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How to write a freelance writer cover letter

A cover letter offers potential employers all they want to learn about you. It suggests competence, work ethics, and even passion. A strong cover letter can significantly impact a freelance writer's ability to land a job. This guide discusses suggestions for writing a strong and killer freelance writer cover letter.

Purpose of a freelance writer cover letter

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A cover letter adds a significant amount of character to the recruitment procedure. Freelance writing assignments may feel anonymous, especially when hiring from markets like Upwork. 

A cover letter performs a few more tasks and provides some extra information, especially for independent writers;

  • Display your writing prowess. A strong cover letter stands alone as a piece of writing.
  • Generate interest. As a freelancer, draw the audience in with your language skills and storytelling abilities.
  • Promote discussion. To attract a hiring manager to contact you, provide a lot of details in your cover letter while leaving a little bit unexplained. Prepare your cover letter to make a recruiter who would like to read more about your writing, expertise, and your resume to determine whether or not you may be a suitable freelance writer for them.

Components of a cover letter

As a freelance writer, your cover letter should only have one purpose; to advance you to the next stage, which could be an interview, a resume assessment, or getting hired as a freelance writer. In light of this, the best cover letters will include the essential components;

Address the employer

You should address the recruiter who is considering applications. While often HR will move in to support, in the majority of businesses it will be the head of the department for freelance writers that generally implies advertising or editorial. When you've established who the individual is, look at their LinkedIn profile to learn more about how they communicate and connect with others. If you can't locate the hiring manager's name, look through the organization's information to obtain knowledge about style and subject. Additionally, thoroughly review the job description before structuring your cover letter if you're searching for a freelance writing position, where you can get information about the organization when you receive a callback from the hiring manager.

Brief and to the point

In your cover letter, be straightforward. Avoid using the passive voice, when talking about your achievements, and keep the cover letter to the point. Keep in mind that a cover letter shouldn't be an autobiography, rather, it should progress you to the next stage. After writing your cover letter, you should review it for any sections where you were monotonous or included too many instances. It is crucial if you're a freelance writer because your cover letter needs to show that you're a skilled writer.

Proper tone

Explore the organization's media kit as often as possible to comprehend its mission and the language to represent itself. Utilize this data as an editorial indication to mirror their style in your cover letter while being true to your own particular style. If a media kit is not available, read executive interviews or the corporations about page. Consider drafting your cover letter like an interview for a position as a freelance writer. You are browsing the company's webpage rather than addressing questions. Although your cover letter is the initial document a prospective client will see, this advice is valuable for freelance writers. You will appear out of sync if you prepare a highly organized, ultra-professional cover letter for a business that prides itself on its informal approach.

Keyword modification

Develop your original cover letter document avoiding any keywords, then include them when you go through the editing process. Start by looking for clear places where you may replace the word. Next, seek out context shifts where you may realign an example to more effectively convey what they are seeking, for instance, switching up a customer story to demonstrate your time management skills versus your writing skills. After that, search for any chances to include a keyword.

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Things to include in a freelance writer cover letter

The following are the essential aspects to incorporate into your cover letter;


Begin your cover letter with a precise opening and declaration of purpose and what position you are seeking. If you know the name of the employer, you must include the name in the cover letter.

Insightful situations

Consider your cover letter to showcase the client's qualities that aren't instantly evident from a writing sample, such as time management and project management. Adapt these instances to the questions or points made in the job description.


Describe how your background makes you the ideal candidate to work as a freelance writer for this business. You can use specific wording from the job requirements and application to demonstrate how well you match the requirements.

Connect to a portfolio

Though your cover letter can serve as a representation of your work, you must also provide a reference to your online portfolio of freelance writing. Just ensure there are only applicable examples and not a lengthy website with several connections. It's a fantastic opportunity to exhibit your writing abilities, in terms of articles and other types of writing you have completed.

Awards or accomplishments

Often the position will need for proven understanding of a particular writing style or subject-matter competence. You could add any accomplishments or accolades that indicate your expertise in your cover letter in addition to work samples. If you've achieved something in a field but do not have a particular writing example for it, maybe really valuable as you can talk about it during an interview. 

Extra requirements from the job listing

Each profession will have diverse requirements, so be careful to cover everything. Some questions are relevant to your profession, like those about your accreditation, and some are tests of your focus and concentration, like reviewing the job posting.

Give reference to your resume 

Ensure to mention your résumé, but avoid giving out too much information. However, entice potential employers with information from your resume in your cover letter to persuade them to review it. Note: Your resume must usually be customized for every job role.

Contact details

Your email address can be included under your name after the letter even though you'll probably already have it listed within the application.

Freelance Writer Cover Letter Example

Dear Employer,

After reading your advertisement for a freelance writer, I am submitting my job application. I am convinced that I'll significantly exceed your requirements as a detail-oriented, seasoned writer with more than eight years of experience creating unique material for a range of outlets.

A dedication to grammar perfection, the natural capability to recognize and seek out engaging stories and material, and strict compliance with all schedules and specific publication standards are necessary for performance in the freelance writing business. In the past, I've written both brief and lengthy articles on many topics, including media, culture, arts, and business. I am prepared to continue my successful publishing career with ABC Magazine thanks to my dedication to building enduring friendships that will foster new connections and inspire post ideas.

Here are the features of my experience and skills;

  • Published about 270 newspaper articles and 53 magazine articles in a variety of well-known journals, and questioned members of the public and companies for high-impact reading material.
  • Developed thorough, new information for publications and received instruction from industry experts in a broad range of software packages like Photoshop and HTML to support development into new media.
  • Established dependable relationships with colleagues, editorial staff, and community groups to facilitate future collaborations and generate article and contact prospects.
  • Utilizing excellent editorial abilities to produce excellent material at the time of submission, allowing a quick turnaround from writing to publishing.
  • Obtained a graduate certification in writing and an MFA from the University of Minnesota with a focus on creative writing.

My experience creating original material and dedication to discovering and developing unique stories can be beneficial to your organization.  

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Natasha Robinson

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