and confirm the office hardware and fittings are in good working order. Office administrators also take down messages, formal memos, and other authorized company records. They also maintain a record of data and documents and arrange them. Office administrators are sometimes responsible for greeting visitors and assisting them at their conferences. With an annual wage of $54,883, office administrators flourish in the housing industry. And office clerks can obtain more salaries in the financial sector, with a yearly remuneration of $30,826. Office Administrators and Office Clerks typically have comparable standards of training. Office Administrators are 2.6 percent more certain to have a master's degree and 0.1 percent more likely to have a Ph.d.

What is the difference between an office clerk and a data clerk

A data clerk is accountable for managerial assistance duties, primarily data entry. Upgrading database systems, documenting on excel sheets and other papers, organizing and handling files, generating and categorizing reports, collaborating with multiple departments to assemble or assess knowledge, and conducting studies and assessments are typical tasks. They may also manage phone calls and communications, keep track of deadlines and office resource stock and assist personnel as needed. Also, as a data clerk, it is critical to retain an active communications channel with teams and conform to the business's data protection laws and regulations. The Data Clerk career usually has more salary than the typical Office Clerk's income. Data and office clerk professions demand similar qualifications like data input, office processes, and phone calls, the other skills necessary are totally different. Also, in comparison to other sectors, data clerks receive a better remuneration in the manufacturing industry. They earn approximately $30,058 per year in this market. Besides, in the financial sector, Office Clerks receive a typical wage of $30,826. 

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