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Substitute Teacher Resume Example

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Substitute Teacher Resume Examples

A Substitute Teacher has similar job requirements as a regular teacher, with the exception that these educators serve as replacements for professors who are gone for a day or more. Taking enrolment, reviewing assignments, keeping classroom hygiene, ensuring adherence to course material, supervising kids in the class and corridors; monitoring regular classroom exercises, compiling a comprehensive report for the instructor on leave to check, and cooperating with academic legislation and regulations are among the responsibilities outlined on the Substitute Teacher Resume.

Linguistic capabilities, mathematics skills, reasoning abilities, understanding of school needs, ways of implementing courses as appropriate, and a solid understanding of certain topics are essential to do the job efficiently. A bachelor's degree in education is mandatory. A substitute teacher certification will also be expected.

Substitute Teacher K-12 Resume Example

Substitute Teacher K-12 Resume Professional Summary

Substitute Teacher emphasizes being an excellent role model for children by demonstrating and fostering positive habits. Significant expertise as a mobile therapist in a counseling atmosphere dealing with children with behavioral and emotional problems and autistic kids. Has a strong desire to establish and preserve the value of learning about health and fitness. Knowledgeable in modifying curriculum in both the Health and Physical Training settings to ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve. Outstanding time management abilities, and the ability to collaborate with a broad set of individuals to accomplish objectives.

Substitute Teacher K-12 Resume Skills

  • Blackboard
  • Excel
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Audacity
  • Sharepoint
  • Effective Internet Research

Substitute Teacher K-12 Resume Job Description

  • Duties involved implementing and instructing key topics to students of all academic levels in a couple of schools.
  • To maintain a peaceful and regulated class, worked with colleagues to discipline an uncontrolled kid who was confronted by improper and violent conduct. Also implemented successful behavioral management strategies and encouraged positive behavior.
  • In the absence of the instructor, designed and incorporated learning activities, and effectively finished the transition where the educator left off.
  • On a frequent basis, I interacted with parents, students, and other instructors.
  • Published a report on how the school day progressed and left it with the instructor.
  • In all circumstances, I applied sound judgment to respond in the best interests of the kids.
  • Recognized the most relevant teaching processes and technologies for fulfilling lesson goals.
  • Displayed the capacity to effectively grasp and obey senior teachers' instructions.
  • Understanding of processes for topics like student discipline and classroom assessment.
  • All grade divisions K-12 were effectively handled to provide a fundamental basic teaching atmosphere.

Special Education Substitute Teacher Resume Example

Special Education Teacher Assistant/Substitute Teacher Resume Professional Summary

A committed and diligent Special Education Substitute Teacher who succeeds at prioritizing tasks, performing several things at once, and pursuing through to meet strategic goals. Looking for a role with more responsibilities and opportunities to learn new skills. And apply my expertise and offer my teaching talents, as well as my outstanding interpersonal qualities and work ethos. In order to reach my highest potential, I want to create a welcoming and exciting atmosphere that inspires others while instilling confidence in myself.

Special Education Teacher Assistant/Substitute Teacher Resume Skills

  • MS Office
  • Action Based Learning
  • Developing Age Appropriate Lessons
  • Motivational Techniques
  • Hands-On Instruction
  • Smart Board Proficient
  • Cooperative Learning

Special Education Teacher Assistant/Substitute Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Following as much of the school's standard protocols and regulations as necessary.
  • As assigned by the facility administration, do all extra tasks for the unavailable instructor.
  • Meeting and coaching designated courses at the times and places specified.
  • Preparing a core curriculum that meets the students' unique requirements, preferences, and talents to the greatest extent attainable.
  • Actively developing a learning atmosphere in the class that is suited for the children's age and interests.
  • Planning for allocated lessons and providing documented proof of training on request of direct supervisor.
  • Interaction with parents was established through meetings, telephone, and emails.
  • Officially and unofficially evaluated pupils' comprehension and performance.
  • Developed a book buddy scheme with fourth-level students to encourage pleasure reading and language practice.
  • I was a member of a group charged with developing a school-wide student success award initiative.

