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Student Resume Example

Tried and tested resume example for your next job in 2024. Get a jump-start, by editing this Student resume example. Just update this example with your details, download and launch your career to new heights today!

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How to write a student resume

If you are a student looking to begin on your resume or require a redesign, our student resume writing article can never go wrong. Unlike skilled resumes, students have particular constraints and intentions. 

Applicants must make use of the resume example and pragmatic advice when preparing their student resume to make sure that they showcase their skills and potential rather than lack of experience.  

A slight taste of independence, a little wealth, an enormous increase in attitude and awareness of reality, all these are some indicators of what your first job experiences will teach you. If you are a high school student or a college freshman, finding your initial job as a student is an incredible way to give your life some economic stability. Not to forget new mates, partnerships, and growth in your profession to follow.

At this point in your path, any job experience is a significant advantage, even if you had a few summers or temp jobs on your resume. That makes an enormous distinction if you fully devote yourself to the corporate world.  

Together with our student resume writing guide, impressive and powerful resume builder tool, and student resume example;

  • Know the fundamentals of incredible resumes
  • Without real work experience, develop the first outstanding and innovative student resume.
  • Figure out about new Applicant tracking system recruiting and human recruiting analysis strategies
  • Equip yourself with valuable sample sentences, insider tips to dramatically improve the odds of an interview.

You can have an incredible job even more quickly than you expect, as a student as well. What you require is some assistance and tips from experts! This student resume sample covers the foundations of what to put on a student's resume, how to identify your characteristics, what layout techniques to consider. Our resume sample, resume templates, and digital assets will help you to create an outstanding student resume. Let us explore now!

Student resume writing tips

Image for part: Student resume writing tips

Before taking a job, many students wait to complete high school or perhaps even college. This student example resume aims at giving you a kickstart, allowing you to be self-sufficient and earn money. However, What is your resume suppose to contain? Keep reading to discover information. For a student resume, some parts are essential and mandatory, and a few are optional that depends on the circumstances. Let's have a task sample in front of us and then look more closely at each particular segment.

  • Profile - The profile, summary, and personal statement are all the same. For a couple of main reasons, it could be a very significant resume section. It's the portion in which you give a short, enthusiastic summary of your competent and efficient personality. The aim is to provide a preview of your main attributes and experiences that, in a work setting, can be valuable. You can place this part at the top of your resume, and it will immediately draw interest. It is one of the main reasons that a summary at the top attracts specific attention. You are not likely to have any technical training as a student. And this is the heart of your resume, so enable it to persuade and inspire. The profile overview is the only segment where you can be a bit imaginative. You've got some free-form composition here, so take advantage of it.
  • Education - It is going to be the next most essential resume segment in a student resume. As you move forward in your profession, the employment record segment will take on this part. But for now, your education is your job experience unless you have already had several proper jobs in that scenario, the experience portion will go above the education section.
  • Experience - If you may not earlier have some jobs, it is a segment that facilitates resetting your resume, for instance, volunteer work, interests to reflect your attributes.
  • Languages - If you speak an international language, particularly at a fundamental level, this can go to the skills segment of your resume. As such, if you understand 3-4 in all, plus your native language and a few of them, you can switch them to a different resume category at a high point. Be sure to write down if you already have language qualifications or scores.

Adding extra-segments from the ones shown here would rely on how comprehensive your resume is generally. If you think like there's sufficient knowledge already then, incorporate it in the skills section items like languages. Also include the training and certification in your education category. And therefore, if you are still trying to fill out the section, additional sections can be useful in that case.

  • Extra-curricular activities - The explanation this is voluntary is that most of your related activity would appear in the experience section. Instances of expertise may involve an app or website design projects, social projects such as volunteering, or group projects or hobbies. You only require the extra-curricular activities part if your interests, and outside school life is so extensive that it does not integrate into one segment.
  • Hobbies - If at all appropriate, this part is not very crucial. It is the last desperate attempt to populate your resume with space. Most hobbies can be introduced to the hiring manager as both valuable experiences or are not necessarily worth stating. But if you're wanting to incorporate more to your resume, indicating, for instance, that you are an active jogger and bicyclist, it will at most imply that you are full of energy and diligent.

Do not mention hobbies or things that have no implementation in work or show good attributes. The line may be ambiguous but think a bit critically. Acting in a hobbyist theater company reveals you are more responsive and interactive with individuals. It does not seem quite right to state in a resume that you like accumulating rare coins.

Student resume: Profile summary

If you do not have a wide range of job experience, that is still not a deadlock situation. The description presents a favorable image, explains impressive characteristics, and gives a glimpse of your focused energy well before the potential employer moves on to the remainder of your resume. If you are a veteran of another career or sector, the portfolio is the best tool for your resume to express workplace characteristics you may have. Hence it is profoundly valuable in a student resume to formulate your synopsis with consideration. Eliminate catchphrases unless they are relevant and apply to previous experience and unclear terminology.  

