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High School Graduate Resume Example

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How to write a high school graduate resume

You might want to write and update your resume as a high school student to get ready for the job. During your professional career, resumes are utilized to apply for jobs and internships. Learning how to write a high school resume will assist you in taking note of your experiences and producing a document that can leave a favorable first impression. In this post, we go through what should be in a high school student's resume and offer some advice.

Tips for writing a high school graduate resume

We explore the vital factors to take into account when preparing a high school resume;

Focus on your education 

Education is significant to businesses since it demonstrates the subjects you are passionate about and have learned. Highlight your education as a high school student, mentioning your past and present coursework, grades, and the courses you hope to pursue. Displaying this information can illustrate your commitment and capacity to overcome challenges, particularly if you got outstanding academic grades or finished difficult assignments and projects. Also, describing co-curricular activities in a high school student's resume is beneficial because it exhibits your interests, passion, and effort.

Showcase any experiences

Add any paid or volunteering work you have done while in high school. List all the examples of your professionalism, teamwork skills, and capability to function in a team, whether it was babysitting, mowing lawns, or volunteering. Ensure to mention any management positions you held or noteworthy accomplishments related to this experience. Additionally, it makes a positive impression on managers by showcasing your dedication, dedication, and commitment to the position. You should check the job description for the position you're seeking, and utilize any keywords or prerequisites that correspond to your experiences. For example, your employment section can highlight this if you're applying for a position as an attendant at a movie theater and the job description specifies that you must be able to work both individually and collaboratively.

Specify your accomplishments and honors

Awards and accomplishments convey to organizations that you have a track record of producing noteworthy outcomes and having an impact. Incorporating awards on your CV, whether they're educational or otherwise, can help your job application get noticed.

Present your skills

Because you might not have much expertise related to the position you're seeking as a high school student, your talents can be a wonderful method to highlight your qualifications for the position. Organizations favor applicants with a blend of soft talents that can enable them to thrive in the role and hard abilities that are particular to the job. If you were applying for an apprenticeship as a craftsman, you may list any current abilities that could be useful in the field of woodworking.

Describe your behavior and attitude

You might not have the opportunity to address this elsewhere on your resume if your mindset and productivity are your biggest assets, but companies respect these qualities in candidates. Organizations may be looking for applicants with strong work ethics and efficiency as they don't anticipate you to have much experience as a high school student. 

Write your resume objective

A resume objective is one- or two statements of your professional aspirations and how they relate to the demands of an organization. It is the first thing recruiters will read while reviewing it. High school students must add an objective statement because the employment experience might not match their future objectives. Managers can better understand your motivation for applying for a job and how their job will help you achieve your aspirations by reading your career objective.

Pointers for writing a high school graduate resume

Here are s few pointers to assist you in creating an ideal high school resume;

Make a strategy

If you're unclear about how to start your resume, write a summary or sketch of all the experiences, abilities, and accolades you might mention. By doing this, you can gather the bulk of the details you need to present and then choose the appropriate word to express it. Consider this a creative-thinking exercise, and remember that you can always refer to the list again and include more as you come up with ideas.

Incorporate action words

When explaining the details on your resume, use powerful words because it can give the impression that you are driven and diligent. In the sections of your resume where you utilize lists to discuss your experiences, active voice is highly suitable. Use active verbs to begin your sentences, such as directed, taught, explored, developed, and analyzed.

Keep it brief

Recruiters may be busy and have other job submissions to consider, so it's crucial to keep in mind that they would like to rapidly evaluate you and your accomplishments. As a result, your resume should not exceed one page in length, if it does, this may be a clue that it needs to be shortened. The use of bullet points below every heading makes it possible to display a variety of data in a condensed amount of space and enhances comprehension. Also, make every line as significant and beneficial to the reader as possible. When you compose a sentence, consider whether it is essential to include and will enhance your resume. If not, it may be preferable to omit it.

Convey a story

By linking your experiences and qualifications to the demands of the position, you can establish a rapport with the reader. It can result in a compelling story that gives your resume coherence, makes it understandable, and communicates why you're looking for the job. For instance, if you've never been employed as a barista but are applying for one, emphasize your customer service abilities, work style, and teamwork experience and relate these to the position's requirements.


Your resume needs to be edited and proofread if you want to make a positive impact. Before making any corrections, go over your document again for typos and inaccuracies. When doing this, ensure the resume is logical and every statement contributes to its value. Lastly, you can request honest feedback for your resume from a friend or your career advice counselor.

2378 people have rated this
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