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Charge Nurse Resume Sample

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Norah Jönsson

Charge Nurse

Competent and efficient charge nurse with 15+ years of expertise in significant patient turnover medical wards. Committed to giving top-tier organizational assistance to Groupe Hospitalier Pellegrin while also providing empathetic nurse care to patients. Previously, considerably enhanced staff productivity and patient treatment by revamping the charting method and implementing academic activities.


Charge Nurse
Hospital Center University Rouen, France
  • Provide patient treatment in accordance with the division of nursing and the hospital's goals, values, and operational standards.
  • As a spokesperson for the patient, assist the patient's health professionals.
  • As appropriate, engage in hospital boards and task teams.
  • Utilized electronic health record systems, analyzed, tracked, and conveyed the patients' status as required.
  • Trained a team of 15 CNAs and LPNs, acted as a mentor, and recruited new employees and trainees.
  • Organized staff responsibilities, allocated, and handled staff resources.
Charge Nurse
Hôpital Civil, Strasbourg, France
  • Conducted medical therapy as recommended by the doctor and was in charge of educating patients and their families as well as giving psychological assistance.
  • Presented daily clinical direction to allocated Mental Medical Personnel and other support personnel. Collected and processed patient improvement to the healthcare team.
  • Provided a comprehensive spectrum of skilled mental care providers, such as examining, arranging, providing, and monitoring patient care especially for mentally unwell patients.
  • Connected and interacted with patients depending on my knowledge of the requirements of elderly patients.


Associate in Nursing (ASN)
Center for Studies and Hospital Training, France
State Diploma in Advanced Practice Nursing
Paris-Sorbonne Universite


Registered Nurse


  • Marathon running - Participated in 10 km Marathon de Montauban event in 2019.
  • Skiing
  • Painting
  • Volunteering - Organize and participate in different volunteer causes.

77, Rue St Ferréol

92190 MEUDON                     

Skilled cardiac care nurse
MS Office
Medical software packages
Epidural Analgesia
Vascular care understanding
ELNEC training
Patient assessment