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Freelance Writer Resume Example

Tried and tested resume example for your next job in 2024. Get a jump-start, by editing this Freelance Writer resume example. Just update this example with your details, download and launch your career to new heights today!

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How to write a freelance writer resume

A resume is a written summary of your education, work history, achievements, and qualifications. It offers prospective employers an opportunity to rapidly establish if you have what it takes to do the job. A freelance writer's resume allows you the chance to demonstrate to a potential customer your subject matter knowledge and experience in addition to any affiliations and work history you might have with other organizations and brands. You can also use this as a chance to list your experience generating various kinds of material, like blog articles and eBooks. The specifications for a freelance writer's resume vary by customer. Most applications just ask for writing specimens or portfolios, but others may also want to see your resume. Since you can never be sure which jobs will need one, it is a better idea to keep one on hand. Naturally, checking the job requirements to see if a resume is required will help you determine whether an employer requests one. They will clearly request one if they desire one. However, there are a few freelance writing gigs that, while they may not specifically want one, will undoubtedly value it.

What is a freelance writer's resume

A freelance writer's resume serves as a summary of their essential qualifications, including their education, expertise, and qualifications. A resume often comes with a cover letter as part of the application material and enables a company or customer to swiftly assess a candidate's credentials. Many job seekers build their resumes using computer programs like word processors. Many job applications need to be sent online, but you are usually permitted to bring a hard copy of your resume to an interview to show the interviewer for evaluation.

Tips for writing a freelance writer resume

A polished CV can increase an applicant's chances of landing a job and help a hiring manager select the best candidate. Successful resumes demonstrate a candidate's abilities to carry out specific tasks by displaying their talents, experience, and other necessary details. Freelancers can utilize these documents to obtain new employment prospects or draw in new clients. It could be helpful to understand how to make a presentable resume if you're a freelance writer. You may be suitable for the position even if you've been submitting your resumes to clients as a freelance writer and haven't received any responses. Probably your freelance writer's resume does not highlight your skills and expertise in a way that appeals to potential employers. To ensure accuracy, integrity, and competence, it is necessary to gather the proper details before developing a freelance writer's resume. Here are some guidelines you may use to generate a successful resume for a freelance writer;

Contact details

Contact details for a candidate are often listed in the initial resume section. Think about putting your entire name, address, mobile number, and email address, and make sure to upgrade the details. To offer a potential employer or customer the chance to see your prior work, you can also add an URL to your official social media account, or portfolio. Your contact details enable a potential employer to get in touch with you to arrange an interview or if they have any queries about your resume.

Professional summary

The following portion of a strong resume typically consists of a brief overview that emphasizes your qualifications and long-term objectives. It enables a potential employer to get to know an applicant and discover what expertise and experience they could bring to the table. Think about defining your current role, abilities, and the type of corporate culture you excel in.

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Provide any relevant expertise you have after your description. Include both hard and soft talents to separate this part effectively. Hard skills are profession-specific abilities you pick up on the job, like utilizing writing programs or editing documents. Soft skills, like organizing and communication skills, are versatile abilities beneficial for almost any job. Mention these skills in a bullet list to make them easily readable.

Work experience

It's crucial to showcase your professional experience after your abilities and description. It indicates to a potential employer that you've experience carrying out tasks that may be comparable to those in your new role. Think about including your latest job title, organization, location, and how long you've been there. Additionally, you can offer bullet points of the duties and accomplishments you accomplished while serving that organization. For a couple more current roles you've worked on, try to continue this procedure. If you apply for an entry-level job and don't have much practical experience, most companies only search for appropriate industry experience.


When you compose your resume, detailing your successes is more than just a method to brag about what you've accomplished; it also offers prospective employers an opportunity to see that your effort has quantifiable outcomes. Links to published papers created for well-known brands and corporations will help you achieve this. But, statistics can also be used to emphasize your successes. For instance, if you provide marketing services you might state how your efforts helped your customers' engagement rates rise by %. If you don't have access to this kind of information, you can still use your total customer success rate or the frequency of your rehiring to measure your progress.


