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Emergency Medical Technician Resume Example

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How to write an Emergency Medical Technician Resume

EMT is the first-echelon health care provider accountable for emergencies and stabilizing patients before moving them to health facilities. If you wish to apply for an Emergency Medical Technician job, the requirement for an excellent EMT resume is highly significant.  

There is no question that the hiring manager will be overwhelmed with a ton of resumes, meaning the experience does not matter. The need for a perfect resume is an opportunity to keep your application stand out from the sea of applicants.

The profession as an EMT is all regarding initiating measures and responding confidently to crises. But to get a job as an EMT, you have to persuade hiring managers by writing, instead of performing, that you do have the appropriate ability to cope with the pressures of a job in your initial attempt. Spending time to write an outstanding resume can be outside of your comfort zone. After all, formulating a perfect EMT resume isn't as challenging as it would sound.

Here are some suggestions to help you begin writing a perfect EMT resume;

How to write a profile summary for an EMT resume

The profile statement outlines the most exciting aspects of your resume for quick recall by the employer while still attempting to add in the personal attributes that are not present in other resume sections. Note that the synopses are brief and compose of insightful snippets of sentences.

EMT profile summary resume example

Skilled paramedic with 7+ years of training in emergency management in and around the New York metropolitan region. National Paramedic Certification, legitimate MA driver's license, and Massachusetts State AEMT-Paramedic Certification for three years. Average reply of 30plus weekly 911 calls. Capable of evaluating numerous injury situations, essential and specialized life support, and immediate treatment.

This example illustrates that the profile statement is as per the job description and the role. It then provides a thorough explanation of your certifications and expertise. Then, it introduces numbers and figures as an achievement to make them recognize the extent of medical proficiency.


What if you are a complete novice, like an EMT-B or an EMR?

Then, the objective statement is the ideal choice for an EMT entry-level job position.

The resume objective is ideal for someone with no work experience. Then, just mentioning your EMT history attracts the hiring manager with specific expertise and a sincere contribution to your professional aspirations. It can involve figures and statistics to keep the career application consistent.

Entry-level EMT objective statement resume example

Empathetic high school graduate with an EMT-Basic credential. Competent in CPR, AED, standard life treatment, and medical terminology. I have earned the highest grades 100 percent for the EMT-B qualification test and essay. And to use enthusiasm for care and enabling people to be EMT-B with ABC Emergency Services.

How to write an employment section of an EMT resume

Your job history has the most information of any resume segment, so you want to begin with a proper approach.

The employers would be able to determine a lot about your career experience from reviewing your job role. Your aim, then, is to list some compelling bullet points that explain how you made decisions or what you achieved. You have to know what expertise can help you to get the job. Identify and define the work details and the date ranges. Based on wherever you are in your professional career, you might choose to add or remove those experiences. The significant experience might be different for hiring managers, but here's a suggestion, do pay attention to the job description. The foundation for the employment section is as follows;

  • Arrange each job detail in reverse-chronological order, with the latest job position to older ones.
  • Detail your work title, the dates working for the company, the organization name or fire service, and the place and state.
  • Then, provide 4–6 bullet points to describe your work duties.
  • Make the information as specific as necessary to the EMT job description.

Let your soft skills distinguish yourself by explaining them in your job experience. Where necessary, use concrete results or positive effects to demonstrate how you have interacted well with others in the previous roles.

EMT Employment section resume example

  • Analyzed emergency conditions with hierarchical care emergencies and triaged patients.
  • Managed ambulance devices and connected to call operators and other emergency staff.
  • Rapidly and efficiently evacuated patients from the incidents to suitable treatment centers.
  • Coordinated a 3-person emergency service team and maintained on-site medical activities.

Key Accomplishment

  • Responding quickly to 40plus disaster and emergency incidents each week.
  • Manage inventories and reduced prices by 25 percent via improved supplier procurement.

An ideal EMT employment resume section, like our example above, includes extensive projects and assignments. It also incorporates an observable accomplishment to have a positive response.

If you have an entry-level resume and no background in EMT jobs, then mention the activities you have done that are similar to what you would do for the role of an EMT.

How to write the Skills section of the EMT resume

To be a successful EMT, you should have a high level of expertise. Such abilities vary from soft skills, like interaction and sympathy, to more specialized skills, also known as hard skills, like the correct oxygen management. 

