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Internship Resume Example

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How to write an internship resume

Obtaining an internship can be a viable initial step towards the profession you desire. An influential internship resume can illustrate to a hiring manager that you can thrive, even if you have little to no experience. In this post, we will go over some of the most crucial components of an excellent internship resume and the tips to compose your internship resume.

What is an internship resume?

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Although you may not have wealth of experience to prove, an internship resume concentrates mainly on your qualifications, education, and other attributes. It can be difficult to write one because you may don't have sufficient enough to add. Constructing your internship resume is a chance to represent your best attributes and what makes you distinct. Even if you lack technical training, you are probable to have had other varied experiences that have assisted you in establishing valuable skills that might make you an invaluable asset to a corporation's team. Use this chance to reflect on your previous accomplishments, such as your education, volunteer activities, co-curricular activities, or any other area of your life where you have displayed incredible performance.

Tips for writing an internship resume

The following steps will assist you in creating an eye-catching internship resume that highlights the specific talents you may bring to an internship;

  • Communicate with your contacts

Before you start searching for an internship, contact your professors, mentors, relatives, friends, or anyone else you know who can assist you in devising a strategy. Ask them for details and if you can provide their name as a reference if they have strong ties to the industry you would like to join. You could also utilize your network to guide you to brainstorm ideas for your internship resume. They will probably have a better idea of your distinct capabilities and talents and ways to best portray your exceptional competencies and career objectives.

  • Create a compelling objective statement

An effective objective statement considers the requirements of the company. Make a note of the underlying factors as you read through a handful of internship descriptions from multiple organizations where you might work. These are the abilities they typically seek, and the keywords they employ to represent the role. Ensure your objective statement incorporates the same relevant keywords and skills. Finally, write one to three statements that explain who you are, like the main strong points you have to give and your career objectives. Your objective statement should describe your worth in clear, inspiring aspects so that businesses can quickly understand what you can offer. Consider tailoring your objective statement for every application you submit for additional impact. This level of personalization and precision is invaluable for applications where you won't be able to submit a cover letter.

  • Begin with your most valuable asset

When it comes to resume structure, you should prioritize your best qualifications. For students and college grads, your academic background is probably to be what distinguishes you. Transferable skills from previous employment will be your most valuable asset as a career changer. For someone without formal education or practical experience, you may have volunteer activities or other extraordinary accomplishments that set you apart. Whatever distinguishes your application must be highlighted at the top of your resume, just below the objective statement.

  • Provide any relevant experience

It is less essential when applying for internships that your past job experience is specifically linked to the profession you want and have the professional experience to display. Just a part-time job at a fast-food joint can help you demonstrate that you have a solid work ethic and the capability to perform well with others. Odd employment can also be added as long as they are done regularly. Childcare, lawn mowing, housekeeping, and other jobs you may have accomplished for family, friends, and neighbors to make extra money, for instance, are all beneficial in exhibiting that you are a reliable and committed worker.

  • Add a section on your accomplishments

If you can not provide a segment on work experience, consider adding an in-depth achievements section. It is where you can discuss any accolades you've received or projects you've completed that you're proud of and that represent valuable skills that a company expects. You can also add co-curricular activities and clubs in this section, but make sure to structure them in terms of achievements. For instance, if you are a writer at the school, try to give an approximation of how many news items you've published and acknowledge a particular post in which you overcame specific difficulties or utilized innovative problem-solving skills to get the story.

  • Maintain a straightforward approach

Businesses looking for interns want to see applicants with little or no experience, so you don't have to fill out your resume to make it appear more extensive than it is. Keep your resume and cover letter to a single page and add co-curricular activities or accomplishments only if you can describe how they correspond to the internship for which you are applying. The resume format must be simple, specifically if you are applying it online. Several web applications will run your resume through an ATS, which instantly filters out resumes that do not satisfy certain basic requirements. The complex format can confuse the software, resulting in your resume being discarded even if you met all the requirements.

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Additional tips to write a winning internship resume

Below are some additional tips you can follow to make a winning resume and boost your likelihood of landing an interview;

  • Prevent using filler words

A few applicants are inclined to utilize more specifics or more complex statements than necessary to convey their message. It may cause the resume to appear crowded and overwritten. Rather, use active words with significant effect to make your credentials sound relevant and impressive.

  • Describe odd jobs and volunteer activities

If you were a nanny for a relative or trimmed lawns in the neighborhood, then add them. You don't need to go into great detail about the job you did, but defining any type of work you've accomplished helps indicate your work ethic and reflects you as reliable and driven.

