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Paramedic Resume Sample

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Luke Danes


Well-organized and qualified Paramedic with a deep background of giving quality treatment and emergency and rescue support to patients who are sick or wounded, and moving them conveniently to health centers. Specialist in conducting surgical operations and running medical instruments. Have efficient, decision-making, management, collaboration, multi-tasking skills and capable of solving problems.


ABC Healthcare Services
  • Contributed to medical emergencies and aided senior paramedics to give adequate medical services to patients who are ill and wounded, as needed.
  • Gathered or distributed information to RN or physicians on the health conditions of patients.
  • Managed ambulance in a controlled manner and implemented all driving rules and transferred patients to the medical facility as necessary.
  • Assured development of emergency management facilities, tested and retrieved materials as available.
  • Retained current knowledge of new care and surgical treatments, relevant legal requirements and existing health and safety practices.
MM Group
  • Evaluating, handling and offering transportation to the ill and wounded in compliance with existing health policy and practices, thereby keeping a priority on their welfare.
  • Monitoring and organizing emergency medical personnel, assistants and other members of staff when contributing to an urgent scenario, and helping them with adequate patient education and guidance.
  • Co-ordinating a detailed review of severely sick or wounded patients to assess the appropriate emergency care.
  • Describing all knowledge to doctors, RNs and other medical staff about patient health problems or disorders, and establishing and changing their treatment plan carefully.


Emergency Medical Technician
Mt. San Antonio College, LA
GPA: 3.9

Paramedic Certificate of Completion

High School Diploma
Penn Foster High School


Critical Care Paramedics: Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification
First Responder: National Registry of EMTs
EMT Paramedic: National Registry of EMTs

Critical Care Paramedics: Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification


Los Angeles, CA

Use of medical equipment
Emergency medical care
Ambulance vehicle driving
Interpersonal Skills
Problem-solving skills
Medical knowledge