Some of these abilities involve extensive training, and others are more implicit. All of the skills are necessary for better execution of the different activities and processes needed of the EMT. Most of those soft skills required support EMTs to conduct their professional health duties. Here is a list of soft skills to include in an EMT resume;

EMT Soft skills

  • Compassion
  • Listening skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Physically Fit
  • Communication skills
  • Situational awareness

EMT Hard skills

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Medical Terminology
  • Acute Illnesses
  • Rescue & Medical Equipment
  • Patient Stabilization
  • Airway Management
  • EKGs, external defibrillators, resuscitators
  • Intubation and Infusion
  • Assessment
  • Life Support
  • Trauma Expertise
  • CPR and first aid
  • Vital Signs

As an EMT, you must highlight your unique skills during the job application and interview process. Below are some approaches to demonstrate your talents and to reach out as a successful applicant;

  • Apart from mentioning the different credentials and technological qualifications that you acquire, ensure to take care of aspects like listening and observational skills. And check the relevant qualifications or criteria in the job specification before submitting and customize the responses to match what the employer is seeking.
  • While it can seem to be an insignificant part of this career, EMTs have to keep comprehensive records of their conversations with the patients. Displaying the capability to write descriptively and briefly would also positively impact your technical skills. You must also show your ability and inspiration to function in healthcare services.

How to write the Education section of the EMT resume

The trick to successfully arranging resume education segments is to keep in mind that the most excellent feature is the simplest to note. There are a few strategies that you can utilize to expand the use of this approach;

  • First, include your highest qualification, degree, major, or credential name.
  • Then, state the school name, the city, and the state of the school/university.
  • Mention the year of graduation.
  • To make it more successful, provide related coursework, educational accomplishments.

If you have obtained a degree, then no need to add your high school details to your resume. If you're still completing your college, include the certificate below as second information.


If you don't have any experience, insert the education segment before the employment history for an EMT entry-level resume. Write your most valuable and insightful information first for the employer, and so they would want to know more about you.

How to format the EMT resume

Hospitals receive a lot of job applications. If you want the opportunity of having a decent EMT job, your resume should express your abilities effectively. That's why it's crucial to maintain and compose your resume up to a single-page. If you have years of expertise as an EMT and need additional space to illustrate it, otherwise, it is better to write a one-page resume.

It provides hospitals a good view of what you've done in the previous job and what type of position is right for you.

But if you are straight out of school and short of professional knowledge, use a functional resume. Functional resumes classify your experience in compliance with the qualifications, and you can add volunteer service or academic work to your resume. It enables you to display your skills without shifting focus to your lack of job expertise.

How to add Certifications/Licenses to an EMT resume

Mention all the certificates that you have in the healthcare profession. List anything imaginable specific to the role you are seeking, like including the EMT certification. It may contain the specialized qualifications and programs you have taken, like training in advanced life care or cardiopulmonary recovery. You may also mention expertise like advanced driving courses that you have taken, specifically if you qualify for an ambulance driver role. State any organizations to which you relate. There may be professional or charitable associations to which you correspond. Here is a list of certifications and licenses to add to an EMT resume.

  • EMT-Basic
  • EMT-Intermediate
  • EMT-Paramedic
  • Valid Driver License
  • Ambulance Driver Certificate 
  • CPR and BLS Certification

Pointers for writing an Emergency Medical Technician resume

Follow these EMT resume writing guidelines before finalizing your submission;

  • Significant Credentials – Each town or region have its legislative agency or licensing authority for EMTs. Also, add the details of the licensing authority and the year you have achieved legal status.
  • Illustrate variety in specific skills – If you had various employers, then distinguish your extent of work. Go into specifics and demonstrate to the hiring manager that you have a unique set of skills to achieve whenever the opportunity occurs.
  • Verify your physical well-being – Physical Fitness is essential to the EMT. It is not enough to say that you are fit and healthy. You have to give the employer an impression that you are suitable for the position. Utilize the personal details resume section to express your passions or preferences that hold you in prime condition.

Do's and Don't of an EMT resume

  • Do highlight your accomplishments
  • Do include action words
  • Do confine your resume to one - two pages
  • Do select the Professional Template like HipCV resume templates
  • Do outline of the appropriate work experience
  • Add the actual figures in your work employment section to demonstrate the real value.
  • Provide latest contact details in your personal details section of the resume.
  • Don't neglect to provide significance and quality to your job description
  • Don't dismiss adding relevant keywords
  • Don't disclose irrelevant personal information
  • Don't fail to distinguish yourself in profile summary, job description and skills
  • Don't fixate on visual elements of a resume
  • Don't include hobbies or interests that are not appropriate for the job.


