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Nursing Resume Example

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How to write a nurse resume

To provide patients with medical treatment, nurses collaborate with physicians and other healthcare specialists. A strong resume can improve your job application when you're seeking a nursing position, improving your chances of getting hired. It can be helpful to understand how to efficiently construct your resume, such as what details to incorporate and how to structure it. In this guide, we define a nursing job, tips for preparing a nursing resume, and an ATS-friendly nursing resume template.

What is the job of a nurse

A nurse is a trained medical expert who aids in the planning and execution of patient care. There are many different nursing positions with various qualifications, but they all have the same general goal of caring for and supervising patients. You can serve as a nurse at healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics, rural area centers, and aerial ambulances. There are a few general tasks you can anticipate performing in a nursing job, even if these positions may differ substantially in their precise duties. Such jobs may involve;

  • Delivering therapies such as pills
  • Utilizing medical apparatus
  • Upkeep and cleaning of medical devices
  • Obtaining samples such as blood and other substances
  • Determining and documenting a patient's vital indicators
  • Interacting with the medical staff
  • Managing patients for different surgeries or therapies 
  • Helping patients with routine personal care duties

Tips for writing a nurse resume

Here are suggestions for creating a resume for a nursing position;

Make a professional resume

Prepare a list of all your qualifications and experience that are significant to a nursing job and incorporate them all into one comprehensive resume. A professional resume acts as a collection of all your nursing accomplishments, allowing you to quickly choose the ones that are most appropriate to the jobs you're applying for. Then, you can modify it to suit the requirements of various organizations. Using this method, you may quickly personalize a resume for a given position.

Identify an employer's optimum applicant

It's a great way to find out what the hiring manager is looking for in an applicant before you compile the resume to send with your application. Examining the nursing job posting to see the necessary training, certifications, abilities, and experience the employer may specify is an efficient approach to accomplish this. Your resume should highlight the requirements you meet to illustrate your suitability for the position. Any keywords in the job role that you can utilize on your resume, like time management abilities, should be given special attention.

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Select a resume format

Reverse chronological order, functional resume, and hybrid formats are the three basic resume formats for nurses. Reverse chronological puts your latest experiences first and concentrates on your academic and professional experiences. It's a fantastic way to demonstrate your professional growth. If you're relatively new to the sector, functional structures may be advantageous because they lay a greater emphasis on talents than experience. If you are a nurse with experience in several different specialties, the mixture format, which combines the reverse chronological order with the functional framework, is appropriate for your resume.

Add your contact details

Your contact details may be listed at the top of your resume, depending on how you structure it. Highlight your contact details by making the text bold or by substantially enlarging the font. Your name, mobile number, email address, the location and state where you now reside, and other vital information are often the ideal things to put in this part.

Professional summary

A professional summary is a fantastic method to instantly attract the reader's interest in your resume. This summary is usually the second section of your resume that an employer will view after your contact details. Only a few phrases in this part summarize your training, work history, nursing goals, and talents. Your history as a nurse and the length of time you have worked in the field can influence what you decide to emphasize in your career objective. It may be helpful to use the keywords listed in this section's job requirements and the name of the hiring organization.

Describe your nurse credentials

There are academic and licensing prerequisites to work in a nursing capacity. It's crucial to indicate your compliance with these standards, therefore place this part under your professional profile, right at the top of your resume. Any academic degrees should typically come first, accompanied by any nursing licenses or other national credentials you've earned from recognized organizations like the Nursing and Midwifery Board.


Applicants with professional experience are usually preferred by employers. As a result, it's necessary to list your relevant experience on your resume in reverse chronological order, beginning with your most current experience. You can list your prior job title first, followed by the employer name, job start, and end dates, and your main responsibilities because hiring managers typically care more about the work you've done than who you worked for. If you don't have a lot of work experience, keep this part short and concentrate on your skills.

Display your range of skills

A thriving job as a nurse requires a variety of talents. The abilities the company is searching for will probably be included in the job description. Including a few of them in your resume's talents category can be a good idea. On your resume, you can mention your talents in a bullet list, and it might be valuable to use technical language to convey your familiarity with the field. If you don't have any nursing experience, you can decide to expand the skills section of your resume by giving succinct insights into your abilities, how you acquired them, and how you believe they will help you in your current position.

