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How to become a barista

Working for the world's renowned coffee brand is a great opportunity. It's what Starbucks Barista is heart and soul. You can be one of them if you put in the time and dedication. Being a member of the Barista team is a difficult task. The application procedure, interview tests, and Starbucks orientation are all necessary. You can apply online on the company's website. If the company selects your application, you will be informed about the evaluation test.

It is generally a personality-dependent test that confirms the candidate's character. You will be taken into account for a telephonic interview if you pass the assessment, which is the initial stage in the interview procedure. It might be for about 30 minutes and, like the evaluation, is used to learn about the candidate's real character. If you are chosen, you will be invited to an in-person interview with the store's manager. It is the final stage.

You will receive a reply once you have cracked it. It could be a perfect invitation or it could take a few days or months to get the call. It is entirely dependent on your performance, how quickly you absorb information, how well you adapt to your surroundings, and how calmly you cope with every scenario.

Barista Job description

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  • Greeting customers, notifying them of specials or new items, questions are answered, and approving orders and payments.
  • Making sandwiches or baked products, grinding and combining coffee grounds, and serving products to customers.
  • Marketing coffee and tea combinations and brewing devices, emphasizing product variations, and instructing customers on brewing techniques.
  • Washing and stocking shelves in work and dining regions, unloading the trash, and disinfecting machinery and utensils.
  • To enhance food value, gain knowledge about brewing procedures, beverage blends, meal preparation, and presentation methodology.
  • Inventorying and restocking items on display shelves, tables, or beneath the counter.
  • Following all food security and quality assurance regulations.

Job Prospects of A Barista

A barista's task falls under the hospitality sector, which has outstanding opportunities all over the world. Coffee culture has easily been established as a social experience worldwide. It has spread substantially throughout towns and has reached the majority of the metropolitan areas. Approximately 3/4 of the population consumes coffee every day. Enhanced coffee intake translates to a thriving coffee sector in the country. This indicates that there will be plenty of jobs available for baristas in the years ahead. The two foremost contributors that are required to build more job vacancies for baristas in the coming years are a rise in the tourist industry and an appropriate climate. The demand for highly skilled and specialized baristas will increase as the coffee sector advances. There is a greater requirement for baristas who can serve individual clients faster while also accelerating the coffee-making process. If you are proficient, accredited, and qualified, you will have plenty of jobs available both now and in the years ahead.

What is the role of a barista

A barista prepares caffeine-containing drinks and serves food along with other workers and offers staff in cafes, or coffee shops. Among the duties of a barista are the following;

  • Communicating with customers in a friendly and approachable manner.
  • A POS system is used to accept card or cash transactions from customers.
  • Putting in the effort to perfect recipes for fresh or seasonal menu choices.
  • Advising customers on new coffee drinks.
  • Making use of cafe devices such as coffee machines, grinders, and frothing pitchers.
  • Heating and wrapping baked products or breakfast items for customers.
  • Receiving constructive feedback from customers and remaking coffee drinks according to their needs
  • Training new baristas on how to make certain coffee drinks or operate the POS system
  • Taking inventory of supplies and communicating with the manager to place orders for new equipment, coffee beans, takeout containers, or coffee syrups
  • Maintaining a clean and sanitary workspace
  • Cleaning cafe tables and bathrooms as needed
  • Receiving supply orders, checking invoices, and placing items in the storeroom

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Starbucks Barista Application Process

The 'careers" page can be found on the company's official website. You can select your location and all accessible possibilities will be displayed. Then you'll be prompted to enter some personal information, submit a resume, and respond to some questions about the company. Filling in the correct details will cause them to take your application sincerely.

Evaluation Test

Candidates are expected to reply to approximately 100 questions in various formats and types. For instance, questions like What are your biggest strengths? How would you manage an unsatisfied customer? 


After passing the evaluation test, you will be able to participate in the interviews. To begin, the HR team will usually conduct a telephone interview. They will ask for information about your previous experiences, accomplishments, expected remuneration, and areas of interest. If you pass the phone interview, the hiring professionals will call you in for an in-person interview. You may be invited to join in a 'Virtual Job Tryout.' The same questions will be asked again, but this time you must respond confidently. They will assess your self-assurance, sincerity, and social skills. When responding, be yourself.

