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Volunteer skills: Resume and cover letter

Volunteers usually operate in the non-profit sector and employ their abilities to link volunteer activities with those that meet their skills and qualifications. If you're considering a career as a volunteer finding information about the qualifications necessary for the role might help you decide if it's a suitable match for you. Volunteers benefit much from their work; they meet new people, have a purpose and direction, feel a part of the community, and feel good about helping others. Additionally, you'll learn many soft skills that you may apply to get your ideal job.

What are volunteer skills

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Volunteer skills are aptitudes you can employ to successfully support individuals or groups without payment and further their objectives. The factors why individuals give their time to work on jobs and initiatives vary. As a means of contributing to the community, you might participate in a venture as a volunteer. As an option, you might volunteer for a charity to gain knowledge and experience for your future employment. These days, a lot of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are looking for people to work as volunteers. Along with teaching you new talents and experiences, volunteering can put you in touch with others and assist you to create a solid network. Developing strong professional connections could lead to more career prospects in the future.

List of volunteer skills

Here are the list of volunteer skills to include on a resume and cover letter;


Punctuality comes first on the volunteering skill assessment. Volunteering will educate you on how to effectively organize your schedule so that you can appear at your job on time and complete things within the allotted time. Being on time not only reflects your organization and commitment, but it is also highly valued by businesses as a symbol of respect.


Making sure your information is current and finishing your training on time are the first steps in being organized. Additionally, you must stay informed about any modifications to your job or role. You must also, ensure that your outfit is clean and prepared to wear. The value of organization in fostering teamwork is an essential skill acquired from volunteering.


The most crucial talent that companies seek when hiring is outstanding communication skills, according to many of them. One important soft skill developed via volunteering is good communication. Communicating with kids and the elderly, in front of people, on the phone, or over a microphone are all crucial abilities that you can use across your profession.  


Interacting with groups of different kinds and types will help you refine your talents as a volunteer. Volunteering may provide you with the optimal experience to describe when outlining examples of times you have worked in a team, which is a question that will come up in several job interviews.

Relationship building

Individuals of all ages and from different walks of life are drawn to volunteering. You will therefore become accustomed to dealing with people from various backgrounds and proficiencies and contribute something special to the group. Working with people of all backgrounds is a talent you'll require in the future, and community engagement educates you on how to do that.


The right method to boost your trust is to challenge yourself beyond your safety zone, and volunteering is a terrific way to achieve this! Even though the prospect of new experiences, circumstances, and acquaintances may first be unsettling, you'll eventually build confidence.

Customer support

Whenever you volunteer, you will be required to provide flexible and cordial client service on behalf of the organization. It could be as simple as smiling at someone or going above and above to assist someone with a question from the public. Experience in customer service is a fantastic volunteer ability to include on any résumé.

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Your friends and relatives would be curious to learn more about your volunteer work with the organization and its goals. You can take advantage of this chance to strengthen your sales abilities while serving as a volunteer and see if you could increase volunteer hiring, charge admission to a fundraiser, or raise money.


Being short-staffed, working with poor WiFi, and running out of supplies are all issues that volunteers could experience. Volunteering teaches you valuable qualities that can't be learned in a classroom, such as how to analyze quickly, communicate effectively with teammates and customers, and finally solve problems.


There's a decent possibility you'll be requested to instruct others at one point because volunteer groups often welcome new members. You'll be better equipped to educate new employees in your future employment if you use the teaching methods you developed via volunteering.


Creativity is a volunteer talent that you'll still require in your toolkit, whether it's formulating advertisements for a non-profit activity or making kids smile with a simple ball game.


Even though you might want to give up and go home, persisting and completing the task at hand will be a valuable experience in courage, and your attempts won't go unacknowledged. A special quality for volunteering in any profession is perseverance.

IT tools

You will have the opportunity to develop your IT abilities because many companies now use volunteer planning tools to find, onboard, and supervise volunteers. You can instantly enroll for shifts, undertake online training, and submit import paperwork online.


Being a leader means stepping up and taking charge and volunteering will provide you with many opportunities to practice this ability. Since leaders are created, not born, having the opportunity to follow others can only help you become a more capable and adaptable leader.


Efficient time management and planning are referred to as scheduling. Volunteers usually have a lot of responsibilities to finish in a day, week, or month. You can make sure that all of your obligations are fulfilled on time by establishing great scheduling abilities. When making volunteer schedules, you might also utilize scheduling expertise to determine which volunteers will be accessible for which shifts.

Interpersonal skills

Your ability to easily communicate with your volunteer coworkers may be aided by interpersonal skills. Such abilities might enable you to appreciate others at various organizational levels and establish great professional relationships. It might boost employee efficiency and promote collaboration, which could enhance project execution simpler and faster. As a volunteer, you might be able to spot when your coworkers are dealing with stressful situations and help them work through them.

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