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Operating Room Nurse (OR) Resume Sample

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Nancy Lindberg

Operating Room Nurse

Dedicated and efficient OR nurse with over 8 years of experience. Enthusiastic to join the Swiss Medica Switzerland Hospital to give excellent care and commitment to its patients while also supporting the hospital personnel. In prior positions, I was chosen as a mentor for incoming nursing personnel and trainees.


Operating Nurse
Spital Frutigen, Switzerland
  • Ensured a risk-free operating setting.
  • Aided in the preparation of operation timetables and the management of post-operative treatment for surgical patients.
  • Patients were examined for problems, and pre- and post-surgery instruction was given to the patient and families.
  • Assuring that all necessary documentation was in a record before operation and that each procedure was a success.
  • Understand all of the equipment and be capable of predicting what device the doctor will need next.
  • With the utilization of proper communication, I was able to build strong, trustworthy connections with teammates and patient families, leading to great patient outcomes.
  • Exhibit self-assurance, reliability, empathy, flexibility, creativity, dedication, and enthusiasm.
Operating Nurse
Hospital Meiringen, Switzerland
  • Worked with the operating personnel to confirm the patient's welfare and procedural requirements were met.
  • Cooperated with doctors and other healthcare professionals to establish a surgical treatment process for patients.
  • Accountable for arrangement and monitoring of the patient's treatment.
  • Treatment decisions were established and evaluated depending on the patient's observations and the doctor's goal for a secure patient result.
  • Aided in the retrieval and evaluation of all essential instruments and materials, and the pre-testing of all tools necessary before the operation.
  • During the operation, examines, arranges, and helps the patient. Expertise, skill, and exposure to various critical situations in the surgery room.
  • In complicated patient care situations, display analytical thinking and determining priorities.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Zurich University Institute of Nursing, Switzerland

Certification & Licenses

Swiss Professional Association For Nurses - RN
024 602 82 57

Sondanella 130

1432 Gressy, Switzerland                     

Computer Literate
General Surgery
Analytical skills
Patient rights
Infection prevention