Substitute Teacher/Teacher Assistant Resume Example

Substitute Teacher/Teacher Assistant Resume Professional Summary

Substitute Teacher /Teacher Assistant 10+ years of successful expertise engaging, and inspiring people from different backgrounds, interacting with kids and adolescents in emergency and are isolated from society, and the ability to implement basic financial procedures. Effective communication capabilities and the competence to maintain peace in demanding and challenges circumstances.

Substitute Teacher/Teacher Assistant Resume Skills

  • Guidance & Counseling
  • Microsoft Office
  • Planning
  • Scheduling Data Entry
  • Teaching
  • Administration

Substitute Teacher/Teacher Assistant Resume Job Description

  • Taking full accountability for overall student instruction and dual-language lessons, ensuring consistency and improving the learning experience.
  • Protected and regarded privacy of kids' and school staff records.
  • Monitoring regulation and classroom management in compliance with school and district rules to promote a safe and productive atmosphere for students and employees.
  • Providing appropriate guidance to ensure all pupils' health, wellbeing, and security.
  • Implementing all possible steps to safeguard children, devices, resources, and facilities.
  • Reporting to the administration on reaching school, inspecting the mailbox of an unavailable instructor for documents that require urgent consideration, and, if required, asking for an explanation of school guidelines and standards.
  • All student wounds, mishaps, ailments, and disciplinary issues must be reported to the proper authorities promptly or as soon as absolutely necessary.
  • Integrating teaching strategies while maintaining academic time validity and students' motivation to study and engage.

Freelance Substitute Teacher Resume Example

Freelance Substitute Teacher Resume Professional Summary

A goal-oriented professional with shown expertise in a variety of specialized education settings. Freelance Substitute Teacher with extensive expertise in Multitasking, Organization, Scheduling, Research, Management, and Computer Technology. Have 8 + years of industry experience, expertise, and the determination to succeed in special education, student participation, and assessment functions. Consistently praised for excellent classroom management. An aspirant employee who has finished courses in education and science-relevant fields like biology and chemistry. Has excellent interpersonal capabilities and willingness to work in education.

Freelance Substitute Teacher Resume Skills

  • Communication
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Technical
  • Creating Reports
  • Leadership
  • Lesson Planning
  • Multitasking
  • Detail Oriented

Freelance Substitute Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Expressed, engaged, and worked with workers, administrators, and kids.
  • Developed and produced syllabus, institution, class norms and practices.
  • In the absence of a teacher, accepted responsibility for classroom sessions.
  • Accepted supervision of pupils' performance throughout lesson, lunchtime, and other prescribed exercises.
  • Prior beginning any training or other processes not stated in the instructional strategies, check with the administration, department or academic rank supervisor.
  • Defined guidelines and limitations to engage classroom instruction.
  • Assessments and examinations were devised and performed.
  • Content and media were catalogued, sorted, and arranged in accordance with established specifications.
  • Coordinated the manufacturing of resources and the distribution of media.

Long Term Substitute Teacher Resume Example

Long Term Substitute Teacher Resume Professional Summary

An enthusiastic Long Term Substitute Teacher with a reputation for excellence, who is also extremely innovative, performance-oriented, and solution-focused. Capability to adjust to new difficulties and unexpected events. Dedicated to professional conduct and personal well-being. The goal is to learn rapidly and achieve results. To obtain a job with a well-established institution in a reliable atmosphere where I can use my knowledge, organizational abilities, and academic background to contribute to a long-term commitment as a school's asset.

Long Term Substitute Teacher Resume Skills

  • Teaching
  • Administration
  • Microsoft Applications
  • Team Building
  • Management
  • Mathematics

Long Term Substitute Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Conducted short and long-term replacement tasks in all fields of study, efficiently educating children of the various standards of education, ages, and different cultures.
  • Implemented a study regimen outlined in the class lecturer's instructional strategies.
  • Assisted students in achieving academic strategic goals as outlined in course materials for allocated classes, modules, or assignments.
  • Maintaining a clean and organized atmosphere for learners and returning teachers.
  • In each class, clearly delivered the classroom expectations for attitude in compliance with institution and district laws and regulations.
  • Other relevant responsibilities were undertaken as instructed by the institution head and management personnel.
  • Trained classrooms of up to 40 students, spoke with other instructors, officials, and parents, and developed a favorable connection with kids.
  • Managed a level of decorum and classroom management that promotes a healthy and pleasant learning setting.
  • Accountable for carrying out the instructor's instructional strategies while also being able to modify and be creative when appropriate.
  • Cultivate valuable network with all school staff in the county and keep classroom administration.

