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Nurse Manager Resume Sample

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Sally A. Gibson

Nurse Manager

Certified Nursing Manager with 12+ years of expertise as well as dedicated and efficient. RN-relevant responsibilities, and monitoring and simplification of administrative processes, are all specialties. Enthusiastic to join Grand River Medical Clinic to assist in the organizing, supervising, and implementation of designated divisions' daily activities. In former jobs, increased patient contentment by 50% while keeping personnel turnover to less than 3%.


Nurse Manager
Rosemary Medical Clinic


  • Oversaw 25+ clinical workers that were engaged in an array of medical activities like Case Analysis, Disease, and Facilities Management.
  • Recruited, mentored, and evaluated employees to ensure they met and achieved objectives and tasks.
  • Provided expert advice, direction, and supervision to employees.
  • Developed, reviewed, applied, and simplified guidelines and requirements of allocated divisions.


  • Maintaining an employee turnover of less than 3%.
  • In a 9-month timeframe, formulated and implemented cost-cutting and pricing campaigns that raised margins from -20% to +50%.
Assistant Nurse Manager
Oak Valley Medical Center
  • Maintained the delivery of nurse supplies and patient treatment to ensure compliance with quality, medical, and utilization regulations, and performance metrics.
  • Guaranteed patient care and achieving standards of quality, and adherence with national, regional, and local regulations and departmental rules.
  • Handled the department's daily operations, including measuring the performance of service and utilization norms, managing shift duties, and providing patient care.
  • Planned and managed action plans to enhance employee advancement and patient care efficiency.
  • Optimized treatment regimens, customer-focused service, and cost-efficient use of services.


Associate of Science in Nursing
Morgan State University

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Security Supervision & Management (CSS)
Certified Nurse Educator (CNE)
Wound Care Certified (WCC)
Medical Assistant
Certified Dialysis - Licensed Vocational Nurse (CD-LVN)
Certified Nurse Technician (CNT)
Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)
Certified in Executive Nursing Practice (CENP)
CPR/BLS Core Knowledge

3838 Hickory Heights Drive

Baltimore, MD 21201                     

Analytical skills
Clinical judgment
Nursing Practice Act
Communication skills
Apple iWork
MS Office