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Volunteer Resume Example

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How to write a volunteer resume

The purpose of preparing a resume is to demonstrate to potential employers that you are an ideal fit for the position. Include details about your education, work experience, and skills to indicate why the business must hire you. You can also think about including a section on volunteer work. Recruiters can better comprehend your interests, and skills, and encourage resumes with little to no industry experience by looking at your volunteer activity on your resume. A volunteer resume is a document that highlights your volunteer work and experience. It is similar to a traditional resume, but it focuses on your unpaid positions and achievements.

Tips for writing a volunteer resume

To write a volunteer resume, follow these steps:

  1. Start with a strong objective statement that outlines your goals and what you hope to achieve through your volunteer work.
  2. List your volunteer experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position. For each position, include the name of the organization, your role and responsibilities, and any notable achievements or accomplishments.
  3. Include any relevant skills or qualifications that you gained through your volunteer work, such as leadership, problem-solving, or teamwork.
  4. Consider including any relevant education or training that you have received that is related to your volunteer work, such as a certification or degree.
  5. Add any additional information that you think would be relevant to a potential employer, such as language skills or technical expertise.
  6. Check your resume before sending it to ensure there are no mistakes.

Remember to tailor your volunteer resume to the specific position you are applying for. Highlight any skills or experience that are relevant to the role and be sure to use language that demonstrates your passion and dedication to volunteering.

Things to consider when writing a volunteer resume

There are several things to consider when writing a volunteer resume;

  1. Relevance: Focus on highlighting volunteer experiences that are relevant to the position you are applying for. This will help show the employer that you have the skills and experience necessary for the role.
  2. Quantifiable achievements: Whenever possible, try to include specific achievements or accomplishments from your volunteer work. This could include the number of people you helped, the amount of money you raised, or the number of events you organized.
  3. Skills and qualifications: Think about the skills and qualifications you gained through your volunteer work, and be sure to include them on your resume. This could include things like leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, or communication.
  4. Clarity and organization: Make sure your resume is well-organized and easy to read. Use clear headings and bullet points to highlight your experiences and achievements.
  5. Tailoring: Customize your resume to the specific position you are applying for. Use the job description as a guide to highlight the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the role.
  6. Proofreading: Always proofread your resume carefully to ensure that it is error-free and professional.

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Do's and Don't of writing a volunteer resume

  1. Start with a strong objective statement that outlines your goals and what you hope to achieve through your volunteer work.
  2. List your volunteer experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position.
  3. Include any relevant skills or qualifications that you gained through your volunteer work.
  4. Customize your resume to the specific position you are applying for, highlighting any skills or experiences that are relevant to the role.
  5. Proofread your resume carefully to ensure that it is error-free and professional.
  1. Include irrelevant or outdated volunteer experience.
  2. Use vague or general language when describing your responsibilities and achievements.
  3. Neglect to highlight your skills and qualifications.
  4. Use a generic or unprofessional resume template.
  5. Send a resume with typos or grammar errors.

Advantages of adding volunteer work on a resume

There are several advantages to adding volunteer work to your resume;

  1. Demonstrates commitment and dedication: Volunteer work shows that you are committed to making a difference in your community and are willing to donate your time and energy to a cause you care about.
  2. Develops transferable skills: Many volunteer positions involve tasks and responsibilities that are similar to those found in paid positions. By volunteering, you can gain valuable skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, which can be attractive to potential employers.
  3. Shows a diverse range of experiences: Including volunteer work on your resume can help demonstrate that you have a diverse range of experiences and are well-rounded.
  4. Offers networking opportunities: Volunteering can also provide opportunities to network with professionals in your field and make connections that can lead to future job opportunities.
  5. Enhances your personal brand: Volunteering can also help you build a positive personal brand and reputation, which can be beneficial in both your personal and professional life.

Volunteer Resume Sample

A volunteer is in charge of supporting community services. Spending at least 2-4 hours a week doing something you are skilled at, supporting and motivating the team you work with, communicating with other volunteers, and being open-minded with all types of individuals are some of the crucial job duties that may be shown on a volunteer resume. Some key qualities and abilities are thought to be required to pursue this encouraging career as a Volunteer, including interpersonal skills, experience working with people, ownership of a personal vehicle, hygienic habits, solid people skills, a positive outlook on life, and a friendly demeanor. For this position, a Bachelor's Degree in any pertinent field is the minimal requirement for schooling. having a master's degree in a similar field is a benefit. Students with diploma certificates can try this job.

Youth Coordinator Volunteer Resume

Youth Coordinator Volunteer Resume Professional Summary

Seeking a position as a youth volunteer coordinator, where I can utilize my skills in organizing and managing volunteer programs to make a positive impact on my community.