  • Add hobbies and interests section

If you have any hobbies or interests that have contributed to establishing specific skills, then add them to the hobbies segment. For instance, playing hockey necessitates team performance and cooperation. Surfing mandates attention to detail and strategic planning.

  • Make use of statistical evidence and anecdotes

Employers tend to recollect a specific achievement than a general overview of your skills. Add any certificates or honors you have received and any quantifiable achievement whenever feasible. For instance, if you worked on the student publication, acknowledge how many posts you published or a particular story that mandated detailed research and reporting.

Internship resume responsibilities and duties

An internship student's duties vary depending on the type of organization and the interning student's specialization. And specific job responsibilities are typical and should be mentioned on the Internship Student Resume like; 

  • Communicating with clients/patients
  • Gathering all relevant information
  • Modifying and keeping the database
  • Facilitating or providing management with multiple work activities
  • Composing a thorough report
  • Enabling all other divisions
  • Attending calls
  • Handling interaction
  • Completing all other tasks as delegated

Marketing Internship Student Resume Example

Marketing Internship Student Resume Objective

Motivated and driven college student pursuing a BS in Marketing at New York University. Thorough expertise in advertising, public relations, product design, and customer research approach. Seeking a job as a productive employee with commitment and the ability to collaborate with other teammates to influence the corporation's efficiency.

Marketing Internship Student Resume Skills

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Research and Analysis skills
  • Teamwork
  • Verbal communication
  • Time Management

Marketing Internship Student Resume Job Description

  • Developed a low-cost promotional campaign for a neighborhood pet grooming company using an integration of social, email, and offline advertising strategies.
  • Conducted a poll of pet owners in New York to gather extensive data on the company's target demographic's behavior.
  • After determining the lowest cost that would generate the maximum profit, a $1,500 campaign budget was formed.
  • Handled all elements of the company plan's advertising, such as market research, customer preferences, market expansion, placement, and promotions.
  • Collaborated on the launch of innovative marketing methods; created monthly advertising reports on campaign outcomes.
  • Took part in regular meetings, contributing to generating ideas and creative thinking.
  • In three months, I increased the corporation's Instagram profile by 25%.

Accounting Internship Student Resume Example

Accounting Internship Student Resume Objective

Detailed and compelled Accounting and Finance student capable of producing financial statements, performing cash flow forecasts, and enhancing tax planning procedures. An employee of the Month Award recipient with keen attention to detail, in-depth experience of different accounting software applications, and the potential to work in a group and dynamic surroundings.

Accounting Internship Student Resume Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • QuickBooks
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Player
  • Problem-solving
  • Zoho Books

Accounting Internship Student Resume Job Description

  • Developed financial statements and collaborated on tax strategic plan and methodology optimization.
  • Finalized balance sheet accounts agreement and cash flow assessment.
  • Manufactured payments and facilitated payroll administration.
  • Participated with colleagues to cut costs and extra expenses.
  • Assist customers with searches and analyze information for deficits and inconsistencies using the company's normal protocols.
  • Examine data to aid in the processing, upkeep, and validation of financial reporting, statistical, and financial documents.
  • Monitored regularly journal vouchers, reports, settlements, and growths as part of month-end operations.
  • Helped the accounting records, receivable, and payroll departments.
  • Travel coupons, credit notes, and expense findings were all handled.
  • Organized yearly financial documents and reports for the corporation.
  • Make sure that supplier invoices and worker spending updates were paid on time.

Legal Internship Student Resume Objective Statement

Motivated and results-oriented Law student performing specific legal studies, planning and evaluating complicated contracts, and interacting in negotiating process meetings. Excellent communication with in-depth legal background, procedures, and strong analytical thinking capabilities. I am seeking a Legal Internship with a corporate firm.

Legal Internship Student Resume Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Organization
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Administrative Support
  • Conducting Research
  • Data Entry

Legal Internship Student Resume Job Description

  • Conducted in-depth studies on intellectual property and facilitated patent filing completion.
  • Organized and evaluated license agreements to ensure all details are correct.
  • Involved in different negotiating processes and kept track of all legal documents for customers.
  • Interrogated and discussed with clients over the phone or through email.
  • Rewarded intern of the Month for optimizing and enhancing the entire patent enrolment procedure.
  • Documented loan contracts, leases, and other commercial legal papers.
  • Management and financial scheme expertise, including financial services law, bonds, company finance, and securities.
  • Collaboration and follow-up with government agencies, registrars, and municipalities.
  • Published a few documents to multiple public institutions.
  • Monitoring business transformation procedures in the context of takeovers and mergers.
  • Keep regulatory and litigation files for the company.