The following area of your resume should include any relevant education or experience you have with freelance writing. Add your certification or certificate category, the institution or university from which you obtained it, the dates of your courses starting and ending, and any noteworthy educational accomplishments. If your GPA is above standard, you may also provide it for reference.

Provide your online portfolio 

Last but not least, even if a resume for a freelance writer is intended to illustrate your abilities and expertise, you should still connect to your website or digital portfolio when you compose your resume. A prospective customer will request to see a work sample from you after reviewing your freelancing resume and determining that you are a suitable candidate for the job. Links to your social media accounts are also permitted here, ensure they are for your official use, current, and feature significant work. It's yet another excellent method to give your job application as a freelance writer some character.

Review your resume

It's crucial to check your resume and cover letter after finishing for correctness, uniformity, and professionalism. A better strategy to make sure you organize your resume for clarity and contain all necessary information is to use our ATS-friendly resume template. Following evaluation, you have the email option or submit your resume to the company's online website in preparation for an interview. Take your resume to the job interview, you may convey your expertise and level of preparation while also giving the potential company a document to refer to.

Freelance Writer Resume Sample

A freelance writer is an individual writer that creates blogs and articles. The responsibilities outlined on the freelance writer's resume are as follows; collecting information for articles, composing rough drafts, editing, proofreading, working on previously published pieces, getting the writing style authorized, going back to the finished work, and making improvements before it is posted, and performing other functions like formatting or transcription. Although independent writers have a particular degree of skills to advance in their careers. Freelance writers must possess a solid vocabulary, be fluent in English, demonstrate excellent spelling and grammar, demonstrate uniqueness in their work, and keep up with the most recent developments in their profession. Freelance writers might benefit from earning a degree in journalism or communications.

Freelance Writer & Consultant Resume Example

Freelance Writer & Consultant Resume Professional Summary

With more than eight years of in-depth experience as a freelance writer, I have a solid foundation in all facets of marketing and advertising strategy and can effortlessly transition from goal and approach to practical application.

Freelance Writer & Consultant Resume Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Problem Solving
  • Writing
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Organizational skills

Freelance Writer & Consultant Resume Job Description

  • Arranging information, choosing a focus, and producing tales following established editing style and structure guidelines.
  • Setting workflow priorities and controlling timetables to provide finished tasks on time.
  • Creating advertisements, and news stories about entertainment and lifestyle.
  • Editing, mixing, and color management under supervision throughout post-production.
  • Generating long-form stories for a magazine with a national readership.
  • Composing educational blogs and articles about health and wellness inspires people to take responsibility for their well-being.
  • Writing, reviewing, and proofreading scholarly writings and studies related to medicine.
  • Obtaining tasks from the editor or analyzing prospects and suggestions to generate narrative concepts.

Freelance Writer/ Creator Resume Example

Freelance Writer/ Creator Resume Professional Summary

Skilled freelancer with expertise in writing and editing text. Seeking a position with an organization that can support my further professional growth in writing and editing while expanding my clientele.

Freelance Writer/ Creator Resume Skills

  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Research
  • Interviewing sources
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Freelance Writer/ Creator Resume Job Description

  • Collaborated with remote clients to boost traffic by 15% to 25% every month.
  • Provided training to 7 authors in the quality standards for content writing, which increased their employer contentment by 86%.
  • Publish posts for 30+ websites about cancer therapy, food intolerances, and addictive medicine.
  • Handle 100+ aspects across the entire production process, from the initial idea to the final document, and copyediting, SEO, and keyword incorporation.
  • Generate 170+ time-saving HTML themes for feature articles, and streamline essential press statements for stories on travel and career.
  • 1,000+ articles and profiles on many subjects, such as associations, careers, and health, were written for a digital men's lifestyle magazine.