Nursing Resume Sample

Hospitals employ registered nurses to provide patient care. The most regular work duties outlined on a nursing resume involve some or all of the following: monitoring and giving instructions to nursing assistants and home health aides, giving patients and their families emotional and mental support, handling intravenous lines, observing or tracking patients' progress, keeping detailed archives of the patients; modifying the patient repository with all relevant info. The following talents and capabilities are emphasized and highlighted in a well-written resume; nursing expertise, kindness and understanding, medical terminology knowledge, flexibility to work nights, weekends, and holidays, and the capacity to care for and console patients. The initial requirement for entering the nursing field is a bachelor's degree in nursing. The individual must pass the NCLEX-RN exam after receiving their degree.

Nurse Resume Example

Nurse Resume Professional Summary

Committed Registered nurse with more than seven years of experience working in both public and private medical facilities. Having strong communication skills and the capacity to change with the surroundings. I'm looking for a job at A&G Hospital where I can use my skills and knowledge to provide top-notch patient care.

Nurse Resume Skills

  • Clinical Expertise 
  • Critical & Emergent Care 
  • Ambulatory & Surgical Care Leadership 
  • Communication 
  • Patient & Family Relations 
  • Patient Education OSHA & HIPAA Compliance

Nurse Resume Job Description

  • Skilled in treating people with special requirements, the elderly, and kids.
  • Devoted to providing the highest quality treatment
  • Proven record of making environments for children that are uplifting, supportive, safe, and flexible to the needs of each child.
  • Equipped to give the children the critical care and education they need to become successful learners.
  • Hands-on training in maintaining active and secure environments for kids. 
  • Assumed responsibility for allocating patients, examining medical records to evaluate each patient's condition, and instructing a physician to plan therapy as required.
  • Decide whether patients would be discharged from the acute care unit of a hospital and worked cooperatively with dieticians.

Nurse/Representative Resume Example

Nurse/Representative Resume Professional Summary

Professional Nurse with eleven years of practical nursing expertise in a range of roles in hectic medical situations. Track record of successfully putting nursing standards and training into practice to support patient-centered, patient safety. Advances healthcare practices to get the best possible patient outcomes by acting as a mentor and role model. Strong communication skills and works well with staff at all levels to ensure complete comprehension of essential treatment protocols, methods, and patient conditions.

Nurse/Representative Resume Skills

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • MS Office 
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Performance Assessment 
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Critical thinking

Nurse/Representative Resume Job Description

  • Prepared, administered, and carefully delivered high-quality nursing care for 20 patients at once while in regular communication with a staff of 12, which included other nurses, physicians, and technicians.
  • Guided and advised to achieve the objective of giving the patients high-quality, all-encompassing healthcare and counseling.
  • Maintained consistency of care and treatment, translated medical instructions, and conducts patients' transfers to other healthcare facilities.
  • Reorganizing or establishing a process or system has assisted in time savings, productivity gains, and cost savings.
  • Partnered closely with the nursing supervisor to ensure that residents were receiving the best care possible.

Nurse/Executive Resume Example

Nurse/Executive Resume Professional Summary

RN with more than five years of experience giving patients of all kinds high-quality treatment. Have a master's degree in nursing and am presently concentrating on obtaining a doctorate in this subject. I'm hoping to use my knowledge and expertise to contribute to your hospital.

Nurse/Executive Resume Skills

  • Clinical skills
  • Management
  • ‌Verbal and written communication
  • ‌Charting and clinical documentation
  • ‌Intravenous therapies
  • ‌Medical laboratory procedures
  • ‌Compassion
  • ‌Wound care
  • ‌Decision making

Nurse/Executive Resume Job Description

  • Giving patients high-quality care entails daily observation, documentation, and assessment of up to 20 individuals' medical conditions.
  • With an emphasis on departmental, and hospital-wide activities, coordinate workforce management goals.
  • Newly licensed nurses were guided and supervised in building and acquiring professional experience.
  • Helped doctors perform physical evaluations by assessing their blood pressure, monitoring their heartbeat, and recording their vital signs.
  • Cooperated with four other nursing staff members to keep the atmosphere calm while providing patient care.
  • Integrated the patient transfer from their locations to the hospital via ambulance and oversaw the registration of patients in emergencies.

Sr. Nursing Resume Example

Sr. Nursing Resume Professional Summary

Sr. Nursing professional with twelve years of caring and medical experience. Demonstrated track record of providing patients with highly successful care regimens that fit their preferences and helping other healthcare practitioners. Excellent case research skills and attention to detail.