Paraprofessional And Substitute Teacher Resume Example

Paraprofessional And Substitute Teacher Resume Professional Summary

Determined, result-oriented, competent, and self-motivated paraprofessional and substitute teacher with a strong dedication to fulfill all duties assigned to them. Demonstrate outstanding interpersonal skills essential to foster significant and pleasant workplace connections. Facilitate accommodation and tolerance of variations, personal and physiological limits, and ethnic variation. In order to constantly satisfy the conditions of my profession, I highlighted the potential to grasp individuals' aspirations.

Paraprofessional And Substitute Teacher Resume Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • PowerPoint
  • TextEdit
  • Punctual
  • Adaptability
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Creative

Paraprofessional And Substitute Teacher Resume Job Description

  • On any particular day, accepted all the tasks and obligations of the normal instructor.
  • To create a suitable learning environment for children, utilized the instructional strategies supplied by the class instructor.
  • As needed, contacted and connected with students, faculty, parents, and members of the community.
  • Designed, evaluated, and adjusted educational resources and procedures to suit the academic requirements.
  • Created an excellent setting and surroundings for children's cognitive, physiological, interpersonal, and emotional growth.
  • Kept proper records and followed needed rules and regulations, when the instructor wasn't present.
  • Oversaw the proper use and upkeep of tools, supplies, and buildings.
  • In language, writing, and numeracy skills, offered tuition and conducted exams and assessments.

Lead Substitute Teacher Resume Example

Lead Substitute Teacher Resume Professional Summary

Lead Substitute Teacher ready to instill a desire for knowledge in kids via a special blend of managerial experience and an extensive understanding of education. Committed to passionate and energetic instruction as a way of instilling in youngsters a lifetime enthusiasm for learning. Pursuing a challenging, fast-paced administrative, teaching, or helping job that capitalizes on my action-oriented, commitment to educate and understand, and want to take on wider duties consistent with my shown talents.

Lead Substitute Teacher Resume Skills

  • Teaching
  • Lesson Plans
  • Grade Papers
  • Provide Safe Environment for Students
  • Nurturing Demeanor
  • Communication
  • Flexible

Lead Substitute Teacher Resume Job Description

  • Attending and addressing specified courses at the places and times mentioned.
  • At the start and conclusion of every academic day, document to the headmaster or their representative.
  • Acting in for instructors and giving pupils guidance in line with the school's curriculum.
  • Coordinating student development in line with the institution's values and instructions.
  • Keeping exact, comprehensive, and relevant documents and completing reports on time.
  • Introducing children to the proper instructional strategies and providing guidance for the competencies and information required to achieve academic standards.
  • Creating and executing criteria and skills to grasp the strategies required for successful learning.
  • Courses on language development, everyday vocabulary development, and numerical activity tasks are prioritized.
  • Contributing in a range of different programs to improve the school system.

Aide/Substitute Teacher Resume Example

Aide/Substitute Teacher Resume Professional Summary

A proactive, enthusiastic Aide/Substitute Teacher with outstanding managerial skills that positively impact others around and help establish a wonderful valuable network that is successful and reliable. Looking for work as a primary school teacher in a cross-cultural context where I can devote myself to the growth and training qualifications of students.

Aide/Substitute Teacher Resume Skills

  • Office Management
  • Records Management
  • Database Administration
  • Spreadsheets/Reports
  • Interpersonal skills
  •  Accountability

Aide/Substitute Teacher Resume Job Description

  • In charge of giving teacher-created directions per class task.
  • Giving learning environments for children that improve their academic, interpersonal, and emotional growth.
  • Getting guidance from colleagues and officials and incorporating feedback right away.
  • Coaching pupils one-on-one and in small teams on challenging topics.
  • Maintaining tight classroom monitoring, knowing security, and emergency exit standards and guidelines.
  • Organizing the educational process towards the attainment of academic targets and strategies as outlined in prescribed courses, sections, or projects.
  • Beginning to transform learning setting in the class that is suited for the kids' development and best interests.
  • Assuring that pupils do not fall ahead in their academic tasks due to the unavailability of the teacher. 
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