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Paramedic Resume Example

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How to write a paramedic resume

Paramedics are medical assistants accountable for providing and performing top-quality health services and giving medical aid to unwell or wounded people during emergency times. Paramedics direct and manage emergency technicians and other ambulance crews to assess the conditions of patients. They give medication and move them securely to healthcare facilities.

Like in all medical occupations, there is a lot of demand for qualified paramedics, and if this is the career you have selected, there is a small probability that you will have to think about finding a job.

Let's get started.....

Paramedic job description

Image for part: Paramedic job description

The role of a paramedic is incredibly critical in protecting lives. They appear first at a place of trauma to support the patient. Every year, the amount of casualties is rising, and several lives are lost while reaching the hospital. It is also vital that accident patients, or persons who unexpectedly become sick, get urgent support from paramedics before admitting to the hospital.

The paramedics are present inside the ambulance. If there is an urgent alert, they move with the ambulance. They hit the point of pain and provide the patient an essential medication. They are certified to provide medical services to people in need before taking the patients to the hospital. It is highly effective in saving a life. There have been instances in which paramedics helped in delivering infants themselves and did it successfully. The primary reason why they can approach the patients is due to the ambulance. They're very well qualified as to how to drive quickly, and they are well aware of the fastest routes.

Paramedics perform in shifts and need to be vigilant always. An emergency may happen at any moment. They need to be mindful if there is a significant event and several people were hurt. The occurrence may be a natural disaster like an earthquake or a crash. In these cases, paramedics are the most critical individuals. 

What are the responsibilities and duties of a paramedic?

  • They have to bring the ambulance to the crisis location and supply the patient with whatever treatment is necessary, then taking the patient back to the urgent care.
  • They provide patient details and the circumstances to the specialists working in the emergency department.
  • They must question the patient about any specific medical details, such as allergies or conditions that they suffer from, for example, diabetes.
  • They must provide the patient all the treatment and medication possible. If the patient is unconscious and does not breathe, they must administer CPR or use the defibrillator, which is available in the emergency vehicle, to start the patient's heart.
  • They require to qualify in operating an emergency vehicle.
  • They ought to learn all the routes and the best ways to get anywhere.

In reality, most of those paramedics are students who would like to pursue further to be doctors. They take this occupation to promote their education. The pay of the paramedics is decent, and they can work in the medical field. The education needed is not that costly, either. In order to understand the paramedic role more profoundly, check this full guide on How to become an EMT. Since an EMT is an aspect of a paramedic occupation. This resource outlines the comparison between a paramedic and an EMT. It also answers some common questions related to a paramedic and an EMT job role and training requirements.

How to write a personal information section for a paramedic resume

Image for part: How to write a personal information section for a paramedic resume

Remember when writing your resume that the personal details are what the recruiter needs to know. It will determine whether or not you are a suitable fit for the position. That's why it is crucial to spend some time composing this resume segment, as there's no second opportunity of an initial impression on your prospective hiring manager.

When creating this part, it's essential to focus on providing your full name, contact details, and email address.

Some details must be present in your resume, but some things have no room either, such as your personal beliefs, gender, ethnicity, or social security number. Consider what you want to discuss and what details you choose to hold to yourself. 

Most individuals assume that a picture is an essential element of a resume, but it's the reverse, especially in the United Kingdom or the United States.

Also, add a picture if the manager explicitly asks for it, and ensure that you send the photo with proper lighting, where you are professionally dressed and appear to be open and polite. Give an email address that has your full name, and it can avoid giving the appearance of being inappropriate.

You can include social media links, but before adding them, check the comments on those sites to see that nothing is troublesome.

If the recruiter finds that you have written or posted some unpleasant posts and status updates, it can only reduce the possibility of getting considered for a position.

How to write the Profile Summary for Paramedic Resume

A profile summary can be a brief synopsis of your resume. In a few statements, define yourself, your academic successes, employment record, and the best qualities. You can write down all the relevant details in three to four sentences, and if this segment is well-formulated, it reflects positively throughout your resume.