Sr. Nursing Resume Skills

  • Resilience
  • ‌Safe patient transfers
  • ‌Microsoft Office
  • ‌Patient Education
  • ‌Fall reduction
  • ‌Problem-solving
  • ‌Time management

Sr. Nursing Resume Job Description

  • Oversaw a group of eight auxiliary on-call nurses, scheduled shifts, distributed responsibilities, and kept an eye on patient care to assure quality.
  • Conducted an assessment of the emergency department's functioning policies and, when appropriate, updated or created new ones.
  • Continual, systematic evaluation of the patient's physical health state was used to track patients' development and preparedness for discharge.
  • Patients and families were questioned to determine needs and risk categories so that suitable treatment plans could be developed and put into action.
  • Hospital, emergency department, outpatient, and auxiliary services were tracked, and lab results and patient satisfaction were used to gauge program efficacy.
  • Developed a customized action plan in conjunction with the patient's family, medical professionals, and community organizations.

Lead Nurse Resume Example

Lead Nurse Resume Professional Summary

Compassionate Registered nurse with four years of expertise in patient safety and psychological assistance. Proficient at operating an ICU with over 30 beds, and performing supportive therapy for coronary care. Worked in a team with 5 doctors and 7 other RNs to strengthen communication skills.

Lead Nurse Resume Skills

  • ‌Teamwork 
  • ‌Adaptability
  • ‌HIPAA
  • ‌Diagnostics
  • ‌Specimen collection
  • ‌Blood draws
  • ‌Pain management 

Lead Nurse Resume Job Description

  • Conveyed to patients to disease process, treatments, strategies for enhancing medication adherence, community services available, and other relevant information.
  • Consulted with the resident's family and multidisciplinary staff to provide comprehensive care.
  • Gave medical care as prescribed by the health care provider and set up the distribution of drugs.
  • Scheduled and provided direct care for senior residents to assist them to reach their full development and maintain their general well-being.
  • Verify that the resident's medical and emotional requirements are identified and satisfied by acting as their representative.
  • Liable for overseeing the medical care given by the support personnel and professional nursing personnel.
  • Acted as a capable team leader in managing daily tasks on the unit, functioned as an asset for teammates, and encouraged and improved teamwork.

Associate Nurse Resume Example

Associate Nurse Resume Professional Summary

Dedicated Nurse with over twelve years of industry experience. S specializes in treating serious wounds and trauma and worked with a group of eight doctors and five other RNs. Provided medication, kept an eye on health issues, and maintained workplace hygiene.

Associate Nurse Resume Skills

  • Patient Care
  • Medicine Administration
  • Treatment Plans
  • Triaging Patients
  • Assessment
  • Patient Education
  • Record Keeping

Associate Nurse Resume Job Description

  • Clinical care was offered for both severe medical disorders.
  • Experience in all surgical specialties with a focus on cardiovascular and neurological procedures.
  • Executed ward chores when not helping in surgery and assisted different operating surgeons in all specialized areas.
  • To establish if the patient could have surgery, test results and exam notes were examined.
  • Scheduled and analyzed the outcomes of diagnostic tests in laboratories.
  • Examined instances of multiple system diseases, gathered patient histories and conducted physical examinations.
  • Implemented new procedures increasing productivity and better-utilizing resources.
  • To maintain efficient operation, coordinated task schedules and requirements with all divisions by working closely and efficiently with the surgeons and personnel.

Asst. Nurse Resume Example

Asst. Nurse Resume Professional Summary

Driven and enthusiastic Registered Nurse with three years of medical experience. Learned how to deliver high-quality treatment, keep an eye on medical problems, and received a 98% good rating from the supervisor during the internship.

Asst. Nurse Resume Skills

  • Vital signs
  • Patient Care
  • Patient nutrition 
  • Record-keeping
  • Infection Control
  • Observation skills

Asst. Nurse Resume Job Description

  • Performing health evaluations on people, assessing their physical, mental, and environmental conditions, and providing nursing care as necessary.
  • Observed and recorded vital signs, pulse, heart, and lung palpitation, and the patient's degree of awareness performed health history evaluations, gave prescription instructions, and reviewed compliance.
  • Worked well with a multidisciplinary medical and healthcare group that includes a doctor, supervisor, physical therapists, and dietitian.
  • Displayed efficient clinical and analytical abilities when keeping track of patients' vital indicators and laboratory results over the treatment period.
  • Suggested patients and their families to the suitable services as appropriate while counseling and educating them about the illness and ongoing care.
  • Carefully engage with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including in wound care, case administration, and physical therapy.
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