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Labor and Delivery Nurse Resume Sample

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Laerke T. Ravn

Labor and Delivery Nurse

Extremely effective and caring labor and delivery nurse with 10 years of expertise working in hospitals and labor room settings. Completely knowledgeable about all aspects of labor and delivery, as well as prenatal and postnatal care. Exhibits outstanding critical thinking abilities in high-pressure, fast-paced environments. Enthusiastic to provide top-notch nursing care to Denmark Health Service Hospital patients while also supporting the hospital personnel in performance enhancement efforts.


Labor & Delivery Nurse
Bornholms Hospital, Denmark
  • Checked embryonic heart rate to rule out any possible issues.
  • Examined the patient's uterus to assess the stage of labor and dilation.
  • Regularly inspected patient beds and cleaned dirty sheets as appropriate, and gave recommended drugs and supervised the patient's vital parameters immediately after delivery.
  • Revised the patient's care plan in accordance to the patient's answers and status.
  • Offered patients having C-section pre-, intra-, and after-surgery nursing.
  • Awarded for delivering first-rate comprehensive quality of care in an Labor & Delivery facility with about 5,000 births annually.
Staff Registered Nurse
Gentofte Hospital, Denmark
  • Helped surgeons with a range of specialized techniques, such as laparoscopic and operating methods.
  • Utilized automated documentation platforms, tracked, updated, and conveyed the status of a patient as necessary.
  • Instructed patients and their families on medical requirements diagnoses.
  • Monitor the patient's labor pains and offer breathing exercises throughout labor.
  • Notify the delivery doctor and anesthesia at the right moment to start the pain-relieving medicines and the childbirth procedure.
  • Placing the patient correctly for birth and aids the doctor with gloves, scrubs, and curtains.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Metropolitan University College, Denmark


  • Guitar - Participated in Aalborg International Guitar Festival & Competition in 2018.
  • Painting - Won painting competition at Galleri Christoffer Egelund.
  • Mountain climbing
  • Camping


Danish Nurses' Organisation Member


Danish authorized Registered nurse

Albanivej 74

4573 Højby    


Handling pain and labor
Problem-solving skills
Communication skills
Fetal evaluation
Labor status assessment
HIPPA and OSHA compliant
Delivery and neonatal care expertise
Anti and postpartum care