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Starbucks Resume Example

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How to write a Starbucks barista resume

Starbucks is the in-demand business in the world. Starbucks is a desirable workplace for many job seekers like college graduates, and the coffee brand has a minimum age requirement of 16 years old to get a job. If you are one of the those who aspire to join this world-renowned brand, a stellar Starbucks resume is an excellent place to begin. Your resume allows you to highlight more than just your professional experience.

Job Market Outlook

Image for part: Job Market Outlook

As per the BLS, in 2020, the average salary for employees in this segment was $24,140, or $11.60 an hour. Income, like many jobs, is determined by a variety of considerations, such as company and geographic location. Food and beverage servers are anticipated to boost at a 17 percent annual rate through 2030, which is much faster than the national average. Due to the low salaries, the sector has a high turnover rate. New employees are always required to substitute those who exit for greater-paying roles or other sectors.

What is the job of a Starbucks employee

The majority of Starbucks staff are baristas who get orders from customers and make coffee and other beverages. Baristas also operate cashier checkout and credit card readers and assist in keeping shops clean and appealing. Starbucks also employs a wide range of supervisors and managers. Others work in corporate positions or production and delivery.

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Tips for writing a Starbucks barista resume

A Starbucks resume should be well-structured and adhere to requirements accompanied and recognized by each brand or organization. A well-developed resume indicates that whether you're creating a curriculum vitae for an entry-level job or a store supervisor, it should have a specific pattern and alignment. The initial step in applying to Starbucks is to set up an account on the company's Careers page, but you should also provide a resume or curriculum vitae. 

Resume format

Structure and design are all aspects of resume format. Your resume must not only be easily readable, but it must also be visually appealing. You should utilize an appropriate font, sufficient margins, an aligned layout, and suitable white space. Applicants with a few years of professional experience should apply. The reverse-chronological format puts the latest industry experience preceded by other job positions you've held chronologically.

Professional summary

The professional summary is your chance to convey your skills for the position in your own words. Make it as captivating as possible by emphasizing your unique qualities, whether they are your experience, schooling, and qualifications. Here is a barista resume professional summary example;

I am a talented and professional barista looking to use my qualifications to serve at Starbucks. A cooperative and enthusiastic barista with three-plus years of customer service expertise in the foodservice sector. 


Mention up to ten years of appropriate work experience in reverse chronological order. Do not simply outline your job responsibilities beneath each job entry. Rather than, ensure that the majority of your bullet points highlight outstanding accomplishments from previous roles. Utilize statistics to explain your successes to the potential employer by reviewing your resume whenever possible. Concentrate on precise details – what you basically accomplished at these job roles, preferably with factual information and statistics. Ensure your work experience is specific to the role you're seeking. Make use of the job specification to confirm that every bullet list on your resume is valid and useful. Here is a barista work experience resume example;

  • Customers were welcomed cheerfully and their orders were meticulously documented.
  • To make a variety of drinks, I used adequate brewing machinery and accompanied thorough instructions.
  • Equipped foods as needed and secured orders were packed precisely.
  • Work areas were washed, sterilized, and restocked.
  • Working well both individually and with other cafe team members.
  • I kept up with the latest brewing developments and recipes.
  • Maintained a positive relationship with repeat customers.


Working at Starbucks requires no basic qualifications because it is an entry-level position. As a student, you can conveniently apply for an entry-level position at Starbucks without having to bother about your courses or GPA rating. Although, try to acknowledge your education in a manner that emphasizes your capabilities. As an applicant with little to no professional experience, you must maintain the weight of your curriculum vitae by filling in the gaps in your education and skills sections. For a fresh graduate, the education portion of your resume serves to inform hiring managers about your overall attitude.


Recruiters value hard skills more since they correspond to on-the-job training and specialized expertise with a particular technology or procedures. Soft skills are also beneficial because they are thoroughly transferable and render you an excellent team player, but they are difficult to demonstrate on a resume. Here is a list of skills to include on a barista resume;

  • Latte art-making
  • Coffee bean professional
  • POS ( Point of sale systems)
  • Inventory management
  • Communication skills
  • Card Payments
  • Food & Beverage
  • Cash Handling
  • Customer Experience
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Food Service
  • Food Preparation
  • Multitasking
  • Efficiency
  • Time management
  • Critical thinking

Pointers for writing a Starbucks barista resume

Here are some of the pointers for writing a barista resume;

  • Concentrate your resume objective or professional summary on the core qualifications you will bring to the new position.
  • Provide practical experience from the previous ten years, beginning with the latest.
  • Emphasize your achievements and how you significantly contributed to your former jobs.
  • Examine the job advertisement and ensure your experience is relevant to the position's requirements.
  • Recheck your resume to ensure that it is mistake-free. Inspecting for spelling, punctuation, and grammar is significant. It is also beneficial to have somebody proofread your resume because they may detect errors that you have overlooked. 

Key Points

  1. Your resume should be no more than one- page. It is optimal to keep it brief and only involve the most significant facts. Eliminate any inaccurate data, filler phrases, or inappropriate details from your resume.
  2. Use resume keywords that hiring managers are searching for to maximize for ATS software.
  3. Your resume must be structured for every prospective employer.
  4. Write down your job responsibilities and barista expertise to illustrate your professional experience.
  5. Job roles should always correlate to the barista job advertisement requirements.
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