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Licensed Vocational Nurse Resume Sample

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Maria Ramstad

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Competent LVN with 4+ years of expertise in a hectic hospital delivering a great nursing experience. Attempting to preserve and enhance the quality of service at Hammerfest Hospital. In a 40-bed hospital unit at Haukeland University Hospital, attended 30plus patients daily.


Lead Licensed Vocational Nurse
Hospital inland Elverum, Norway
  • Established treatment strategies and observed treatment is given by nursing assistants.
  • Maintained documents and did other clerical work.
  • Answered to emergency circumstances in accordance with nursing requirements
  • As needed, attended all mandatory appointments.
  • Addressed participant complaints promptly and effectively to ensure their trust.
  • Under the supervision of a doctor, accountable for the treatment of the ill, wounded, and incapacitated.
  • Recorded vital indicators like temperature, pulse, and respiration.
  • Formulated and administered injections and provided bandages.
Licensed Vocational Nurse
Haukeland University Hospital
  • Documented the patient details, vital data, and medical reports in the hospital data.
  • Provided, high-quality care to the destitute and low-income patient group.
  • Offered patients the appropriate health education instruction.
  • Increased patient credibility via the use of high-level communication skills, resulting in a 35% rise in patient loyalty ratings for the hospital.
  • Recorded vital details on patient behavior, medication administration, and influence on health status based on evidence and vital parameter measurements.
  • Identified and responded to acute patient care circumstances by implementing corrective action as instructed.
  • To maintain a good level of patient satisfaction, offered patient-relevant nursing service as advised and adhered to service competence guidelines.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing
University of Agder, Norway


Licensed Vocational Nurse, Norway

Additional Activities

Participated in neighborhood community blood drive event
993 32 811

Bråtan 176

3022 Drammen, Norway                     

Computer skills
Teamwork skills
Wound care
IM Injections
Vital Signs
Interpersonal skills