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College Student Resume Example

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How to write a college student resume

Resumes are valuable resources for finding a job but are not generally related to university admissions. Lately, institutions are more willing to see student-resumes as a component of the comprehensive application program. College candidates can have to submit university admissions resume application with their standard required documents.

Composing a college entrance resume that targets the university you choose to pursue will give you an edge over the admissions board and gain a place in the 'approved' stack. When you are in university, you can upgrade and utilize the same resume to qualify for work placements or other job opportunities. 

College admissions resume

The college application resume is a text outlining the educational and work-related qualifications and experience of an applicant. It is accessible as one of the student's comprehensive submission for university admissions. The university admissions resume indicates that the applicant is worthy of educational performance by offering details of the student's education and employment background. Your college application must show the determination to learn to accomplish objectives, discipline, multitask, and value dedication. College application resume concentrates on education instead of employment. If a student has part-time or temp work, they may mention it, but much of the application represent educational success and school-relevant events.

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Your college application resume must include a short description of your scores, previous work, recognitions, management and communication qualities, and artistic skills such as entertainment, painting, or social skills. The resume for college students implies that you have what it takes to accomplish on an educational and social level in university. Most often, the college student resume may contain various things to portray a real version of yourself;

  • Personal information 

Provide all your details, like your name, home address, contact details, and e-mail information. If you have a personal portfolio profile that highlights accomplishments applicable to your professional development, you can add them to this portion.

  • Academic qualification

Mention your high school details, such as the start and end dates and scores, in your college admissions resume. Also, provide your ranking like topper of the class, as this can improve your chances as a college student resume application. Often illustrate any specialized training you have done, like the Advanced Placement program or any other courses.

  • Extra-curricular activities 

If you are a part of any school-associated clubs or sports teams, write it in your college admissions resume. Describe any other classes or events outside of school in which you were involved. It will demonstrate that you have a distinct record focusing on different fields and not just academics.

  • Employment 

It can involve part-time work activities and traineeships, research experiences, and overseas study courses.

  • Skills

Provide any language you're proficient in, programming or software abilities, soft skills, such as management or interaction, to improve the likelihood you'll be approved.

  • Volunteer work

Adding volunteering to a college student's resume means you acknowledge the community. And are reluctant to contribute to the development of your society.

  • Awards or prizes

Detail the accomplishments that you are proud of, such as any distinctions or prizes.

  • Hobbies

Emphasize hobbies that are closely applicable to your desired degree course.

It isn't necessary to incorporate all of the above aspects in your college application resume, but add any that will enable you the ideal program nominee.

Tips for writing a resume for college application

  1. Start by describing the sections where you'd like to include details. The college student resume template covers elements, qualifications, previous work, expertise, volunteer work, etc. Allow room below each segment so that you can add your accomplishments to each portion.
  2. You strive to please the interview panel with your certificate and not with your writing.
  3. Confine the college student's resume to a single-page. And besides, you haven't had that much exposure anyway. 
  4. Discuss specific experiences as they aim to put you apart from other applicants.
  5. Don't fabricate your history or achievements. Having or misrepresenting items on your college student's resume can be harmful. Highlight your accomplishments with result-oriented bullets to summarize your contributions.
  6. Proofread your resume to check spelling and grammar errors. Before submitting your college application resume, ask a friend or relative to review it. It is always a better option to have another person's perspective.

Preparing college student resume

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Consider these factors in consideration when preparing the college student resume; 

Personalize your resume for every college and tweak your application to represent the institution for which you want to apply.

  1. Your application must be one-page in length, as it is a synopsis.
  2. Just give correct details on your college student resume. Do not exaggerate or use data that are not valid.
  3. Read properly and check your college resume before sending it. Ensure that it is factually accurate and that the relevant data is present.
  4. Give social media connections if they are mandatory or aims to meet the criteria of college applications.

How to format a resume for college students

There are some basic recommendations for structure and presentation of a college student resume that you may consider;

  1. Organize your schooling and internships or part-time work in decreasing order. Start with your most latest experience of working and continue down the list to the oldest.
  2. Apply bullet points so that the resume appears presentable and can be quickly verified. Employ an action word while stating your achievements without repeating them.
  3. Use a constant theme. For instance, if you use an acronym or capital letters, conform to the same structure in your college admissions resume. The same corresponds to dates and the application of bold fonts. Maintain the positioning, arrangement, and font layout the same for each portion.


The college student resume has to be a short glimpse of you and no longer than single-page in length. Create it unforgettable but still quick to search and grasp so that you can make a lasting impression. At last, be honest and don't overstate or fabricate facts. Provide all the observations and accomplishments essential for your selection. 

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