This section requires your formal title to inform the recruiter to know of the importance of your resume to the job position. And, the initial statement provides your details about how much experience you have in your field. Note, statistics indicate that candidates with 2+ years of experience have an advantage regarding getting job offers.

Then list the accomplishments that you have made in your career. Your contributions are more understandable and accurate when you communicate them with the support of figures and numbers.

Finally, end this segment by giving the hiring manager a glimpse into your career ambitions.

How to write the Employment section of the Paramedic Resume

Image for part: How to write the Employment section of the Paramedic Resume

If you cannot describe your professional experience to the employer, then no matter how skilled you are, you will not get the job. That's why you must prepare this next segment of your resume thoughtfully.

The hiring manager pays a lot of emphasis on the experience segment. And it offers a snapshot of how much work you've done throughout your paramedical profession, which influences how you're going to do if you do receive the job position.

The recruiter would like to know about all of your previous job roles. Also, state the time duration you were serving in those specific roles and what were your core duties and tasks when performing those roles.

Besides, focus on the specifics, the context, and the phrases you include to explain the experience. This segment must be brief and to-the-point. Long paragraphs may potentially sound misleading and false, so keep the most relevant facts you'd want to convey.

One final and crucial thing is when structuring your employment segment, the right format is the reverse-chronological order, listing your most latest jobs to the oldest.

Now that we've outlined how you can organize this resume part.

Let's move on

Optimally, besides the medical services you have served in the past, you can also list the roles you have done and any of your valuable accomplishments. 

And details about how long did you work at each job. It is vital to the hiring managers, as they want to recruit candidates with several years of work.

There's no better spot than this segment to add figures or statistics to illustrate your successes and the overall performance you achieved in past jobs.

How to write the Education section of the Paramedic Resume

Education for the paramedic or emergency medical technician is around three years, and the period varies on the selected educational course.

There is no reason to highlight the value of education for this role since the technical experience and skill in offering patient assistance are obtainable by adequate training.

Also, EMT basic program is mandatory for a paramedic position, during which a state or national paramedic test is necessary to take to receive the certificate in the profession.

After earning your credential, you can opt to develop your expertise and experience by attending specialized EMT training. It will guide you on advanced medication and more complicated clinical requirements.

In some cases, completing a degree program of two years, consisting of courses and training, is valuable. In any case, you can choose the degree of education you want to receive. But recruiters would appreciate more skilled paramedics who have opted to pursue their education after earning their qualification.

How to write the Skills section of the Paramedic Resume

Image for part: How to write the Skills section of the Paramedic Resume

There is a significant chance that your recruiter will take a close look at this segment to determine if you have the qualifications required for a position, so devote time and effort to make it outstanding.

An individual undertaking the responsibilities of a paramedic must be capable of responding efficiently at any moment, but also keep themselves calm in stressful circumstances and understand how to interact with patients who are injured and afraid.

The necessary thing to note when writing the skills section is the framework and the information. The easiest way to organize this portion of the CV, and other segments, is by incorporating bullet points.

By outlining your qualifications in bullet points, you can create a concise and understandable overview of this section, making it convenient for the recruiter to review the resume.

And, mention the most relevant skills to make it more visible and apparent that you have these valuable skills. Remember that not all the abilities you have as a person are appropriate for the paramedic position, so list those significant to the role. For instance, what is the purpose of your painting skills for this job?

It's better to understand the distinction between soft skills like interpersonal skills and hard skills. The hard skills are attainable by getting knowledge and training. When it comes to the paramedic position, soft skills play a crucial part.

Although the hard skills you acquired during your schooling are invaluable, you're going to deal with people, after all, so you're going to use the "people skills" too.

Here is a list of hard and soft skills to include in a paramedic resume;

  • Hard skills

 CPR, Medical knowledge, Use of medical equipment, Ambulance vehicle driving, Emergency medical care

  • Soft skills

Patience, Compassion, Analytical thinking, Decision making, Communication, 

An ideal resume should have both hard and soft skills, so remember to have both of them.

