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Freelance Writer Resume Sample

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Ray D. Coleman

Freelance Writer

Enthusiastic Freelance writer with many years of writing experience for a range of companies, websites, and media outlets. Able to create unique material that meets a customers' requirements, determined to writing with ethics and a love for the craft. Providing important experience from writing material for popular blogs and websites. Proficient in writing on a number of subjects, adept at conducting research, and highly equipped for the position.


Freelance Writer
Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando, F
  • Worked to produce fresh, engaging blog posts on a regular basis.
  • Conducted interviews and arranged the data collection.
  • Attempted to strengthen ties with those who supply the data for papers.
  • Stayed in touch with the website programmer to discuss needs and objectives.
  • Managed my time well and consistently produced interesting, original stuff.
  • Developed and updated software product instructions, comprising technical developer information, online assistance, courses, test methods, and other relevant publications.
  • Prepared and delivered software training, which included setting objectives and timetables, creating lesson plans using PowerPoint.
  • Generating online lessons employing screen-capture technology comparable to Adobe Captivate, testing the efficacy of the training, and facilitating training classes.
  • Working on a large artistic initiative and assisting to its conception, promotion, and fundraising.
  • Producing and analyzing articles and editorials for internal access on the intranet.
  • Gathering data, writing, and editing for a range of content formats, such as blogs and social media.
Freelance Writer
Deloitte, Orlando, FL
  • Crafting all forms of contents that the client requests, including posts, blogs, media releases, reviews, etc.
  • Supplying written material for SEO-optimization, 100% original, and plagiarism-free.
  • Kept a weekly blog with a business-related focus, including suggestions for motivating employees, office design efficiency, and effective social media practices.
  • Performed interviews and study to create articles about the mortgage banking sector for online blogs.
  • Implemented interviews and analysis to produce stories for the Arlington Daily Radio Report.
  • To encourage the sale of products and services, create promotional materials for use by publications, broadcast or online media.
  • Edited writers work to match their own standards and those of customers, editors, or producers.
  • Creating, pursuing, carrying out, and publishing independent reporting initiatives.
  • Fostering connections with a variety of academic and cultural fields and social designers.
  • Establishing a distinctive narrative voice that combines thorough scholarly correctness with a lighthearted, self-assured, and approachable tone.
  • Effective multidirectional financing for immersive study and writing initiatives.


Bachelor of Arts in English & Writing
Florida Southern College, FL


PCM in Content Marketing Certification

2113 Barnes Street

Orlando, FL 32803                     

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