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How to write an internship cover letter

To apply for an internship, like any other job, may involve the submission of a cover letter. As a student, you don't have much spare time that isn't already consumed by courses, written assignments, essays, co-curricular, sports, research, dance performances, and so on. And applying for an internship is time-consuming and daunting, so if you see a job advertisement where the cover letter is voluntary, you may be compelled to bypass it. If you're searching for internships, maybe you don't have a lot of job experience to distinguish yourself from other applicants. Probably you do have some expertise, but it isn't the most appropriate or notable. The cover letter is a suitable platform to fill in the blanks for the hiring manager and share the narrative that your resume cannot. Your cover letter must be customized to the internship and also provide instances from your job, educational, and co-curricular experiences. This post will explain how to write an internship cover letter with examples.

Tips for writing an internship cover letter

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An effective and efficient cover letter is appropriate for the internship description. It consists of your applicable skills, expertise, and experience. You can compose a brief cover letter to pique the reader's interest. Here are a few main points to consider;

  • Indicate the position for which you are applying

You can start your cover letter by specifying the specific position for which you are submitting your application. It shows that you have reviewed the internship description and believe you are a suitable applicant. It also demonstrates to the employer that you didn't merely copy/paste a cover letter from some other job application. It's a chance to highlight that you're writing the letter explicitly for the internship opportunity. Lastly, it establishes a foundation for the entire letter.

  • Make use of key phrases from the job description

Businesses review hundreds of applications each day, which indicates they will frequently inspect your cover letter before scanning it. It will capture their attention if you involve key phrases from the description. It illustrates that you have checked the advertisement and consider you are qualified for the position. Identify keywords stated by the employer while reading the description. For instance, 'team player' could be listed as a required quality in the job ad. Consider concrete examples of times when you collaborated well in a team setting.

  • Provide academic achievements

It is particularly essential if you have little or no practical experience. Add any qualifications or courses you have finished that are relatable to the internship. For instance, If you are submitting for a graphic design internship, you can list any design subjects or programs you have obtained. Recollect and incorporate any honors or achievements in that domain.

  • Construct a list of your relevant qualifications

You can mention your knowledge and skills in the body of your cover letter. It can highlight why you are a good fit for the job. If you lack professional experience, you can outline abilities acquired from other roles. It involves part-time j Jobs, volunteer positions, courses, projects, and extracurricular activities. For instance, if you are applying for an internship at a publication house, you could mention your editing work for your college journal. Working as a waiter may also have trained you to work well in a team and listening skills. You can explain any expertise you have related to the position for which you are qualifying.

  • Describe why you are an ideal match for the role

Review the internship description thoroughly to determine what the hiring manager is seeking. Pick a few of the attributes they've outlined that you think you possess. List these characteristics and what makes you think you have them. Then discuss why you believe you would be a suitable candidate. You can also link your experience to your competency and make it brief.

  • Check the cover letter tone

When composing a cover letter, ensure to check the tone. Make a note of whether the corporate culture is more informal or professional when reviewing the internship description. You can adapt your way of writing to this. If you are aware that the business has an advanced and informal style, you may want to reflect that in your writing. If the company is more structured, you can use courteous, technical writing. It is vital to be as personal as possible. If you are familiar with the employer's name, use it at the start of your letter to greet them. Before sending anything, do check the spelling. If you're unclear, use the most typical introductory salutation, 'Dear Employer.'

  • Define what you seek to achieve from the internship

It is a nice final touch that displays your eagerness to learn. Most internships are designed to assist students in gaining knowledge and skills before joining the workforce. The recruiter will recognize you are a serious applicant if you emphasize what you expect to discover and accomplish.

  • Edit and proofread the cover letter

Revise your cover letter before submitting it. Review for grammar and spelling mistakes, and ensure the writing flows well. It can also be valuable to request a friend or relative to evaluate it for you. A new set of eyes may realize something you might have overlooked.

