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Mary R. Cutler


Bilingual Pediatric registered nurse with 12+ years of expertise at Pinevalley Community Hospital's critical and newborn care departments. Looking to get managerial experience as a Pediatric RN at Paradise Grove Medical Clinic.         


Pediatric Nurse
Angelwood Hospital Center
  • Monitored all patient care given by Certified Practical Nurses, Nursing Staff, and Nurse Assistants on a 30-bed unit.
  • Questioned prospective nurses to verify their experience and abilities were appropriate for our unit's needs.
  • Maintained the income and finances of the department, such as the distribution of cash for treating patients, equipment, and personnel supplies.
  •  Assessed and documented patient activity on a regular basis for specialist evaluation.
  • Prescription and recommended treatments were provided, and adverse responses and results were reported.
  • Conducted frequent vital sign examinations on patients and employed medical tests to determine their physical and medical status.
Pediatric Nurse
Olympus Hospital
  • Coordinated with the hospital activity supervisor to involve appropriate patients in fitness workouts and programs.
  • Offer pre- and post-operative treatment, such as pain management, vital sign assessment, and operation preparation.
  • Under the supervision of a doctor, evaluated test results and formulate initial treatment recommendations.
  • Patients' relatives were informed on medical care, therapy, and community programs.
  • Helped patients gather urine and stool samples for laboratory analysis.
  • Placed IV and central catheters, as well as conducted phlebotomy operations to draw blood specimens or give medicine.


Master of Science in Nursing
University of Kansas School of Nursing
GPA: 3.9

Licenses & Certifications

ANCC's Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner - Board Certified
Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist - Board Certified
PNCB's Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

4412 Charter Street

Spring Hill, Kansas 66083      

Newborn care
Collecting vitals
Acute care expertise
Mentoring and supervision
Care and treatment plan development
HIPAA and OSHA compliant
Patient rights
Communication skills
Crisis intervention