Data Scientist Internship Resume Objective Example

Data scientist Internship Resume Objective 

A highly dedicated, energetic, and team-oriented individual seeking to contribute to the growth of a company while also establishing a profession that gains from understanding, experience, and personality. Capable of implementing and carrying out long-term and short-term objectives. A highly productive and systematic team player with a solid work ethic and a track record for sincerity. 

Data scientist Internship Resume Skills 

  • MySQL
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • HTML
  • Microsoft Office
  • Data Mining
  • Data Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis

Data scientist Internship Resume Job Description

  • Studied different project queries from senior managers and leaders and create business strategy plans for project completion.
  • As a project manager, I was in charge of identifying the project's framework and objectives, assigning roles and timetables.
  • Data records were checked for consistency and reliability.
  • Internal social media utilization was designed and executed.
  • Utilizing economic and machine learning to extract core factors and anticipate effects, I cleaned and handled a database comprising 45 million+ datasets.
  • Quantitative designs for focused precision for different customers were developed.
  • To produce valuable intelligence, I analyzed consumer behavior employing structured and unstructured information.

Software Engineer/ Software Developer Internship Resume Example

Software Engineer/ Software Developer Internship Resume Objective 

Reliable and responsive latest college graduate looking to take part in a start-up software firm to use my talents to assist in expanding operations, my expertise, and experience while putting in 200 percent commitment and dedication.

Software Engineer/ Software Developer Internship Resume Skills 

  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Web Design
  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Product Management

Software Engineer/Software Developer Internship Resume Job Description

  • Generated a console software program for data storage and integration.
  • Prioritized user experience and an interactive online responsive user experience.
  • On the server-side, I handled five engaging tables with lots of qualities.
  • Collaboration with senior participants on the development of numerous networking and messaging procedures.
  • Create fault detection strategies, write unit tests, and verify, illustrate, and record the design.
  • In the delivery team's best-selling software application, troubleshot common challenges and updated network functionalities.
  • Depending on the project requirements, I identified five test scenarios and decided to write a user guide for four additional features.
  • Participated in an eight-week concentrated immersion course in graphics, robotics, computational methods, web design, and mobile development.
  • Cooperation with a peer design group on the assessment, prototype, and application of a mobile web platform utilizing different coding languages.

Nursing Internship Resume Example

Nursing Internship Resume Objective 

As a nursing intern, I would use my expertise in medications and work under the supervision of a trained medical professional to assist patients by providing information about healthcare settings. A driven individual seeking a Nursing internship role with designated medical to enable patients with individual and everyday care.

Nursing Internship Resume Skills

  • Clinical Judgement
  • Critical Thinking
  • Organizational Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management

Nursing Internship Resume Job Description

  • Gathering blood samples for laboratory analysis and taking patients' vital indicators.
  • Facilitating RN and doctors in the patient's evaluation and care.
  • Supporting and giving proper care to patients.
  • Analyzed patients and helped in the development of treatment processes to relieve pain and discomfort.
  • Treatment initiatives were aligned between volunteers and residential care attendants.
  • Requested feedback from other references on treatment plans and application processes.
  • Established skills in responding to emergencies and providing assistance to families faced with hard decisions.
  • Depending on the application of creative reasoning to patient treatment scenarios, formed sensible clinical judgments.
  • Basic skills were conducted securely and skillfully with direct assistance.

Engineering Internship Resume Example

Engineering Internship Resume Objective 

A team-oriented person with solid multi-tasking expertise and a significant inclination in automotive design is looking for an Engineering Intern role to help establish test methods to replicate client utilization of internal elements effectively.

Engineering Internship Resume Skills


  • Debugging
  • Javascript
  • Structure inspections
  • Specification writing
  • Site visits
  • AutoCAD

Engineering Internship Resume Job Description

  • Workflow, methodologies, and instructions were identified and assessed, and remedies were established to overcome bottleneck areas and maximize performance and effectiveness.
  • Created outlines for increased productivity and formed advancements to minimize waste in the various yarn production process.
  • Participated in studies within the equipment and buildings division under the supervision of an internship advisor.
  • Decided comprehensive regulatory various tests and paperwork methodologies for use in threaded applications.
  • In an auditorium, I summarized the information of conformance research to peers, public workers, and military officials.
  • Aided project managers in designing for manufacturing techniques and providing customer quotes.
  • To obtain a business overview and approaches, I attended customer conferences and sales calls.
  • Participated with a process engineer to learn about device startup and debugging.

