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How to Write a Federal Resume

The biggest employer in the world is the federal government. Walmart, which has a presence in areas of all shapes and sizes, is the largest private employer in the U.S is 1.5 million workers. The number of Americans relying on the big business for their living conditions, however, is mainly made up of people who are dependent on their federal government wages. The federal government has approximately 9.1 million workers, responsible for about 6% of the United States' overall jobs.

Key information

In 2019, Federal is one of the top sectors with the highest growth in 128,540 job openings with a rise of 25.2 percent year-over-year.

The number represents around 2.1 million government staff, 4.1 million contractors, 1.2 million grant workers, 1.3 million armies active service staff, as well as more than 500,000 postal government workers. Even so, there are many legitimate economic concerns about the immense size of the workers in the government sector.

But, from the perspective of a job seeker, these statistics lead up to many possibilities. Although salaries and benefits for full-time federal workers are beyond the market, at least these numbers are evident and accountable. There are not only plenty of positions, but federal employees usually enjoy outstanding wages and benefits, decent hours, and job security.

Federal workers also receive the wages and benefits that private-sector employees can only dream. For instance, while they work 12 percent fewer hours in total, they earn income that is 17 percent higher on average than private-sector workers who do similar work. Federal jobs, since they are also among the most downturn-proof prospects out there, continue to remain desired, and with valid reason. Let's first take a closer look at the United States, the world's third-largest country.

So, how can I be a part of the federal government? You understand that nothing is simple in coping with the authorities if you've ever filled out a tax return or requested for federal grants! It's a massive red tape system, and there are plenty of barriers to overcome. It doesn't matter whether you are on a career switch or continuing in the same field. Your resume is the principal tool for you to express your qualifications, expertise, and experience, whether you are a current federal employee or new to the government.

We are happy to contribute to your job-hunting process. This article, together with the HipCv resume builder tool and resume templates, will steer you through all the stages required to develop a successful resume, including all the specific qualifications that relate to those pursuing employment in the federal government. Here's the list of things which this post will cover:

  • The scope and complexity of the labor market, career outlook, and compensation of the federal government
  • The fundamentals of resume formation and the particular factors of preparing for federal employment
  • The hooks of electronic tracking systems that can skip your resume before someone even read it
  • the requirement to personalize your application to any job that you are looking for
Image for part: Federal Industry Job Market Trends

You may assume that federal workers' employment forecasts will focus on the administration in control, with salaries being gobbled by more liberal governments and reduce spending by more conservative governments. Nevertheless, public payrolls are mainly resilient to political shifts at the top over the long term.

Although a lot was said to cut down the jobs in the federal government, and yet in 2020, the jobs grew by 45,000 at all parts of the U.S. government, plus 16,000 new state government education jobs. The employment increased by 8,000, primarily because the 2020 Census employed 7,000 temporary employees. Looking at the macro view, between 1939 and 2015, federal jobs in the U.S. grew by an annual average of 1.5 percent every year. Government employment rose by 2.3 percent from 1955 to 2015 at the state and local level.

Applicant Monitoring System and Job-Listing Keywords

Image for part: Applicant Monitoring System and Job-Listing Keywords

Applicant monitoring system and, regardless of whether you pay any attention to it, it's an automated gatekeeper that can be ally or foe. Software used by recruiters to process resumes according to their importance to the work is an ATS program. Employers insert phrases and words into the application that define the required work skills.

They're inserted into the system as applications arrive in, which scores them according to how well the keywords in the resume satisfy the set criteria. The job application is submitted to the program if it contains the necessary keywords and phrases. But an individual being might not bother to look at them when the applications fail the evaluation.

Profile: silhouette your synopsis

Image for part: Profile: silhouette your synopsis

You may not be vying for office, but you need to create a transparent, decent opening statement on why you're the suitable individual to fill it, as with any applicant for a government position. Following your contact details, the profile summary is the first thing managers can see on your resume. And you can transform it into a field of gold or a morass.

The key reasons given by potential employers for removing resumes even without a closer look are spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.The profile is a reflection of your ability to write in simple, persuasive words. And the task of writing is one of the easy benchmarks of any candidate's competence for a white-collar position.

Employment: an archive of your career

Image for part: Employment: an archive of your career

It's helpful to have experience as a federal worker to get work as a government employee. However, without prior work experience, if it were unlikely to get a federal job, then the government would have no staff. Somewhere, everyone has to start. In reverse-chronological order, the career segment of a resume should describe current and previous roles, latest job first, often stated in more depth if suitable.

Directed by a dynamic reorganization, resulting in a 55% rise in earnings with low employee turnover.

