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Construction Resume Examples

Create a construction resume with our hipCV resume builder. You can select from one of our professionally designed examples that are crafted to align with the 'Resume Rules' that employers are looking for. Our software will also assist you in organizing and managing all of your resumes to reduce the burden from your job search process. Save your time, get noticed among the sea of other applicants, and get hired today.

Construction Worker
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General Contractor
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Construction Manager
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Pointers for Construction Resumes

1. Resume targeted to specific job posting

Your CV should focus on the specifications of an open job position. For example, to find out the current job listing, a construction worker requires to operate heavy machinery or work under all weather conditions. Highlighting these keywords in your resume will enhance your chances of getting an interview.

2. Construction keyword skills

Be aware of the latest skills in your industry or field according to the job position. It indicates that you are currently in sync with the changing needs of every job position. For construction job positions, a specific skill is necessary and correlated with keywords, such as quality control, inspection, estimate, invoicing is a building supervisor skill. To produce an easy and accurate resume, use these keywords as a bullet point in your resume for the skill portion.

3. Show your value by Numbers

The best way to show your contributions to previous organizations is by listing it in terms of numbers. For example, if you have supervised a team of people, then write down about the number of people working in that team and describe how you achieved the goal as a team manager in terms of measurable success.

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