Business Analyst Internship Resume Example

Business Analyst Internship Resume Objective 

Results-driven and empowered Business Administration student adept at conducting thorough statistical analyses, creating client/staff polls, tracking market dynamics, and arranging professional presentations. Possesses outstanding interpersonal skills, teamwork capabilities, and a commitment to meeting and exceeding all objectives. High-energy college graduate seeking a job as a Business Analyst with ABC Group, employing profound knowledge of business adjustments needs to analyze prerequisites to fulfill the demands and behavior cost/benefit assessment for efficient production.

Business Analyst Internship Resume Skills

Quality control

  • Distribution
  • Organizational skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Data analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Troubleshooting
  • Statistical analysis

Business Analyst Internship Resume Job Description

  • Improved a spreadsheets tool that generates the precise seasonal sensitive requirement for analysts, growing stock level from 25% to 95%.
  • Formulated an instructional flow chart for experts to use when using the Excel software, resulting in a 5 percent reduction in the volume of work.
  • Synthesized tier vacation list by conducting studies on selling history charts and financial measures generating an excel spreadsheet.
  • Collaborated with analysts to evaluate product obtainment collection, resulting in innovative customer alternatives.
  • Assisted in the bargaining of economical case pack sizing, which resulted in a 50% reduction in markdowns.
  • Enhanced new and voltage transformer manufacturing methods to boost productivity rate by 5% per month.
  • Incorporated a project for advanced transformer checking methodologies to accomplish a 2% rise in product performance.
  • Designed a system for inventory control, resulting in a shorter response time of 6-7 minutes in everyday operations.

Data Analyst Internship Resume Example

Data analyst Internship Resume Objective

Performance-driven Information Science student who thrives at managing large datasets, collecting and analyzing data, and producing extensive information. Outstanding technical abilities, exceptional multitasking abilities, and significant capacity to work in a team. Seeking an intern data analyst position to apply my understanding of data analysis at your organization.

Data analyst Internship Resume Skills

  • Technical expertise
  • Report writing
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Tableau
  • MS Office
  • Python
  • SQL

Data analyst Internship Resume Job Description

  • Recorded and examined data on proficient nursing care methods and techniques were recorded and analyzed.
  • Assisting the team in gathering and analyzing data to assess operational problems.
  • In charge of developing and disseminating market analysis and root cause assessment.
  • Collected and reviewed reporting obligations to meet needs.
  • A large dataset was organized, revised, and retained; regular statistical evaluation was conducted for company short-term achievement, long-term progress, and client behavior.
  • Constructed and managed to improve a more accurate prediction model, and anticipated the volume of sales.
  • Data was summarized into legible and concise file types, and deep insight into statistics and anomalies was presented.
  • Compiling and analyzing financial data to arrange records for financial data.
  • General account investigation and consolidations, such as bank account settlement, were conducted.
  • Equipped month-end journal records, estimates, findings, and suggestions on asset status.

IT Internship Resume Example

IT Internship Resume Objective 

Skillful, results-driven, and precise Computer Science student who thrives at customizing and retaining equipment and software, writing automated tests, and addressing technical support queries. Have excellent technological knowledge, strong communication capabilities, and the potential to work successfully in a team. Seeking an IT internship with your corporation to put my qualifications to use.

IT Internship Resume Skills

  • Interpersonal
  • Collaboration
  • Time Management
  • Adaptability
  • Critical Thinking
  • TextWrangler
  • Research and Analysis
  • MS Office

IT Internship Resume Job Description

  • Contributed to the creation of the new recruitment webpage for the organization.
  • Assessed electronic dialogue on client bills.
  • Finalized and analyzed social media survey to aid in the improvement of engaging customer experience.
  • Utilized my social skills to interact with staff who were experiencing technical difficulties.
  • Fixed and restored defective equipment.
  • Prepared and kept track of equipment inventory.
  • Responsible for the design and execution of planned maintenance updates.
  • Conducted minor hardware repairs and organized other servicing requirements.
  • Software problems were identified and disclosed to distributors.
  • Scrutinized and checked the settlement of those issues sent to vendors.
  • Administered and updated antivirus software, and repaired computer systems infections caused by spyware, or viruses.
  • Backup processes and protocols were measured to confirm data security.

Medical Assistant Internship Resume Example

Medical Assistant Internship Resume Objective 

Looking for a role as a Medical Assistant to utilize my acquired insight and knowledge to develop, encourage, and elevate practice in the medical sector for the company's advancement.