Q1. How do you describe EMT on a resume?

Answer: Authorized EMT and a devoted representative of the emergency response services providing rapid, reliable treatment throughout medical crises, collisions, explosions, weather events, and other emergency conditions. Enthusiastic patient care provider to be calm under pressure and respond quickly in an emergency and life-threatening scenarios.

Q2. What skills should an EMT have?


  • Compassion
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Listening skills
  • Physical strength
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Ambulatory Transport
  • Patient Assessment & Vitals
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Medical Terminology
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Patient Stabilization

Q3. What qualities make a good EMT?

Answer: Firstly, you have to become an EMT, no small thing between training hours and taking the state or national exam. When that is over, EMTs take on the responsibility to make literal decisions about life and death daily they go to their job. Since the work is so stressful and vital to people's well-being, everyone is not fit for this role. There are a lot of characteristics that make someone not only a qualified EMT but a perfect EMT. Here is a list of qualities that make an ideal EMT;

  • Anyone who wants to serve in the healthcare sector should have an iron gut because it won't work long.
  • People's lives rely on the EMT's determination to work in stressful conditions and perform whatever it requires to get everyone out of harm's way.
  • Strong interactive skills are mandatory as an EMT has to converse with doctors, paramedics, nurses.
  • A major EMT should be able to handle life-death situations. And can remember the medications to be administered or handling an injury correctly before the patient reaches the hospital.
  • EMTs need to be fit as a fiddle, too, because the work has a lot of motions like leaning, standing, holding, and moving. They have to be in form with little spare time.
  • Relevant to staying calm and knowing what to do in an urgent situation, an ideal EMT will make prompt assessments in a tragedy. Someone can decide about the best approach with plenty of time, but in an actual emergency, the EMT may only have minutes to decide what to do to save the patient.
  • EMT profession is an uncertain career, as they don't know where an emergency will lead them. Though, and the EMT's character has to do likewise. It implies that they often have to change their settings cognitively in a moment. Successful EMTs can switch quickly and with no warning.
  • The patient is more prone to be afraid or even upset based on the circumstances. Apart from medical care, they could still use a supportive smile and a calming voice to help them settle down. It can be tough to concentrate on goodness when uncertainty is present, but successful EMTs make it happen.
  • The EMT must be open and ready to operate at all hours, even when several people are not, including nights, weekends, and public holidays. And even on planned days off, EMTs can stay on duty for many hours.
  • A significant EMT will manage things with some diplomacy while being firm to discipline the patient so they don't hurt themselves or someone else.

Q4.How to enhance the EMT skills?

Answer: Here are some tips you can do to develop your abilities and be a professional EMT:

It's easy to get distracted by the circumstance and fail to communicate with the patient. By knowing each patient, you can slow down and see both the individual and the incident. It will make you a more caring and responsive EMT and strengthen your relationship with the patient, allowing them to be comfortable and accept your treatment.

It might be better to stay in the emergency department until you have discharged a patient. Ask the doctors about the patient's health and whether you should do something to avert or enhance the results. By engaging more in each situation, you will be a more caring EMT. Although, apart from sympathy, you may also gain useful advice to help you give better care.

Improving your analytical skills and knowledge of the situation could help to save someone's life. Conduct a detailed head-to-toe evaluation of each patient. Then, talk to them and attempt to analyze their actions for anything that might allow you to make an official diagnosis. While this task is mainly the physician's duty, the expertise could detect a problem before it gets out of control.

Q5. How to become an EMT?

Answer: We have created a comprehensive guide on how to become an EMT. The resource focuses on education, training, certifications, and license requirements. And if you want to know more about paramedic, then check this resource guide on how to become a paramedic.

Q6. How to develop a cover letter for an EMT job role?

Answer: Here is a guide on Emergency medical technician cover letter tips.

EMT resume example for professional summary, skills and job description

EMT resume example professional summary

Highly competent EMT, efficient in evaluating multiple crises, including medical and trauma. Nationally licensed EMT with 1 year of training in emergency treatment and ambulance driving. EMT qualified to stay calm and composed under stress and tension. Respond to all emergency conditions promptly and skillfully.