Pointers for writing a paramedic resume

  1. The ideal number of resume pages is one-two pages. Any longer and the hiring manager will lose interest and won't read further, and any shorter indicates that you have not given sufficient detail.
  2. Check any common errors, like miswritten phrases and grammatical errors. These mistakes are avoidable with the aid of a grammar application like Grammarly, or maybe a friend who can evaluate your resume.
  3. A resume requires reviewing before submitting it to the employer. And send it to someone who knows what a successful resume looks like, so they can find out any possible errors.
  4. When formulating your resume, go ahead with what you'd like to tell and ignore writing too complicated statements that the hiring manager may misinterpret.
  5. Bullet points are the type to choose to employ on a resume because it's the simplest to get around, and that's significant. The recruiter needs to go through hundreds of resumes every day, but they're certainly not going to read long sentences of the document.
  6. The font is the essential part of your resume, so skip the confusing or handwritten ones to make your resume appear acceptable.
  7. Emphasize the aspects of your resume where you expect the hiring manager's attention the most. Only ensure not to overdo it and display excessively.
  8. Do you feel unsure what type of resume template to use and how it should appear? We have taken care of your problem by creating professional-looking resume templates that can help you write a job-winning resume.

There is so much information online these days that it is not easy to know what actions to take when pursuing a paramedic career or applying for a paramedic university certification. That's why we have created a resource on How to become a paramedic, which covers all the necessary training requirements to become one. If you need any help with writing a cover letter, review this post on the EMT cover letter tips, what skills to include on a paramedic resume, paramedic resume sample.


Image for part: FAQ

Q1. What skills do you need to be a paramedic?

Answer :

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Physically Fit
  • Detail Oriented
  • Dependability 

Hard Skills

  • Patient Stabilization
  • Assessment
  • Airway Management
  • Emergency Medicine

Q2. What qualities make a good paramedic?


  • Ability to stay relaxed and to manage reactions in stressful circumstances.
  • Capable of thinking logically and responding fast.
  • Have a responsible, supportive temperament.
  • Great health and well-being level.
  • Excellent analytical framework and ability to address issues.
  • Ability to function alone and collaboratively.

Q3. How long is paramedic training?

Answer:  It involves between two-four years to become a paramedic. The program focuses on academic and professional work, such as internships in emergency services and other medical environments.

Critical Care Paramedic Resume Example for Professional Summary, Skills and Job description

Critical Care Paramedic resume example professional summary

Critical Care Paramedic/ER TECH with eight years of experience in medical care. Adept at delivering emergency care. Efficient ER TECH that adjusts effortlessly to dynamic circumstances and requirements. Emergency Department Nurse Assistant with more than three years of experience operating in emergency and high demand patient environments.

Critical Care Paramedic resume example skills

  • Process Improvement
  • Management
  • Critical Care

Critical Care Paramedic resume example job description

  • Conducted standard and specialized evaluation of patients.
  • Answered to assigned emergency duties efficiently and quickly.
  • Reviewed the state of the patient via physical and verbal tests and gathered details from those at the incident.
  • Prescribed injection, treatment and intubation.
  • Executed cardiac pacing and needle chest tube conducted with considerable caution and experience.
  • Patients were checked for improvements, and the arrangements were modified and updated appropriately
  • Monitored the engine, medical materials and services during the leisure time.

Ambulance Service Critical Care Paramedic Resume Example for Professional Summary, Skills and Job Description

Ambulance Service Critical Care Paramedic resume example professional summary

Aim to develop knowledge and practice in Critical Care Medicine. To acquire the most expertise and offer the best standard of training to individuals in want of services and experience with outstanding integrity and empathy.

Ambulance Service Critical Care Paramedic resume example skills

  • Patient care
  • Medical Terminology
  • Yoga Instructor

Ambulance Service Critical Care Paramedic resume example job description

  • Took care of sick and wounded patients in a non-medical environment.
  • Transferred sick and wounded patients from medical facilities to the hospital.
  • Stored and washed the ambulance with all emergency materials and tools.
  • Monitored all basic equipment and facilities in compliance with the standards laid down by the state.
  • Dealing with the physical and mental concerns of any survivor of acute disease or accident with the intention of minimizing mortality.
  • Making vital choices efficiently and adequately for critically wounded and sick patients.