Below are some pointers to consider when designing a student resume; 

  • The introduction should not be less than two or more than four mid-sized statements. Keep it too short, and you haven't made an impact. Making it too long, and a clear personal picture would be lacking from your resume.
  • On your resume, include action verbs, specific and expressive language. Write Determined and committed student searching for a workplace to commit to a team, to grow and develop as a professional, rather than just stating high school student seeking a job.
  • Offer additional, where appropriate, meaning, and relevant facts, as this will later refer to the section on the job experience. Rather than Completed high school and have many hobbies.  Instead, compose succeeded in high school topics such as Algebra and Spanish and Acquired social skills and accessibility in improv theatre.
  • Add a few talents and skills that a recruiter may find fascinating. Not having previous job experience might not suggest that you do not have any talent.
  • Studying languages, understanding how to use a computer, excel sheets, how to manage your timetable, or being proactive and showing up on time are all vital abilities and attributes to list concisely on your resume.

Customize your overview depending on what sector or form of employment you are seeking. If you are trying to find a job in service industry jobs such as restaurants, groceries, etc. then employ your resume to highlight the social aspect of your personality. If you are going to look for work in an office, discuss how your background with the school project taught you to organize yourself.

Profile Summary resume example

I am a committed and oriented student who attempts to perform administrative tasks during the summer. Have exceptional talents in interaction and management and an appetite for multitasking. I have handled other authors as senior editor of the ABC newspaper and scheduled and created many paper publications. I possess excellent editing skills and have a strong ability to manage a massive workflow. This summer, I intend to use my talents and interests toward an organizational goal. 

Applicant Tracking Software

You do not have to prepare for tracking software when composing your student resume for a job in a small company or with a particular individual. However, the fact is that this program is used by more and more organizations, specifically medium and large businesses, to monitor the hundreds of resumes they get. So, what is the ATS framework, and why is it applicable to the student resume?

Candidate Monitoring Systems are software applications that approve, review, and evaluate resumes before any recruiter even has an opportunity to see them. Firms are doing this to simplify recruiting and weed out inappropriate applicants. The message here, particularly for a student, is that it can matter a lot more how your resume is prepared and structured, no matter how great of an individual you are or how well you suit a job.

ATS operates based on keywords or phrases that are decided before by recruitment specialists or executives. These may be as basic as the control of time and high school diplomas or as complicated as programming language words or medical qualifications. These words are useful to rank your resume among other applicants and to either screen them out or forward them to professional hiring managers.

In some cases, there is no option to exactly know which terms the ATS system will be checking on your student resume. Although to have an informed opinion, there are two easy and reliable approaches:

  • Scrutinize and determine the job listing requirements.
  • Analyze and research the business website.

These seem fundamental, as stated, but the distinction between using or not using them can be enormous. Keywords are also present in the job specification, and the online profile of the organization can give information into what sort of business they are and what they admire.


Eye-tracking studies and polls suggest that just 50 seconds is the minimum time spent by an applicant reviewing a job advertisement. Do NOT just skip through these listings, as this decreases the prospects of producing a successful resume substantially. The more you grasp the role, the greater the odds.

Student resume: Education

Education is what you focus most of your time on before having a job. Let it glow on your resume, rather than thinking of your knowledge as a given. There is no need to be afraid of not getting work experience as a freshman. It is ordinary for students to seek temp or part-time jobs. Because the education portion will provide your best achievement in life so far, that can be the cornerstone that keeps your resume intact.


There's a way to streamline things when you are unable to determine what attributes are more valuable to the recruiter based on a definition. You should imagine the trends if the checklist is too ambiguous or too lengthy! To transform confusing work texts into sample graphical images, use resources such as TagCrowds. Only copy-paste the sentence you're experiencing issues with, and you'll have a thumbnail view of the common words. To identify trends and evaluate what's significant, utilize it!

The basic approach is this: describe educational experiences as bullet points since this is a category that highlights your qualifications in a bullet list as any other resume segment excluding the profile overview. Though there are a few exceptions, such as the items mentioned below:

  • If you are a college student, outline your college plus high school as well as any other academic events in bullet-points. Include details for each one with illustrations of successes in particular subjects, school assignments, grades, and assessments. List the most striking ones.
  • If you are a high school student with extensive academic experience, then include details relating to your high school. Any learning opportunity from outside school will be a different bullet point. Each may have definitions or explanations with specifics.

If a single school is your sole learning experience: mention your school as a title and create a bullet point focusing on your subject areas, successes, school assignments, etc. The strategy to make this segment appear exceptional on your resume is to interpret your education as your job that has its outcomes. For instance, Did you attend an advanced class? Did you participate in an academic contest? When referencing an academic education on a student resume, these are all indicators of information you can discuss.

Student resume: Employment

Most students writing their initial resume, don't worry about the experience section. It looks futile with no work experience. But you have plenty to discuss and sell, even if you don't have any real-world experience. Further on, this will transform into the employment record section after you've had a couple of jobs. The emphasis and importance of your resume will be on it. It is a backup role as of now, which can still help you appear more dynamic, involved, and imaginative.

