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Starbucks Resume Sample

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Ralph S. Hurley


Barista with five-plus years of experience delivering top-quality espresso and brewed coffee in a dynamic coffee store environment. Customer-focused, responsive, and enthusiastic about giving customers the best café experience.


Starbucks, GA
  • At this fast-paced coffee shop, I worked as an exciting, resourceful, and competent Barista.
  • Brewing devices and instruments were used accurately to produce thoroughly entertaining beverages.
  • Maintains an understanding of menu options, offerings, and special offers.
  • Customers were always regarded with respect and politeness.
  • To confirm the maximum level of efficiency, I followed guidelines from top management and supervisors.
  • Always retained a hygienic and sanitized work atmosphere.
  • While working in other divisions, I developed brand beverages.
  • Throughout interactions, I offered excellent customer service, maintained store neatness, addressed money transactions, and trained new baristas. Keep understanding of all brands and advertising to confirm that orders are organized correctly every time.
  • Retaining a tidy office environment and managing to keep devices sanitized and in perfect working order guaranteed hygiene within the designated workplace at all times.
Marriott International, Inc, GA
  • Trained 30 plus new baristas in workflow operations, espresso and coffee roasting devices, and beverage preparation.
  • To establish relationships and boost brand loyalty, remember standard customers' coffee orders and priorities.
  • Recommended customers on coffee roasts, teas, specialized espresso drinks, and artisanal pastries, with precise, specific data about origin, taste, and aroma.
  • Maintaining a coordinated and spotless café atmosphere by cleaning supplies, coffee makers, tables, and the condiment bar on a constant schedule.
  • In terms of building customer loyalty, I introduced an innovative latte art training course, instructing 45 plus baristas on how to pour unique and beautiful design patterns.
  • I developed a new seasonal specialty coffee beverage recipe.
  • Allow customers to participate in free coffee tasting seminars, and use upselling methodologies to promote sales.
  • To maximize drink sales, provided customers with data about coffee beans, beverage components, and the roasting technique.
  • To avoid mishaps or injuries, I practiced security protocols when functioning with equipment like coffee machines.
  • Any difficulties with quality assurance or upkeep requirements were conveyed to the administration for prompt resolution.


Bachelor’s in Food Service Management
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA


Certified Coffee Specialist
Barista Guild Level-2 Certification

2932 Edington Drive

Douglasville, GA 30134                     

Espresso Techniques
Critical thinking
Communication skills
Time management
Inventory management
Latte art-making
Point of sale systems