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Blake B. Hunley


Methodical doctor with 10 years of government hospital experience. General medicine specialist with extensive experience in screening and diagnostic techniques. Supervise the intensive care unit and efficiently coordinate a staff of twelve doctors. Effective communicator with solid leadership and time-management skills.


Emergency Medicine Physician
Providence, Eureka, CA
  • Able to reduce operations by 25% while dealing with patients, administration, and nurse practitioners to recommend alternate therapies.
  • Connecting with other doctors and healthcare professionals in the region boosted recommendations by 21%.
  • By engaging with accounting staff and insurance companies to clarify therapies, I was able to increase payments by $650,000 each year.
  • Because of the adoption of lean medical concepts, reduced expenditures for supplies and personnel by 18%.
  • Personalized treatment was provided to enhance patient results and satisfaction.
  • Employed evidence-based therapies such as motivational counseling, cognitive-behavioral, and trauma-based therapy.
  • Co-taught with the primary clinician, employing therapeutic methods such as Solution Oriented, and Cognitive Behavioral.
  • Co-organized group therapy centered on music, painting, and nonverbal treatments for rehabilitation and healing from traumatic situations.
  • Workshop instructions and PowerPoint slides were prepared and revised.
  • Staff was encouraged to find structures and techniques that might be done more quickly and successfully using existing technologies.
Medical Doctor
Hestia Hospice, San Fernando, CA
  • Formulated individualized treatment regimens for individuals with diabetes and chronic conditions, including alternate therapy options and instructional resources. More than 60 patients' care regimens were kept up to date.
  • Patient retention was enhanced by 45% as a result of the deployment of a new online system that enables patients to communicate directly with doctors and assistants via a virtual network.
  • Details on patient information, hospitalizations, performance, and discharge instructions were written and collated. These documents were organized into an easy-to-navigate system that any authorized employees could view remotely.
  • Customized services were introduced to enhance patient happiness.
  • Staffing and supply costs were reduced by 25% as a result of this collaboration.
  • Maintaining 93 percent success rates for patient target accomplishment as evaluated by polls and yearly follow-up calls.
  • Collaboration with nurses and administrative assistants to save paper filing time. This resulted in a weekly time savings of 7 hours.


Biology: Pre-Nursing Associate in Science Degree Program
San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley, CA


Family Medicine
Registered Medical Assistant
Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA)
Certified EKG Technician (CET)

685 Dennison Street

Modesto, CA 95354                     

Emergency room
General Medicine