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Construction Worker Resume Example

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How to Write a Construction Worker Resume

The basis of your future job depends on a decent resume. You may be well aware that the 'Construction worker' is an all-around word. Bringing a building from a prototype to a completed project requires a myriad of trained professionals. Other roles that come under the category of construction are listed below:

  • carpenters
  • glaziers
  • elevator mechanics
  • telecommunications workers
  • plumbers
  • cement finishers
  • iron-workers

These workers may have an apprentice to assist with other tasks while working on the site. The construction site consists of supervisors, safety inspectors who have the crucial responsibility of complying with regulations and monitoring the project. All these positions and levels of experience indicate that a construction site is a busy place with many choices for putting your feet on the ground. The entry-level job from the above-listed categories is the general worker, who is assigned with the work of digging ditches, excavating dirt, and bringing raw materials to provide for the more professional workers at the site.

The job of the construction worker is exhausting physically and mentally. But there is also considerable space for development, and opportunities exist to gain knowledge and understanding from professional mentors. A good resume is an indispensable tool, whether you want to be a part of the construction world or want to boost your job position. This guide will reveal how to:

  • Construct a resume that will propel you in a particular construction field
  • Focus and feature the challenging abilities and personality attributes that make you a better co-worker
  • Capture the attention of the employer with a resume conveying your authenticity
  • Create a competent resume to secure the first job on a building site

Thirty years ago, the building industry looked a lot different than it does today. Occupational safety and health laws have provided a better approach to the health and safety of workers, which ensures that the workplaces are more environmentally regulated. Construction supervisors aim to employ qualified and trained practitioners, rather than someone who can pick up hefty-weights.

The functioning of the construction industry is evolving with the increased use of software and green technology. Although development and changes are still happening in the construction sector, knowing about the prospects of the field is crucial before you indulge in the process of job search and formulate a resume.

The increased demand has prompted the construction of green buildings to rise rapidly. Green building pertains to both the layout and implementation of environment-friendly and utilization of resources in the life-cycle process of a building - planning, design, construction, restoration, and demolition. It involves close collaboration at all project stages between the contractor, architects, engineers, and the client. So, the people working in this sector should be well-acquainted with the standards that lead to energy performance. The required skills include the mounting of solar panels, energy-efficient, and effective windows induction, and green roofs.

High employee turnover means that in a given time, many employees will leave the company. Low staff turnover means that the workforce is stable and they prefer to hang on in the company. Although it depends on many factors, different industries have different turnover rates. Nevertheless, every sector has to deal with it, as it can cause a lot of harm to organizational efficiency, slowing down the reputation of the business, competitiveness, and continuity of projects.

High employee turnover means that in a given time, many employees will leave the company. Low staff turnover means that the workforce is stable and they prefer to hang on in the company. Although it depends on many factors, different industries have different turnover rates. Nevertheless, every sector has to deal with it, as it can cause a lot of harm to organizational efficiency, slowing down the reputation of the business, competitiveness, and continuity of projects.

The companies are trying to pivot towards computing and figuring algorithms to solve this challenge, which can filter out less enthusiastic applicants who will damage the bottom line as they quit. If you want to enter the construction industry, then develop a resume that is distinguished as 'outstanding' by the software application.

The overview of the profile: a scaled-down version

Image for part: The overview of the profile: a scaled-down version

Your profile description should give an overview, a compact version of who you are, with accurate and precise information to inspire the employer to hire you.

As an entry-level construction worker, you are setting the foundation of your future, but there is not a lot of experience to be included on your resume. You can fix this by writing a resume objective instead of a profile summary. There is no obligation to display your work experience, but specifically, note it if you have any non-construction roles or any part-time work.

Employment: set things in motion

Image for part: Employment: set things in motion

Incorporate your previous job experiences to illustrate your commitment and knowledge that will enable the employer to hire you for the job. There are many format styles to create a resume, like reverse-chronological order, functional and hybrid resume.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics research, the jobs for construction workers will grow 12 percent by 2026.
If you are new to the construction sector as a general laborer. Then, consider listing involvement with the projects or events that demonstrate your physical abilities or your strengths.

Education: development of knowledge

Image for part: Education: development of knowledge

The information acquired by schooling, college, or on the job can position you as a potential candidate. Today's professional construction workers can differentiate themselves as they are certified, technically qualified, and comply with the standard rules and regulations for the construction sector to operate. If you have any certifications, degrees, licenses then, include it in your resume. If you don't have any higher education, add your high school details.

Generally, workers begin to learn the fundamentals of the trade as an unskilled laborer, then improve their skills by getting trained in specific building activities such as floor and wall induction.

There are trade schools that offer classes on the fundamentals of building and construction. For projects and guidance on using the appropriate power and hand tools to install them, the students receive construction materials. The part of the course is to read and interpret blueprints, understand building codes, and shop sketches. After completing the trade school, the construction worker has to opt to get training as a paid apprenticeship. The apprenticeship allows the construction worker the opportunity to learn advanced skills to improve their knowledge of the construction business. To help demonstrate your expertise and commitment to progressing in your industry, you can add your license, certifications, or any paid apprenticeship to your resume.

Skills: technique and apparatus

Image for part: Skills: technique and apparatus

Your skills are your biggest asset to get a job in the construction industry.Your talents and job experience in a specific field are of utmost importance to a hiring manager, then add it to your resume. For the job of a construction worker, physical and technical abilities are essential, so showcase those skills in your resume. If you are applying for a higher role, then write about the supervisory skills or any leadership qualities. Also, add categories of work you are skilled in, complex equipment, or software required in your profession. In this industry, you can observe the contrast between hard and soft skills as compared to other work types.

Hard skills require your knowledge and experience, while soft competencies are personality characteristics and people-skills. Here is a list of technical and interpersonal abilities that you can include in your resume:

Hard skills

  • Precise stone sizing and cutting
  • Proficient at AutoCAD and MS Project Software
  • Backhoe and forklift operation
  • Radial brick-laying
  • Topographic data collection
  • Welding torches and guns

Soft skills

  • Networking
  • Time Management
  • Perseverance
  • Organizational skills
  • Negotiation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Teamwork
  • Active listening

Resume design: structure and composition

Image for part: Resume design: structure and composition

Now it's time to create an arrangement and compose your resume in the most appealing way. Your resume format is the structure that preserves your resume's creative touch and ensures the incorporation of all the related items. By keeping your resume to one page, there's a higher probability of getting the attention of the employer. Finally, save your resume in PDF file format as it is a great way to ensure the design and layout of your resume is intact.

Construction Worker Resume do/donts

Image for part: Construction Worker Resume do/donts
  • Use simple and precise statements to describe your experience
  • Optimize your resume according to the job listing and to pass the applicant tracking software
  • Do make sure to proof-read your resume for any spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Don't ignore the relevant phrases keywords in the job listing
  • Don't create a lengthy resume
  • Don't overdo with design and formatting layout

Points to Remember

  • As a candidate looking to fill a construction worker job position, your resume profile is the key to getting the attention of the employer.
  • When your resume is appealing and has all the facts supported with actual figures because there is a possibility that the employer will read it along with a much-awaited interview appointment.
  • This guide delivered some options to make an impressive resume statement for the position of the experienced and entry-level worker.
  • Illustrating talents that are unique to the job title you are applying for can help you progress to advanced level jobs.

Check our ATS-friendly resume templates and resume builder that will help you to develop an appealing and industry-specific resume for the entry-level or experienced Construction Worker job position. Get started now!

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