Critical care Flight Paramedic Resume Example Professional Summary, Skills, Job Description

Critical care Flight Paramedic resume example professional summary

Critical Care Flight Paramedic provides and records all facets of health care within the framework of paramedic procedure and legislative or operational criteria throughout the patient's lifetime.

Critical care Flight Paramedic resume example skills

  • CEVO 3
  • EMS Systems Management
  • PALS
  • Critical Care
  • ACLS

Critical care Flight Paramedic resume example job description

  • Established top-notch pre-hospital and inter-facility specialized critical care.
  • Treatment for sick or wounded patients within the context of the training determined by the Flight For Life Clinical Director.
  • Constructed a comprehensive and thorough treatment plan that is suitable for the patient's situation from first contact before the treatment is abdicated at the acquiring medical center.
  • Followed relevant safety requirements.
  • Drive the Mobile ICU Vehicle for inter-hospital and urgent care transport service.

Priority Ambulance Critical Care Paramedic Resume Example Professional Summary, Skills, Job Description

Priority Ambulance Critical Care Paramedic resume example professional summary

To acquire a Priority Emergency Critical Care Paramedic role in the medical sector where to contribute my qualifications and expertise as well as obtaining a fulfilling job and pursuing a profession as a paramedic, leading to previous training in extremely difficult conditions, whilst continuing to improve and strengthen medical skills and information.

Priority Ambulance Critical Care Paramedic resume example skills

  • Management
  • Patient care
  • Medical Knowledge

Priority Ambulance Critical Care Paramedic resume example job description

  • A pioneer of a democratic, militant boundary EMS framework with a diverse variety of activities.
  • Taken responsibility for recommendations on health safety and emergency procedures.
  • Developed comprehensive paperwork in a faster and convenient manner.
  • Established high-quality medical treatment over extended stretches of transport.
  • Established Vital Care capability as needed or necessary on a call.
  • Maintaining appropriate emergency equipment to provide medical services and keeping the ambulance clean and tidy to ensure timely response to all transportation demands.

Critical Care Paramedic Resume Example for Professional Summary, Skills and Job description

Critical Care Paramedic resume example professional summary

Recent graduate Certified Nurse with comprehensive medical expertise as a Critical Care Paramedic pursuing a role as a Qualified Nurse in an Urgent Care or an ICU environment in which can enable the most of nursing knowledge, training, significant pre-hospital expertise and inter-social skills to ensure a high level of medical treatment.

Critical Care Paramedic resume example skills

  • Documentation
  • Employee Training
  • EKG
  • Internet Research
  • CPR

Critical Care Paramedic resume example job description

  • Demonstrated outstanding capabilities in all roles, tasks and duties involved with becoming a Critical Care Paramedic.
  • Responsible for the health treatment decisions.
  • Accountable for educating existing and new personnel in all facets of their practice from First Responders to Paramedics.
  • Served as a partner with other agencies, along with other areas Fire, Regulation, EMS, Hospitals.
  • Illustrated the behavioral, interpersonal, and physical training required to fulfill the requirements of highly painful, life-threatening, and dangerous circumstances.
  • Strived to develop better and more sophisticated procedures, and to establish and provide effective airway and ventilator preparation.


You've read everything you need to learn to create a paramedic resume that will earn you the role of a paramedic. Follow these suggestions, tips discussed in this guide, and you'll have a great resume-prepared in minutes.

Also, note the advice for what qualifications and attributes are most vital for an individual with a paramedical background, and ensure you apply them to your resume to improve your likelihood of having a job.

Don't panic if you ever think that you require assistance in resume writing try HipCV resume builder to enable you to accomplish the process as effortlessly as possible.

We hope you succeed in the profession of your choice!

Check out our full guides on hard skills , soft skills , organizational skills.

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