Freelance Writer/Director Resume Example

Freelance Writer/Director Resume Professional Summary

Passionate and imaginative Freelance writer with over seven years of expertise in the sports, fashion, journalism, and digital marketing domains. Outstanding writing, and proofreading skills and the capability to construct, review, examine and edit information and design top-notch materials.

Freelance Writer/ Director Resume Skills

  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Computer skills
  • Multitasking
  • Sales writing

Freelance Writer/ Director Resume Job Description

  • Conducted research and published blog posts, web material, and articles on a variety of topics following the demands of particular clients.
  • For more than 160 weeks continuously, carefully selected unique front page click-through content, such as information of the day and quotation of the day.
  • Published 1,500+ posts for websites in the finance and healthcare industry while working from home with local and international customers, increasing traffic by 15%–25% every month.
  • I have covered a variety of sporting events, including basketball and hockey while assessing and pursuing news leads and article concepts.
  • 200+ article pieces on employment and mentoring that attracted 2M readers per month were the result of extensive study and writing for HuffPost.
  • Participated in panels for many slight and significant redesigns of the corporation's journals.

Freelance Writer/ Editor Resume Example

Freelance Writer/ Editor Resume Professional Summary

Dedicated, the professional freelance writer has a master's from a prestigious university. Capable of handling a broad range of subjects and keeping to schedules. A dept at SEO, story pitching, and swiftly incorporating editor suggestions. Well-organized and driven content writer.

Freelance Writer/ Editor Resume Skills

  • Research
  • Marketing
  • Editing
  • Communication
  • Efficiency
  • Active listening

Freelance Writer/Editor Resume Job Description

  • Coordinated, wrote, and posted social media pieces that saw a 98 percent boost in customer interaction.
  • Updated the company's style manual and oversaw all revisions for a group of over 90 writers.
  • Five websites and videos were produced for businesses including Sterling Financial Services etc.
  • Employed email and phone interaction to plan projects and deliver assignments.
  • Composed and proofread papers, website text, and pieces for social media and blogs.
  • Before submission, the formatting was finished accurately and beautifully as per publishing requirements.
  • Ability to deal with content knowledge improvements and accomplish reasonable deadlines while translating information into insightful insights, articles, and stories.
  • Conducted thorough online research to obtain relevant information for the specified paper.
  • Drafted and presented a variety of documents addressing several topics.

Freelance Writer/ Copy Writing Assistant Resume Example

Freelance Writer/ Copy Writing Assistant Resume Professional Summary

Freelance Writer currently searching for employment in a company where I can use my solid organizational skills, academic background, and capacity for a joint effort with others to attain professional and personal objectives.

Freelance Writer/ Copy Writing Assistant Resume Skills

  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Results-oriented
  • Google Analytics
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail

Freelance Writer/ Copy Writing Assistant Resume Job Description

  • Weekly polls were included in the social media plan after extensive research, and they helped to boost Instagram participation by 38%.
  • Checked news stories for parallel organization, grammar, and spelling.
  • assigned to perform more writing tasks as a result of excellent work.
  • Quality material was written, edited, and evaluated for a range of clientele served by various agencies.
  • Responsibilities include using internet media like YouTube to offer an opinion on news articles, blogs, and opinions in a responsive format.
  • As a freelance writer, generated engaging pieces for a daily globe newspaper bulletin.
  • Obtained a ton of interviews with people like successful writers, executive cooks, pro athletes, and performers.

Key Points

  • To find keywords, check the job requirements.
  • Based on the course of your work, choose a functional or reverse-chronological order resume format.
  • Include the companies you've served and the subjects you've handled in your professional summary.
  • Describe your training and any applicable credentials.
  • Write your experience part in a style that is clear to readers who are not insiders. More information regarding your duties' how and why? Describe by discussing the circumstances where you achieved outcomes in statistics.
  • Select from our ATS-friendly resume templates that is appropriate for the job you want.
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