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English Teacher Resume Example

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English Teacher Resume Examples

Language, reading knowledge, composing, and understanding of English texts are all taught to children by English teachers. What are the additional responsibilities carried out and stated on a professional English Teacher Resume? preparing schoolwork and work assignments for students, assessing tests, undertaking articles, and creating report sheets for pupils, carrying one-on-one conferences with students, meeting parents and communicating students' performance, instructing grammar norms, pronunciations, and sentence construction, and instructing artistic topics such as poems and fiction writing.

Excellent vocabulary abilities, a thorough understanding of spelling and word articulation, a solid grasp of sentence construction principles and syntax, and a decent teaching approach are all requirements for being an effective English teacher. English instructors must have a Bed in English. English professors at institutions and community colleges, on the other hand, must have a Master's or Doctoral degree in English.

Upper Secondary School English Teacher Resume Example

Upper Secondary School English Teacher Resume Professional Summary

Upper Secondary School English Teacher committed to establishing a fun, engaging, and creative classroom environment. Uses both classic and unique techniques to encourage students to learn English and appreciate British culture. Competent ESL teacher that understands how to use effective and efficient teaching techniques while concentrating on the specific requirements of every individual. Looking for a teaching job where I can put my knowledge and expertise to excellent use and make a difference in the lives of the students.

Upper Secondary School English Teacher Resume Skills

  • Lesson Planning
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Teaching Practice
  • Education Policy
  • Literature Studies

Upper Secondary School English Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Provided one-on-one time to every kid while keeping my general concentration on the class.
  • Students were taught the fundamentals of English grammar and conversational communication.
  • To assess students' performance, I assigned and evaluated examinations and projects.
  • I had an average of 5-9 students per lesson.
  • Increased instruction techniques through the use of various evaluation instruments and tactics.
  • Devised seasonal courses with a focus on grammar, pronunciation, and reading ability.
  • Designed and executed Higher-Level thinking criteria, which resulted in a 5% improvement in the total pass rate.
  • Backward Design teaching materials were created for students in honors English and participation English classes.
  • Established educational methods, resources, and procedures for English students with special needs.
  • Supervised a local teacher and teaching staff from nearby colleges and institutions with excellence.

Senior English Teacher Resume Example

Senior English Teacher Resume Professional Summary

English teacher with twelve years of expertise. Significantly boosted grades assisted failing kids in improving their scores supervised future educators and created a feeling of satisfaction and a can-do mindset in my children. A qualified TEFL professor who is skilled in creating and managing timetables. good judgment To acquire a job at a prominent institution that emphasizes cooperation, precision, and quality, allowing me to use my abilities to take activities to the next stage.

Senior English Teacher Resume Skills

  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint
  • German
  • Public Speaking
  • Numeracy
  • Interpersonal Sensitivity

Senior English Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Developed and executed courses and teaching plans compatible with the standard core guidelines.
  • Keeping track of individual data such as punctuality, performance, and report card scores.
  • Engaged in professional advancement opportunities, parent-teacher meetings, and collaborative efforts with teammates to establish best practices for kids.
  • Served as a mentor instructor for college students pursuing a teaching degree.
  • Coordinated with the communities to assist special needs students transfer to the job.
  • Data was collected and utilized to influence courses and raise test results.
  • While getting children interested, managed classroom atmosphere, decorum, and precision.
  • Integrated new books into the normal curriculum, taught students at home who needed extra help with classwork, and evaluated student achievement throughout the semester.

Academic Head/English Teacher Resume Example

Academic Head/English Teacher Resume Professional Summary

High school Academic Head/English Teacher with 12+ years of professional experience who is professional, motivated, and competent at educating utilizing effective approaches while concentrating on the unique requirements of each student. Comprehensive understanding of diverse teaching approaches. Acquire a professional job with a firm that appreciates acute problem-solving abilities and a drive to collaborate with others to efficiently achieve a specified objective.