Medical Assistant Internship Resume Skills

  • Patient care 
  • Hardworking
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Computer skills
  • Phone etiquette
  • Organizational Skills
  • Microsoft office

Medical Assistant Internship Resume Job Description

  • Preparing patients for tests and cures, conducting interviews, and taking vital indications.
  • Assisting lab assistants with testing methods and other duties.
  • Supported physicians throughout patient examinations and equipped patients for diagnostic testing.
  • Information on laboratory testing was correctly gathered, compiled, and entered.
  • Reported daily processes and operations to ensure precise management.
  • Prepared care facilities for patient tests while maintaining a simple and clean environment.
  • Questioned patients and measured their vital indications, weight, and height to acquire medical data.
  • Escorted patients to testing rooms and equipped them for the health care professional.
  • Every day, I acquired 15-20 patient vital parameters and documented the findings in the computer system.
  • Every day, replied to phones and arranged 20-30 appointments.
  • Approached laboratories to obtain lab outcomes for patients.

HR Internship Resume Example

HR Internship Resume Objective 

Applying for the role of HR Intern with ABC Tech Solutions to apply my HR insight from my degree and associated traineeships to help with HR practices.

HR Internship Resume Skills

  • Administrative support
  • Recruiting
  • Proactivity
  • Coaching
  • HRM knowledge
  • HR reporting skills

HR Internship Resume Job Description

  • Enhanced executive knowledge of achievement by constructing Excel review.
  • Driven the collection, analysis, and implementation of data for Performance Measurement indicators.
  • Increased training efficiency by initiating an all-employee conference call after the onscreen lesson.
  • Participated in everyday cross-departmental sessions to stay informed on the organization's activities.
  • Responded multiple-line phone calls, redistributed calls, and took messages.
  • Finished a salary survey, which included recognizing clear job matches and collecting existing salary data.
  • Restructured and assessed the company's payment scheme and provided pointers for progress.
  • Aided in the recruitment, monitoring, and interviewing of candidates.
  • Compensation structure was renewed, such as aligning positions to benchmarks and modifying job descriptions.
  • Identify and interview applicants for all open jobs.

Social Media Internship Resume Example

Social Media Internship Resume Objective 

Proven abilities in boosting customer interaction and business recognition in web research via effective SEO strategies. Extensive experience establishing promotional strategies, enhancing business progress, and increasing revenues. Analytical, organizational, and decision-making skills. Efficient communicator with solid work ethics, outstanding time management skills, and profound capability to perform well in team settings. I am looking for a Social Media Internship with your corporation.

Social Media Internship Resume Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Analytical skills
  • Efficiency
  • Strategic planning
  • Knowledge of trends

Social Media Internship Resume Job Description

  • Assisting with the design and implementation of a client's presence on social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat.
  • Posting on appropriate articles and planting content into social apps as necessary.
  • Offered detailed updates highlighting overall channel progress.
  • Trends were tracked, content calendars were formed and planned in Microsoft Excel, and analysis was done.
  • Created content for social networks, a public webpage, and a digital publication.
  • Assisting the social media manager with the design and deployment of ABC Media Agency's social media initiatives.
  • Core conversation developments in social groups like Facebook, Instagram, and web forums were tracked.
  • As instructed, I preserved monitoring systems and reviews utilizing metrics.
  • In charge of developing social media content instructions for the internal marketing division.
  • Arranged specific posts for set times throughout all social networks.

Finance Internship Resume Example

Finance Internship Resume Objective 

Finance graduate with extensive knowledge of payment approvals and buying permissions. Seeking a job for a finance intern to utilize highly developed skills in evaluating bank agreements to make sure timely movement of money. Experienced in assessing, establishing, and proposing fiscal regulations.

Finance Internship Resume Skills

  • Analytical knowledge
  • Problem-solving skills
  • IT software
  • Management experience
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Financial Analysis & Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • MS Office

Finance Internship Resume Job Description

  • Used accounting application to track, store, and analyze financial records.
  • Inspected statistics, postings, and papers for accurate entry, numerical precision, and proper coding.
  • Categorized, noted, and summarized statistical and financial data to gather and maintain financial documents.
  • Using a specialized accounting system, calculated, debited, credited, and totaled account information on excel spreadsheets.
  • Specific projects were accomplished by planning criteria and working collaboratively.
  • Within the Financial firm, I proved team collaboration and considered workmates as valuable customers.
  • Mentored tellers on how to successfully recognize referral prospects.
  • Financial payments and activities were captured, categorized, and summarized in compliance with acknowledged financial reporting standards.
  • Inventory modifications were suggested and executed.

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