Youth Coordinator Volunteer Resume Skills

  1. Compassion
  2. Passion
  3. Interpersonal Skills
  4. Self-Motivation
  5. Teamwork
  6. Reliability

Youth Coordinator Volunteer Resume Job Description

  1. Coordinated and managed a team of 50 youth volunteers for various community service projects.
  2. Developed and implemented a training program for new volunteers
  3. Helped with fundraising efforts and organized events to support the center's mission.
  4. Created and maintained volunteer schedules and tracked volunteer hours.
  5. Assisted with recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers for various community service projects.
  6. Organized and coordinated logistics for volunteer events and projects.
  7. Collaborated and established good and mutually supportive relationships with local businesses to promote the company and the formation of participation and cooperation routes for people and organizations that are in line with our purpose and vision via community activities.

Community Volunteer Resume Example

Community Volunteer Resume Professional Summary

Skilled community volunteer who regularly provides the maximum standard of service. A quick worker who consistently goes above and beyond to satisfy customers. A dependable employee with a short learning curve for new ideas and abilities. Supported by proven work experience, a great reputation as a team member, and a strong desire to assist others.

Community Volunteer Resume Skills

  1. Problem-solving 
  2. Time management 
  3. Leadership 
  4. Teamwork 
  5. Computer Skills
  6. Customer Service

Community Volunteer Resume Job Description

  1. Supporting young women in accomplishing particular tasks to maintain sobriety while mentoring them through challenging circumstances.
  2. Providing transportation to meetings, regular phone coaching, weekly check-ins to gauge their progress, and giving them reading assignments and 12-step seminars.
  3. To build weekly speaking plans and strategies for obtaining further resources, women should be consulted about their alternatives and goals.
  4. Assisting soldiers who were either deploying or receiving an annual physical check task by volunteering.
  5. Finished a training course covering a variety of human trafficking topics, methods for engaging with victims, and self-care techniques.
  6. Coordinating with social workers and foster families to decide who to give custody of such kids.

Volunteer/Program Resume Example

Volunteer/Program Resume Professional Summary

Volunteer/Program Manager with outstanding employee and client relations abilities. Self-taught and competent in computer technologies. Active team member working toward a shared goal able to work individually, deal with problems, attentively follow instructions, learn rules and procedures, and accomplish deadlines.

Volunteer/Program Resume Skills

  1. Punctual
  2. Compassion
  3. Strong work ethic
  4. Teamwork
  5. Time management
  6. Positive attitude

Volunteer/Program Resume Job Description

  1. Handled calls, listened intently to callers, and directed customers while providing exceptional customer service.
  2. Successfully executed blood draws on patients while adhering to protocol and sufficient hygiene.
  3. Ensured that kids ate their lunches, took naps, completed classroom assignments, participated in center activities, and were ready for the end of the school day.
  4. Guaranteed that a welcoming and safe environment was created for students between the ages of 3 and 14.
  5. Carried out a broad range of clerical, introspective, and support tasks and responsibilities about different facets of the institution.
  6. Planned and monitored games and other leisure activities to foster social, mental, and physical growth.
  7. Under the leadership and supervision of professors, the subject matter was delivered to students utilizing presentations, and discussions.

Healthcare Volunteer Resume Example

Healthcare Volunteer Resume Professional Summary

Committed and motivated volunteer with the best abilities to accomplish my aspirations. A problem-solver and creative thinker with a dedication to helping others and the collective good.

Healthcare Volunteer Resume Skills

  1. Communication
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Fast Learning
  4. Microsoft Office
  5. Creativity
  6. Perseverance

Healthcare Volunteer Resume Job Description

  1. Aided patients with basic duties like showering and dressing
  2. Contributed to administering medications and offered assistance to patients.
  3. Documented patient care and reported any changes in condition to the nursing staff.
  4. Supported patients, including taking vital signs, answering questions, and assisting with activities of daily living
  5. Helped nurses and doctors in several tasks, including stocking supplies, filling out paperwork, and transporting patients.
  6. Participated in team meetings and training sessions to stay up-to-date on best practices and protocols

Office Support Staff Volunteer Resume Example

Office Support Staff Volunteer Resume Professional Summary

Strongly driven, creative, and extremely well-organized with the capacity to manage several projects and provide on-time, high-quality work. I'm seeking a position where I can make a difference with my administrative and organizing abilities as a volunteer office support worker.

Office Support Staff Volunteer Resume Skills

  1. Teamwork
  2. Customer Service
  3. Organizational skills
  4. Technical skills
  5. Leadership
  6. Flexibility

Office Support Staff Volunteer Resume Job Description

  1. Assisted with various tasks, including answering phones, filing paperwork, and interacting with clients
  2. Participated in fundraising events and community outreach activities
  3. Provided support to the staff and helped create a positive and welcoming environment for clients
  4. Answered phone calls, responded to emails, and greeted visitors
  5. Assisted with scheduling appointments and maintaining calendars, data entry and database management, and creating and formatting documents and presentations.
  6. Handling an unforeseen change by scheduling productively and efficiently.
  7. Involvement with volunteer recruiting, engagement, and motivational initiatives and facilitating special acknowledgment programs and events.

Volunteer Tax Assistant Resume Example

Volunteer Tax Assistant Resume Professional Summary

Looking for an opportunity to establish my career in a field that is expanding, makes use of my education and creative abilities, and encourages both personal and financial progress while assisting residents and families.