USAJobs federal resume builder

When you're unfamiliar with the federal work application process, using the USAJobs resume builder is a smart idea. The resume builder needs all the essential information that, if overlooked, might get you disqualified, so there is an extra degree of protection in the use of it. Also, the builder has a considerable amount of data to provide, and it takes a fair amount of attention to information. Make sure not to leave any sections unintentionally. The additional information segment is where you can insert more specifics in most of the processes that you were not able to incorporate. Place your accreditation or recognitions in this section.

If you are applying for an entry-level federal position, although if you have no prior experience, there's still a chance of being selected.The job screening process will ask you to fill out an Occupational Questionnaire in certain instances. If you are eligible for the job or not, this document will let the organization know. Being 100 percent authentic is the cornerstone of completing the questionnaire.

Skills: trained-personnel

Image for part: Skills: trained-personnel

Any resume should include a section listing skills that are significant to the work. Usually, the skills segment should have a combination of technical skills such as computer experience, specialized expertise in your profession, etc. and soft people skills such as customer service or ability to talk publicly. Try to justify the language abilities that other resumes won't have.

  • Computer proficiency, like spreadsheets, word processing, and databases.
  • Able to develop strategies, such as systems for client monitoring and follow-up procedures.
  • Experience interacting with a myriad of individuals independently and collaboratively.
  • Outstanding abilities in communication and engagement to sustain a healthy environment.

Education: cultivating a book-learning

Image for part: Education: cultivating a book-learning

Federal agencies recruit staff from a variety of academic backgrounds, from doctoral degree scholars to individuals who have never completed a degree. Research the qualifications of government employment in your occupation to make sure that before you submit, you have the appropriate skills. In reverse-chronological order, list your educational qualifications on your resume, together with any specific accreditations in your profession.

If you are applying for a job with educational requirements, you must provide in your resume the necessary training and coursework details

Your education must be from an accredited university with certification. A Federal agency may require you to provide a transcript about the training to prepare for a role when you apply for a job or upon preliminary selection.Although you provide qualifications and degrees on a conventional resume, you need to delve even deeper into the specifics of your educational history on a federal resume. It implies your GPA, credit hours received, date of completion of the degree, and any honors or special consideration you might have received along the way..

Format: modest and honest personal illustration

Image for part: Format: modest and honest personal illustration

Make your resume brief, clear, and neat. Ignore sparkly colors, tricks, or unnecessary decoration. Strive for a professional, eye-pleasing design that is easily readable. By trimming your text, make way for some white space. Several resumes are too small, and most are quite full. Do not use any document besides PDF unless the manager you are pursuing has asked to do so. What looks perfectly alright on your computer in one application can open on another computer in a different application and look unpleasant.

The tracking software doesn't like clunky document layouts, so careful. Using the HipCv builder tool, you will take the conjecture out of all layout questions. As there is a piece of advice on not adding photographs on a federal resume, so pick a HipCv template, which you think can go well for the job position you are applying without the picture.

Additional Information

Image for part: Additional Information

You can add these additional details in a federal resume;

  • Security clearance - If necessary, as a requirement of your present job in a government agency, specify your security clearance standard.
  • Desired location - The job post can provide more than one area to which the job belongs. Indicate your ideal place to help hire workers with their selection process.
  • Additional training - Describe any appropriate coursework or unique knowledge training outside of professional experience or study.
  • Volunteer Work - This experience can be a valuable contribution to illustrating other strengths and capabilities, as well as displaying your commitment to contributing to the community.
  • References: These are about past employers for whom you have given the details. For each reference, name, contact details, and connection. Using expert sources, such as prior bosses, or informal examples, such as a coach.
  • Languages: In some federal roles, proficiency in dialects other than the one common to the federal agency for which you are applying may be necessary.
  • Publications: Include the names, journals, and publication dates of any reports on matters that are job-relevant that you have submitted for respected papers.
  • Additional skills: List technical skills in general that are beyond your work experience, but could be beneficial in your next role.

Federal Resume do/donts

Image for part: Federal Resume do/donts
  • Quantify your achievements with statistics
  • Using the same terminology from the vacancy announcement
  • Use keywords to balance and optimize
  • Consider the credentials needed for the role
  • Check the required length for federal resumes that is 4-8 pages
  • Don't just mention your duties and not provide concrete results
  • Don't conclude everything is self-explanatory about your prior experience
  • Do not include a private photograph

It's not a walk-in-the-park to get a government job, though. Do what it takes to secure a high-paying federal job filled with privileges.

Points to Remember

  • Veterans must keep in mind that qualifications can contribute to combating training. Note to provide the Military Experience Verification and Preparation report
  • Long federal resumes are standard, so all relevant details are included.
  • Carefully evaluate the job announcement and concentrate on the employment record section with its main aspects.
  • Avoid buzzwords since not all employers would be aware of a specific job.

Let's embark on the journey of getting an ideal federal job position. To begin now, design a rock-solid resume with the HipCv resume builder tool. Get rolling!

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