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Starbucks Orientation  

After convincing the hiring managers, you may receive a phone call or an email. The hiring team then organizes an orientation program for the latest employees. It will be your training period. You will learn about the company where you work, your position in the corporation, and your team. As a Barista, you will be instructed more intensively to create the classic Starbucks flavor in every beverage. However, you will have a large number of people to assist you. Here are some of the important points to keep in mind as you progress through these stages;

Make an excellent resume

Create an updated resume that is simple and appealing. A large number of intricate and difficult resumes are not acknowledged.

Be ready for interviews 

By doing some research, gathering sources, and practicing common interview questions. Be ready to answer a few personal questions. During the interview, remain calm and sincere. It will boost your efficiency.

Prepare some questions 

You will get a chance to ask and discuss a few questions of your own.

Focus on social skills 

As a barista, you're expected to brighten a customer's day. You will also be operating with a lot of team members, so you must be respectful and professional. So make an effort to improve your interpersonal skills.

Knowledge about coffee 

Throughout your trainee period, you will be guided regarding the coffee-making method. However, they must have some aspirations for you, which is why you must be acquainted with the ingredient. And it will assist you to gain knowledge faster and more effectively.

Barista Job roles

Starbucks offers a variety of positions, but the barista is at the highest point of the list. Other career opportunities include;

Shift Supervisor 

They are in charge of overseeing the Baristas in the shop. You may qualify for this role if you have relevant prior experience.

Shift manager role 

They are accountable for ensuring the proper functioning of the store during various shifts. They typically report to the Manager.

Assistant Store Manager 

This position requires team cohesion, organizational skills, stress management abilities, and imaginative and innovative thinking. He assists the Store Manager and takes on most of his responsibilities.

Store Manager 

They are liable for everything that happens within a store owner's responsibilities involve maintaining the store's processes, establishing and guiding large teams, and achieving the business's requirements.

District Manager 

They manage and create teammates and approaches for the region's multi-stores.

Steps to becoming a barista

Here are steps to becoming a barista even if you've never worked as one before;

Look up the definitions of coffee terms

Before enrolling in classes or looking for work, brush up on basic wording linked to coffee and barista duties. Discover about the various sorts of coffee and what they entail, such as cappuccino, macchiato, and latte.

Purchase coffee machines and practice

If you love coffee and appreciate drinking it, you must invest in one or more bits of professional machinery to rehearse with at home. It could be a coffee grinder or a milk frother.

Take an online barista program

Potential baristas can develop their capabilities and recognize how to build a diverse range of coffee drinks by taking classes and watching instructional videos. You can obtain a barista certification training to gain professional integrity.

Train yourself by taking orders from friends and relatives

Use what you've understood about making coffee drinks to put your competencies to the test. You could take their instructions, and special guidelines, and prepare drinks for them to sample. Their comments can aid in the improvement of your methodology and customer service talents.

Examine the barista specifications for various coffee shops

Various coffee shops have separate barista prerequisites. That is why it is critical to conduct studies on locally operated or chain coffee shops in your region. While one company may involve earlier barista expertise, another may prefer a candidate with no experience who can be trained to plan their menu.

Work as a cashier or waiter in a coffee house

If the cafes in your location involve past knowledge, take into account starting as a table busser, or cashier to demonstrate your abilities. In this position, you might be willing to acquire barista training to develop specific drinks.

Apply for positions at renowned cafe chains

Famous cafe chains may provide more entry-level prospects to those who have never operated as baristas before. It's because they usually have advanced training software and the budget to recruit and instruct new workers.

What is an average salary of a barista

The typical wage for a Starbucks Barista in the USA is $11.64 per hour or $26,947 yearly. But, it is entirely dependent on your shift patterns, regular hours, efficiency, and experience. The average pay of a barista is decided by the business for which they work. Baristas operating for domestic or international chains, for instance, may be paid more than those, especially in local cafes. A Barista's income may also vary depending on whether they function full-time or part-time. 

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