Academic Head/English Teacher Resume Skills

  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Curriculum development/assessment
  • Lesson planning
  • Tutoring students

Academic Head/English Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Provided a classroom atmosphere that honed students' writing and reading comprehension abilities while also boosting and supporting each student's progress.
  • Developed courses that included various learning methodologies and problem-solving techniques while building relationships with children from various cultures.
  • Examined and measured the progress of over 150 pupils yearly tracked development to completely identify each person's capability.
  • Managed disagreements with parents while still supporting and motivating their kids.
  • In order to fulfil deadlines and gather fresh pieces of information, established strict organising capabilities.
  • Expected every student's requirements by identifying specific problems and worries and giving adequate assistance and solutions.
  • Created an excel spreadsheet that increased productivity by automated data input, duplication elimination, demographic estimates, report creation, and giving in-program instruction.

ESL English Teacher Resume Example

ESL English Teacher Resume Professional Summary

Foreign English Teacher with 9 years of professional experience in primary and secondary school environments who is motivated, creative, and goal-oriented. By serving as a catalyst for embracing and promoting academic and cultural growth in pupils, I gained recognition as a caring, diligent, and outstanding mentor. Excellent communication and effective instructor with a demonstrated capacity to improve student's academic achievement, offering to build a better future for kids and educate them with information.

ESL English Teacher Resume Skills

  • Communication
  • Management
  • Computer
  • Administrative
  • Organization
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision making
  • Interpersonal
  • Creative
  • Marketing
  • Project Planning

ESL English Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Supporting graduate and undergraduate individuals who are suffering from a range of writing projects, including research articles, technical documents, professional presentations, and graduate dissertations.
  • At language school institutions, I designed courses, facilitate class activities, and collaborate with other lecturers.
  • Aiding the department chief in introducing a formative evaluation method to track and assess the development of freshman entrants.
  • Participating in professional growth, and parent/teacher meetings.
  • Establishing contact with parents by text, email, and phone.
  • Using a variety of teaching techniques to meet unique student learning demands.
  • Creating student-focused unit schedules, everyday teaching materials, and grading rubric to deliver effective teaching and student engagement.
  • Developing study guides to educate non-native English individuals to comprehend, write, and talk English.

English Teacher / Consultant Resume Example

English Teacher / Consultant Resume Professional Summary

Innovative, self-sufficient, and determined English teacher/consultant looking for a fresh chance to put my diverse skill set to use. Recognizing issues in time-sensitive circumstances, creating remedial procedures, and putting concrete plans in place to reach optimal quantifiable goals. Using print, video, and digital media tools to communicate action plan elements and performance reports to all relevant parties associated.

English Teacher / Consultant Resume Skills

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Interactive White Boards
  • Writing--informational
  • Technical
  • Creative
  • Professional Development Trainer

English Teacher / Consultant Resume Job Description

  • Partnered in a grade-level group setting to create and execute learning techniques that adhere to the national standard curriculum while also satisfying individual learner, local, and state academic objectives and regulations.
  • Cross-curricular teaching techniques were developed to help pupils in achieving the rigors of state and national benchmarks and successfully preparing students for standardized tests.
  • Information from formative and summative examinations was used to alter teaching methods, leading to a rise in multi-subject grade performance levels in more than 70% of students.
  • Establishing, maintaining, and developing strong connections with students, parents, management, and teachers to guarantee an open discussions platform and to offer a cohesive approach in terms of student achievement.
  • Documented and communicated important information about student accomplishments and requirements to students, coworkers, and parents.
  • Ensured that comprehensive and detailed reports of pupils' growth and development were recorded.
  • Every children's development was praised and analyzed, and the information was used to alter teaching techniques.
  • In the class, I supervised student conduct by defining and implementing processes and regulations.

Middle & High School English Teacher Resume Example

Middle & High School English Teacher Resume Professional Summary

Middle and high school English teacher with five years of praised achievement in instructing, advertising, and marketing, and enthusiasm for teaching, and an unrelenting dedication to improving student and organizational success. Looking for a role that will stretch my present abilities while also encouraging the learning and advancement of new ones.

Middle & High School English Teacher Resume Skills

  • Teach Language Skills
  • Emphasize Productive Language
  • Classroom Management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel
  • Viewpoint Software

Middle & High School English Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Taught courses including both native and non-native English speakers with the goal of increasing their reading skills, writing skills, and speech efficiency.
  • Investigated, obtained, and used a variety of academic resources, computer applications, and social activities to expand the applicability of the course material outside of the class.  
  • In the introduction of school-wide programs, I conducted workshops, training courses, and provided individual assistance to educators, officials, and other teachers and staff.
  • Assisting kids to learn English as a second language as their initial point of communication.
  • Personal and group training are used to assist pupils in improving their hearing, communicating, reading, and composition abilities.
  • Prepared exams and instructional materials; monitored students' progress by inspecting and grading their papers.
  • Worked with an educator to offer an English language course to 170 plus students three times every week.