EMT resume skills

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Physically Fit
  • Communication skills
  • Situational awareness
  • Medical Terminology
  • EKGs, external defibrillators, resuscitators
  • Intubation and Infusion
  • Trauma Expertise
  • CPR and first aid

EMT resume job description

  • Managed a level of preparedness and ability to focus for all tasks.
  • Gathered relevant documents from the patient, family, medical history and medications.
  • Quickly determined what life-threatening requirements were in place and took quick action.
  • Facilitated treatment arrangements focused on patient evaluations.
  • Managed and updated emergency vehicles in a clean, compliant manner when keeping with all traffic rules.

EMT/Office Supervisor resume example for professional summary, skills and job description

EMT/Office Supervisor resume example professional summary

Worked as an EMT for regional emergency services. It involves the pre-hospital treatment, better relationships with local and state law compliance, and medical expertise in emergency circumstances, and dealing with high-stress cases. I legally obtain Class A CDL with XPTS approval and a certified DOT physical card and an approved EMT license.

EMT/Office Supervisor resume example skills

  • Neurology expert
  • Spirometer reading
  • Lab result interpretation
  • Supervisory training
  • Strong clinical judgement

EMT/Office Supervisor resume example job description

  • Offered pre-hospital critical treatment.
  • Developed and prioritized hospital protocols
  • Supervised therapy for first-aid and life support treatment.
  • Transferred patients of all age groups to emergency centers.
  • Patient symptoms and medication responses recorded.
  • Any related patient data was provided to hospital staff.
  • Maintaining precise and full patient records.

EMT/Paramedic resume example for professional summary, skills and job description

EMT/Paramedic resume example professional summary

Qualified and certified EMT and a medical assistant. Capable of multitasking in a workplace or in a hospital. Well-trained in customer service as well as competent and efficient.

EMT/Paramedic resume example skills

  • Physically Fit
  • Communication
  • Detail Oriented
  • Airway Management
  • Patient Stabilization
  • Emergency Medicine

EMT/Paramedic resume example job description

  • Monitor and record the temperature, heartbeat, and breathing.
  • Supported with proper diet and consumption of liquids.
  • Facilitated life support systems during medical emergency situations.
  • Prepared and delivered meals in accordance with the recommended diet.
  • Supported in the transition of the patient to and from the wheelchair and suitable equipment.

EMT Student resume example for professional summary, skills and job description

EMT Student resume example professional summary

Registered EMT and a devoted representative of the emergency response services providing rapid, reliable treatment during medical crises collisions, explosions, weather events and other complex emergencies. Committed patient care provider able to stay calm under stress and respond quickly in emergency and life-threatening conditions.

EMT Student resume example skills

  • Medication & IV Administration
  • Rescue & Medical Equipment
  • Patient Stabilization
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations

EMT Student resume example job description

  • Consulted patients to collect demographic records, age and weight estimates, and vital signs.
  • Evaluated patients and recorded their health records.
  • Analyzed requirements for patient care, prioritized services, and managed patient flow.
  • Performed all everyday living activities to make life better for older patients.
  • Verified the state of the patient via physical and verbal examinations and by gathering input from those on the incident.
  • Executed basic and specialized testing of patients.

EMT/Dispatcher resume example for professional summary, skills and job description

EMT/Dispatcher resume example professional summary

Diligent and determined specialist with demonstrated management skills looking to contribute my skills to the role of office management. Worked as an EMS at ABC emergency services. Highly skilled and goal-oriented person who can adapt and work in stress-related conditions.

EMT/Dispatcher resume example skills

  • Health Care
  • Customer service
  • CPR And First Aid
  • Authorized Driver license

EMT/Dispatcher resume example job description

  • Provide the patients with critical life care treatment before transferring them to the hospital.
  • Evaluate the correct approach after assessing the state of the patient.
  • Offer medical assistance like AED, CPR, prevention of spinal trauma, breathing, management of extreme bleeding, prevention of shock, stitching up of wounds, etc., to improve their health.
  • Proven high success criteria, such as collaboration, coordination and empathy.
  • Guarded the information relating to health care programs and EMS procedures.

EMT Operations Supervisor resume example for professional summary, skills and job description

EMT Operations Supervisor resume example professional summary

To acquire a profession in which my skills and education will allow space for development in a challenging sector.

EMT Operations Supervisor resume example skills

  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • PALS certified
  • Advanced airway management
  • CPR certified
  • BLS/ACLS certified

EMT Operations Supervisor resume example job description

  • Reply to calls for immediate medical assistance.
  • Operating ambulance and two-way contact systems.
  • Assistance with victims' removals and connectivity as required.
  • Offering first aid, CPR, prevents bleeding, providing splints to fractions and other stabilization procedures to the sick, and wounded.
  • Treat patients at the incident site and transferring patients by ambulance to the medical facility under health supervision.
  • Consider the state of the patient and handle respiratory, cardiovascular, and trauma cases.