The student resume experience section consists of the following;

  •  You mostly want to convince the hiring manager that you have been a member of the workforce already. For starters, if you know what it means to assist individuals, generate results, and reach on time. It is valuable information for your resume like maybe you sold passes at a music event, supported your family at a supermarket, or something related.
  • An internship experience is one of the main benefits necessary when you have it on your list. Internships generally take place in more challenging occupations and are associated with more specialized careers. These are likely to attract future employers when they stumble upon your resume.
  • Volunteer work volunteering to help out in a community or engaging in a charity event will also show the ability to collaborate with other individuals and work towards a purpose. 
  • Some activities, such as personal interests and community campaigns, anything that cannot go in the above categories or the education segment then, include them here. For instance, sites you have launched with colleagues or assist with local community activities.

Make sure to follow a similar approach as in the education segment irrespective of which you pick: give comprehensive explanations of your tasks, outcomes, tasks, connections, and any related details. Although it may not appear to you that remarkable, your resume demonstrates that these were actual events and job experiences.  

Student resume example of employment

  • I worked as a senior editor at the ABC newspaper for about two years.  
  • Attempted to develop unique versions with other students and teachers.
  • Creation of maintained newspapers and coming up with ideas for future publications.
  • Initiated interviews for features and on-site inquiries.
  • Recommended new authors on the publication's ins and outs.

Student curriculum vitae and resume format

Resume and curriculum vitae format and designs are all about creating attractive visuals that narrate a graphic story about you. Also, in the technical world, something sloppy or untidy distorts our objectivity. A template will encourage you to construct an appealing format for CVs or resumes and see if your resume's aesthetic component functions for you.

Both for the tracking application and recruiters, a decent CV or resume layout is necessary. Here are a few core principles to check for before formatting a student resume or student CV;

  • All across your resume, select clear fonts. An ATS can not interpret peculiar creative fonts. To a recruiter, a resume format with an ambiguous mess of fonts would seem inappropriate.
  • Do not place valuable details in resume headers or footers, mainly contact details. These often miss out or are impossible to read by the applicant tracking software.
  • Apply the CV design form of stacking. It relies on the reality of how people view graphic data. White space within paragraphs and a range of visual types may enable a recruiter to read until the end of the resume. Templates can facilitate suitable spacing.

Bizarre designs and unclear patterns in your resume format can make it appear inaccurate. If you want to use a template, ensure it suits the industry's voice and technique to which you are going to apply. Select a HipCV template when in need. For many entry-level job roles, these forms of template work well.

To format, compose, and send your resume, you will require online technologies. Ensure they support you and don't destroy your opportunities. Here is a list of things to take into consideration while saving, structuring, and submitting a student resume;

  • When you save in certain kinds of files, the resume format varies depending on the computer. Although your CV appears fantastic on your device, it could look terrible on a recruiter's monitor. And so, always save your resume in PDF file format, as it keeps your resume intact no matter on which device it is open.
  • Do not employ plain text editors to construct a CV format. Resources such as MS Word are helpful when preparing a document for your supervisor. It is not suitable for creating a resume format. Style layouts may change software versions can vary.

If you are a passionate designer or are preparing to be one, designing a resume can be a job you want to try. But if not, then check our HipCV tried and tested resume templates for structuring an impressive student resume and student CV.

Student resume: skills

The skills section depends mostly on the job position for which you are applying. Various companies search for specific expertise in the workforce. You would certainly have some fantastic talent so, select them properly. There are two fundamental aspects you have to understand to plan a skills segment for a student resume;

  • To create a master version list of skills that includes formulating any potential ability you consider, you may have or have picked up in training, tasks, or temporary jobs. Note them down even if they sound impossible, or you are not clear that they suit. In a different folder, maintain this checklist. Each time you are making a new resume, you can refer to it. The more exposure you have, it will get deeper and better. Once you have a comprehensive list, then the intention is to select the relevant skills that are perfect for a particular position and incorporate them into the resume.
  • Different targets, concrete information, science, or techniques are hard skills. The hard skills are learning how to use excel spreadsheets or understanding a computer language or an international language. Soft skills are interpersonal relationships, time management, team coordination. You may want to highlight either technical or interpersonal skills on your student resume, based on the sort of work for which you are applying.

Student resume example skills


Strong work ethic

Analytical skills

Communication skills 




Key points

  • Having a fantastic job even without prior experiences is indeed an actual target! Only make sure that your student resume is tailor-made to a particular role and company.
  • To beat the ATS and please the prospective employer, CV formats and resume templates are highly essential. Resume templates can make it simpler.
  • For a student, education is the cornerstone of a resume. Make it informative and, if you may, list findings and statistics.
  • The summary is your professional background on your resume in free-form. Be a tad imaginative here, but quickly explain your best features, knowledge, and accomplishments related to the job here as well.
  • Use resume writing-building services and templates to prevent secret drawbacks in resume design. It makes the whole thing much simpler for you.

But if you want the ideal platform to save time and get a great job, choose the HipCV resume builder tool's professional-looking tried and tested templates. Create your student resume now and get started!

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