English Teacher/Missionary Resume Example

English Teacher/Missionary Resume Professional Summary

English Teacher/Missionary having expertise in developing, coaching, instructing, language interpretation, and customer support. Competent, creative, and possess strong organizational, intellectual, and problem-solving abilities. I'm searching for a job where I can put my English degree and classroom experience to appropriate use. 

English Teacher/Missionary Resume Skills

  • Educator
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication Skills
  • Management
  • Instructional Design
  • Time Management
  • Written Communication
  • Public Speaking

English Teacher/Missionary Resume Job Description

  • Performing oral interviews with children as part of their training for the IELTS test.
  • Helping youngsters with schoolwork and recreational activities.
  • Creating, and providing verbal, language, and writing classes in English to children aged 5 -18.
  • Conducting language tests to evaluate student development towards reaching unique learning objectives requested by each individual.
  • Using a range of teaching approaches and procedures to match students' diverse skills and abilities and hobbies, including the usage of social media with a focus on recent issues.
  • Set the themes for each lesson and directed the students through successful practice.
  • Created and monitored exams and assignments for learners to finish.
  • Promoted student involvement in the classroom.
  • Students were instructed to build their own training conversations utilizing the linguistic resources that we gave in class.

Part-Time English Teacher Resume Example

Part-Time English Teacher Resume Professional Summary

Served as a part-time English teacher and excellent communication educator, dealing with high school students. Undertaking English-related tasks such as the Speed Reader Course, one-minute speeches, and so on. Ability to implement new approaches in new settings. To operate in a difficult atmosphere where I can function joyfully with a learning perspective while also enhancing my abilities and skills, all of which will contribute to my career progression and the growth of the renowned institution.

Part-Time English Teacher Resume Skills

  • Education
  • Lesson Planning
  • Curriculum Design
  • Communication
  • Training
  • Writing/Editing
  • Team Building

Part-Time English Teacher Resume Job Description

  • In charge of developing, executing, and evaluating education to meet the requirements of a broad demographic of children.
  • A multidisciplinary curriculum was developed in collaboration with team members from various academic areas.
  • To reach children with exceptional needs, I taught with a particular schooling instructor.
  • Maintaining a quality website that is up to date.
  • A year-long program was developed to meet state and county academic criteria.
  • Aided in the establishment of an after-school activity to satisfy the requirements of at-risk children.
  • Created an Excel-related data collecting tool and a Common Core syllabus for 200 students.
  • Prepared homework assignments and delivered lessons depending on children's academic requirements to guarantee students' understanding of unit goals.
  • Created an effective classroom control and student involvement strategy.
  • Designed in collaboration with an 8-person education syllabus team.

Assistant English Teacher Resume Example

Assistant English Teacher Resume Professional Summary

An eloquent competent English Teacher who can communicate directly with pupils from varied backgrounds or with different degrees of aptitude. A motivated and devoted individual with a demonstrated ability to educate, encourage, and guide learners to achieve their full potential by fostering a positive and dynamic atmosphere.

Assistant English Teacher Resume Skills

  • Fluent Spoken And Written English
  • Teaching English To Non-native Speakers
  • Microsoft Office
  • Public Speaking

Assistant English Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Planned exercises and grade-relevant exercises.
  • Collaboration with instructors to customize teaching to fit various cognitive methods in the school.
  • Used different mediums, such as a PowerPoint presentation, and audio to teach lessons.
  • Engaged in departmental and class group meetings to review student's progress.
  • Established and extended communication with parents to discuss student growth and achievement.
  • Taught students who needed to improve their writing, talking, and comprehension skills.
  • Successfully carried out a regular speaking session for students finding it difficult to speak English.
  • Co-curricular activities were directed, and contest preparation was aided.
  • After school, coached around 30 students for career growth and language learning.
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