Volunteer Tax Assistant Resume Skills

  1. Microsoft Office
  2. Statistical Typing
  3. QuickBooks
  4. Tax laws and regulations
  5. Proficiency in tax preparation software
  6. Flexibility
  7. Problem-solving

Volunteer Tax Assistant Resume Job Description

  1. Assisted clients with preparing and filing their tax returns
  2. Answered questions and assisted with tax-related issues
  3. Reviewed tax documents for accuracy and completeness
  4. Maintained confidentiality of client information
  5. Completing various tax filings, such as property tax records, financial statements, and business registrations.
  6. Aiding with tax filings, statements, and votes while working with the international tax regulatory process.
  7. Enabling the department with administrative activities like scanning, copying, booking trips, filing expense reports, scheduling meetings, procuring catering, setting up meeting spaces, opening and handling mail, and other irregular administrative duties.
  8. Developing presentation slides for external stakeholders and top management.
  9. In charge of updating schedules, databases, organizational charts, and other tax tools as modifications are made to the legal business framework and tax regulations.
  10. Keeping schedules for multiple tax filings, tax provisions, and other deadlines.
  11. Performing tax handling tasks like copying relevant tax return attachments, filling up and maintaining verified mailing slips, and submitting actual tax filings while complying with tight legal filing requirements.

Administrative Assistance Volunteer Resume Example

Administrative Assistance Volunteer Resume Professional Summary

Self-driven Administrative Assistance volunteer with extensive knowledge of computer support and administrative tasks. Dependable, diligent, and devoted team member who performs effectively under pressure and with little supervision. In search of a chance to join a flourishing company and utilize my educational experience, organizational abilities, and interpersonal capabilities.

Administrative Assistance Volunteer Resume Skills

  1. Project Management
  2. Operations Management
  3. Business Development
  4. Risk Management
  5. Strategic Planning
  6. Community Development
  7. Adaptability

Administrative Assistance Volunteer Resume Job Description

  1. In charge of offering thorough managerial and technical assistance for a complicated schedule of services.
  2. Coordinating and cooperating with management staff to guarantee effective and efficient day-to-day activities in the assigned division.
  3. Supplying administrative support to the department, taking care of all volunteer needs, such as background, references, and medical checks.
  4. Adding data into the database, and modifying reports for the volunteer office.
  5. Timely submission of paperwork assembling the survey documents for volunteers.
  6. Helping the manager in collecting data for the dashboard and other necessary metrics.
  7. Compiling and copying all instruction manuals, offering help for training workshops run by volunteers.

Medical Records Clerk Volunteer Resume Example

Medical Records Clerk Volunteer Resume Professional Summary

Volunteer Medical Records Clerk with more than three years of experience in management and advertising in diverse healthcare and professional settings. A self-driven worker who is focused and has a positive approach. Capable of communicating and collaborating efficiently and training successfully.

Medical Records Clerk Volunteer Resume Skills

  1. Compassion
  2. Strong work ethic
  3. Teamwork
  4. Time management
  5. Positive attitude

Medical Records Clerk Volunteer Resume Job Description

  1. Helped with the organization, development, planning, execution, evaluation, and management of the medical information department in adherence to specific guidelines and procedures.
  2. Aided in creating protocols to be used for the gathering, coding, sorting, filing, and retrieval of medical files.
  3. Examined death date, release date, and nursing unit documents.
  4. Assembling, putting together, indexing, verifying, and filing resident charts and personnel files as appropriate.
  5. Ensured that missing documents or charts were sent back to the nursing team for rectification.
  6. Facilitated the medical records clerk to keep track of the permitted data collected from reports and databases.

Volunteer Resume Example

Volunteer Resume Professional Summary

5+ years of experience as a volunteer working with different community groups. My dedication to public duty has motivated me to assist countless individuals in need. I am confident that my skills and eagerness to help will benefit your organization.

Volunteer Resume Skills

  1. Empathy
  2. Reliability
  3. Interpersonal skills
  4. Flexibility
  5. Problem-solving
  6. Technical skills
  7. Language skills

Volunteer Resume Job Description

  1. Providing tax filing assistance to hundreds of low-income, elderly, and disabled people will generate profits of over $200,000.
  2. Create training and financial preparation schedules for close to 200 student volunteers annually.
  3. Yearly, plan many team-building exercises with a 95% participation rate.
  4. Volunteered more than 1,000 hours, including assisting patients to get to and from hospital appointments, reading to patients, and doing office work.
  5. Trained more than 130 volunteers to read to youngsters and play with them or sit by their beds.
  6. Through a variety of fundraising activities, such as car washes, raised almost $50,000.

Key Points

  1. If you have little practical experience, listing your volunteer experience on your resume might assist businesses to discover more about your interests and background.
  2. Volunteering might be listed under professional experience, under skills, or in a dedicated volunteer section.
  3. Use phrases from the job requirements to match your volunteer work to the position.
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