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Online internship: Pros and Cons

Technological advancement and digital skills have long been major subjects for industries and companies all over the world. However, in the twenty-first century, the possibility to work remotely has shifted from an employment benefit to a required resume skill. Work areas have progressed from office structures to virtually anywhere with internet connectivity, and so have the methods teams collaborate, supervisors oversee projects, and businesses make decisions. Online internships are now essential for training college students and young professionals for the new job world. And, the individual and professional advantages of remote internships cannot be exaggerated.

Are online internships beneficial?

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It is difficult to say whether remote internships are favorable or unfavorable; it is more dependent on your individual and career goals, and your optimum work setting. Online internship courses, on the other hand, are just as great as on-site internships. Remote working is a talent that cannot be instructed in a classroom setting. The potential of a worker to handle themselves effectively can only be established via trial and error. As a result, a virtual internship is an excellent way to put these talents to the test. Interns are discovering how to modify their work to their surroundings rather than understanding to work within a particular setting, which is something experts from all sectors and worldwide have to do. Hiring managers will have new qualifications they will be searching for on resumes. Virtual internships provide the same prospects for field experience and professional connections as in-person internships, but with subtleties and expectations that vary. University students can now obtain valuable job experience and qualifications while also improving their computer skills. Here is a list of pros of online internships;

  • Resume abilities

In today's world, computer knowledge has been a required skill for many occupations. However, due to the outcome of the global pandemic, the electronic and technical skills necessary for telecommuting will be revised. For instance, if something goes wrong with your computer or internet service, there will be no IT person to come and check it out. Also, any face-to-face communication occurs via the different video call application options available now. One of the most significant advantages of virtual internships is the potential to gain knowledge and adjust to the new application; it's vital to the development of any new work in any organization. Working remotely will also improve your time management abilities because you will have to be more responsible to perform tasks, problem-solving capabilities to maneuver continuously shifting times, and social skills to collaborate with employees from all over the globe and from various backgrounds. An online internship can provide you with a multitude of valuable skills to add to your resume.

  • Self-determination and liberty

Studying various leadership styles and team-building skills is one of the more striking features of functioning in an office. Since this is still correct for virtual internships, it is now completely done online. An increased level of freedom and autonomy is a significant requirement for remote employees. It entails more obligation and commitment on your part, but it essentially implies that you will decide how you would like to approach each project. A few supervisors will be more actively involved than others, but micromanaging is much more challenging in remote surroundings.

  • Unlimited availability of international access

Due to the global epidemic, professional communications has taken on a different meaning. Business meetings and seminars are now held in 'virtual halls and spaces,' allowing many more attendees from all over the world to participate. Teleconferencing is now used for more group meetings and introductions of overseas coworkers, allowing for quicker and more convenient global coordination and teamwork.

  • Adaptable schedule

One of the preferred advantages of virtual internships is increased adaptability. Because your residence has become your office, there's no need to hurry to beat traffic and be on time every day. A more relaxed morning schedule can help maintain tension levels low while also providing ample time for a nutritious breakfast. Businesses still consider workers to confirm every day, but switching on your computer is far less strenuous than dealing with morning traffic.

  • Enhanced work-life alignment

Your overall everyday routine is more adaptable. All of your meal times can be tailored to your preferences and requirements. If your company enables a flexible routine, you can prioritize your performance based on what works best for you, whether it's in the early hours, afternoon, or evening. Paying attention to your body can aid you to create a resting and eating timeframe that will benefit you achieve better work-life stability.

  • Cost-efficient

Everybody on a tight budget can now work from home. Eliminating everyday commutes, coffee shop visits, and out-of-town lunches greatly reduces expenses. Additionally, conducting business in another country used to entail planning time-consuming and expensive trips that never included trainees. Conferences are now held online or through written correspondence. It enables entire teams and trainees to cooperate on a global scale for little to no expenses.

  • Eco-friendly

The Earth is also associated with the advantages of online internships. Decreased business travel is not only more cost-efficient for businesses and workers, but it is also better for the environment. Traveling by plane remains one of the most significant factors to increasing carbon emissions and our unified carbon impact on the environment. Not just that, but regular commutes in most of the world's largest cities generate dense, unsafe polluted air, reducing air quality and aggravating health issues. Because we have seen throughout the pandemic, more individuals working from home indicates less environmental damage.

  • Find innovative ways to network

Social Interaction is a fantastic way to stay connected with workmates and colleagues. A few businesses host happy hours or team lunches to allow employees to catch up and engage in normal conversation. Several organizations are now putting together new methods for their remote workers to socialize and network. Online happy hours, video conferences to get some much-required face time, and projects containing individuals from various teams are all popular activities.

  • Make your workstation

Because there is no pre-existing workplace for your workstation, you can design your own. And no need to know how to use a heavy desk handset, and you can adjust your desk chair as per your choice. Plus, you don't even have to sit in a desk chair. Virtual internships provide you with the excellent opportunity to determine what type of work surroundings is ideal for you. It's all up to you.

  • Don't have to engage in office politics

Interacting is another dynamic feature of the workplace. One advantage is professional networking; one disadvantage is chitchat and office politics. Every organization has a structure, with people competing for different positions and attempting to achieve different goals. It's easy to become engrossed in these quarrels and lose sight of your career aspirations. The best part of an online internship is that you can still stay connected and socialize online, but it's much more convenient to avoid workplace chitchat and drama. Now you can enjoy a more tranquil workplace.

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Cons of online internship

There are some disadvantages of virtual internship;

  • Lack of formation and assistance. If your supervisor succeeds at supplying organized leadership and support, an internship can be a consultancy. If you only communicate via email and phone, you won't get the same sense of being guided.
  • Less work training and supervision. Likewise, at a virtual internship, you may receive little training and suggestions on job responsibilities from your superiors and coworkers than you would if you work with them in person.
  • You will not be exposed to the office setting. You will also be unable to grasp productive work behaviors like maintaining proper workplace decorum and acknowledging and replying to a company's culture. You will miss out on everyday life experiences in a formal situation.
  • You'll need to be more self-motivated. Without a real-life supervisor to report to, you'll have to find inspiration from within to get the job done.


The most significant advantage is experiencing practical working experience to improve your computer skills and make you more viable in an evolving job market. The broader advantages of remote internship — adaptability, freedom, sustainability, and accessibility are all critical components of being a productive worker in the twenty-first century. Virtual internships educate students about these advantages and assist them in succeeding under such circumstances.

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