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Internship cover letter example

Dear Employer,

I'm writing to express my interest in the marketing internship program at ABC Organization. Given the qualifications and abilities listed in my enclosed resume, I think I will be a valuable member of your team. Collaborating in marketing involves both creative thinking and industry experience. As a final-year Global Marketing student at Macquarie University, I am well-versed in the fundamental marketing concepts and approaches. Throughout my program, I had the opportunity to gain knowledge about various facets of business, such as sales, managing operations, and finance, but marketing is my favorite subject and enthusiasm. I was appointed as a Representative for three years at college and was involved in many associations and clubs, including the Basketball, Tennis, and Swimming Club.

Even so, I also enjoy gaining real-world work experience. I am working as a Marketing Intern at Netflix.Inc. I was involved in a variety of operations, such as market analysis, evaluation of industry developments, integration of innovative marketing techniques, and supervisor assistance. My insights and contributions aided in the 35% growth of the corporation's social media account within three months, and I was repeatedly acknowledged for my efforts and dedication by top management.

I can speak Italian, French and skilled in Spanish. I have expertise utilizing different marketing application systems such as ActiveCampaign, and HubSpot Marketing, and outstanding communication abilities, a solid professional approach, and an essential capacity to collaborate and conduct well in a team. I hope to hear from you.

Thank you for your consideration.



Things to consider when sending a cover letter

A significant number of internship applications are submitted electronically. Businesses may have an online application platform. These enable you to enter contact details, respond to questions, and instantly upload documents. Other times, they will request that you send them your applications via email. If this is the scenario, you have two options for emailing your cover letter. 

  • Include the cover letter in your email. The recruiter may request that you insert your cover letter into your email. You can include a brief note in the body of the email and then enclose your cover letter at the finish. Ensure your cover letter is in a Pdf file and properly labeled. For instance, HudsonFincham CoverLetter.pdf assists the manager if they need to find a cover letter.
  • If the recruiter doesn't indicate how you should send your cover letter, you may copy/paste the cover letter body into the email. After copying and pasting then check for any formatting issues and ensure it is acknowledged to the right person.
  • Unless the internship description explicitly says otherwise, you may follow up on your job application. You can reveal how you wish to follow up at the end of the cover letter. It could be done with a telephonic conversation in a week to give the recruiter enough time to assess your letter.
  • If you are sending the cover letter via email, the structure will vary a bit from that of a traditional letter. In the subject segment of the email, include your name and job title. Provide your contact details in your email signature, but do not add the manager's information. Additionally, do not include your contact data at the top of the text. Begin each email content with a greeting.

Format for sending cover letter through email

Subject: Hudson - Finance Intern position

Dear Mr. McCormick,

I am applying for the finance position at the Vertex Financial Firm's Internship Program. I am in my third year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I am studying finance, bookkeeping, and real estate. I did an internship with Credence Bank Inc.

My experiences have given me a thorough understanding of financial entities, which has caught my interest in seeking a financial career. I think an internship with Vertex Financial Firm would be a sensible next step in my advancement as a financial advisor.

My primary motivation for joining Vertex Financial Firm arises from its track record of success. The firm's reputation is best exemplified by its recent designation as the "Most Trusted Institution" for the third year in a row. I believe that the firm's diverse client base, big market capitalization, and well-known summer internship program would offer me an excellent training to supplement my finance course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I am confident that I would thrive in your enterprise's fascinating and empowered setting, and that my dedication, competency, and enthusiasm would make me a significant addition to your company.

Thank you for your consideration.



(07) 5343 7551


Additional tips for writing an internship cover letter

The purpose of the cover letter is to demonstrate that you are a suitable candidate for any type of internship. It entails writing compellingly while also paying attention to specifics. Remember the following suggestions in mind as you write your cover letter for any field;

  • Take care of the formatting. Know the standard cover letter format, from determining the proper font to including all the necessary components.
  • Review the internship description. The internship write-up provided by the organization contains useful information. Take your time reading it, and try adding some key points about the corporation's requirements. Then, incorporate these insights into your cover letter. For instance, If the organization is seeking an MS Office wizard, you can discuss a project you've functioned on or a course you've taken using the software. A tailored cover letter will outrank an untargeted letter.
  • Spell check the letter. Also, minor mistakes, like misspelling the corporation name, take attention away from the strength of your application, so recheck carefully before sending.

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