Security EMT resume example for professional summary, skills and job description

Security EMT resume example professional summary

Served in customer service for more than 6 years. I'm looking for a job as a billing clerk as I am pursuing a medical billing and coding program . I have previous experience in admissions and medical transcripts.

Security EMT resume example skills

  • Public safety and security
  • Law and government
  • Ward clerk
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting

Security EMT resume example job description

  • Manage first-aid care and life-care for sick or wounded patients in pre-hospital environments.
  • Perform emergency diagnosis and recovery operations like abdominal suction, respiratory control, or cardiovascular testing in an ambulance.
  • Analyze, monitor, and convey to the specialist the situation or disability of the patient, the care provided, medication, and treatment responses.
  • Keep vehicles and communication devices, and refill first aid medical supplies.
  • Evaluate the extent and nature of disease or injuries to determine and determine medical treatment.
  • Interact with emergency responders and recovery facility staff to tell details on the incident, to coordinate for the reception of patients, and to receive guidance for further care.

EMT Trainee resume example of professional summary, skills, and job description

EMT Trainee resume example professional summary

Excited to work in the industry again and to build on my experience as well as improve my skills as an EMT. I have a strategy to progress ahead by gaining Paramedic credentials with a prospective aim of becoming a qualified RN. I am considered to be a fast learner, passionate, and committed to my work.

EMT Trainee resume example skills

  • Certified Emergency Medical Technician
  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  • Certification in Trauma Life Support
  • Works well under stress
  • CPR And First Aid

EMT Trainee resume example job description

  • Answered emergency care calls 
  • Provided treatment assistance to wounded patients 
  • Conducted Initial evaluation of injuries to emergency patients 
  • Transferred patients 
  • Monitored and tested emergency surgical instruments 
  • Implemented infection prevention rules and legislation

EMT Intermediate resume example for professional summary, skills and job description

EMT Intermediate resume example professional summary

EMT with comprehensive understanding of medical science. Calm under stress and self-controlled in difficult conditions. EMT with 10 years in emergency care and ambulance driving.

EMT Intermediate resume example skills

  • Management
  • Computer literate
  • Technically proficient
  • Completing tasks carefully
  • Inventory management

EMT Intermediate resume job description

  • Accountable for all methods of treatment offered to the sick and wounded
  • Provided critical and specialized life support
  • Establishing and overseeing the quality management evaluation and development process
  • Works as main healthcare provider in pre-hospital environments.
  • Finished all mandatory educational and training programs.
  • Performed moderate and waived level of care examination.

EMT Volunteer resume example for professional summary, skills and job description

EMT Volunteer resume example professional summary

Assisted nurses, doctors in assessing and managing patients. Writing papers, improving the effectiveness of therapies by tracking therapy regimens. Deliver care within the range of procedure as specified by the state rules. Processed and sterilized tools and processing of contaminated materials to obtain samples for lab processing.

EMT Volunteer resume example skills

  • Law Enforcement procedures
  • Certified EMT
  • Management Experience
  • Customer service skills

EMT Volunteer resume example job description

  • Construed minimal information and used medical tests to determine possible underlying major problems.
  • Patients were examined for adjustments, and the arrangements were modified and updated.
  • Checked the automobile, medical materials and services during the free time.
  • Expressed high success criteria, like collaboration, coordination and consideration.

Key Points

  • Compose the EMT resume profile summary. Cram quantifiable accomplishments so that employer recruit you. Organize your EMT resume in the correct format.
  • Start at the top of the page with a profile summary or objective statement that keeps the medical director willing to read through.
  • Provide comprehensive information on past career experience and related employment obligations.
  • Add figures when discussing milestones to render them more meaningful.
  • Include a collection of paramedic qualifications and the ability of EMT to demonstrate your medical expertise.
  • Outline your educational record with appropriate academic work, awards, or other related material.
  • Check the job requirements and align the EMT resume bullets to it.
  • Attach additional resume sections and mention conventions, volunteer work, and technical groups on an EMT resume.
  • Do provide an EMT cover letter with your job application.

Check out our guides on how to write an effective resume , how to write a cover letter , how to write a modern CV in 2021 , organizational skills , definitive guide to remote job hiring.

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