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Willard E. Powers


Self-directed Server with an 11 year proven record of drawing in repeat customers by offering great meal service to restaurant consumers. Excellent understanding of food and beverage goods, and remarkable insight into proposing complementary menu items. A devoted hospitality expert with a specific flair for giving courteous service that encourages visitors to stay.


Head Server
Morandi, NYC
  • Supervised a team of 8 servers, implementing training programs to improve service quality and ensure consistency in customer satisfaction.
  • Orchestrated special events, including private parties and corporate gatherings, managing event logistics, seating arrangements, and catering services to meet specific client requirements.
  • Collaborated with the kitchen staff to develop and refine menu items, incorporating customer feedback and market trends to enhance the overall dining experience.
  • Conducted performance evaluations for serving staff, providing constructive feedback and recognition to foster professional growth and motivation within the team.
  • Implemented cost-effective strategies for inventory management, reducing waste and optimizing stock levels to improve overall profitability.
  • Assisted in the development of seasonal menus and promotional offerings, contributing to increased customer engagement and revenue generation.
  • Resolved complex customer issues and complaints, demonstrating strong conflict resolution skills and a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Maintained a comprehensive understanding of safety and hygiene standards, enforcing strict adherence to regulations to ensure a safe dining environment for both customers and staff.
Head Server
Marriot International, New York
  • Lead a team of 10 servers, providing guidance and training to ensure exceptional service delivery and guest satisfaction.
  • Oversee daily operations, including managing reservations, seating arrangements, and coordinating with the kitchen staff to ensure timely and accurate food service.
  • Demonstrate extensive knowledge of the menu items, including ingredients, preparation methods, and wine pairings, to make recommendations and enhance the dining experience for patrons.
  • Handle customer inquiries, feedback, and complaints with professionalism, resolving issues promptly to maintain a positive dining atmosphere.
  • Collaborate with management to develop and implement service protocols, streamline workflows, and enhance overall efficiency in the restaurant.
  • Conduct regular staff meetings to communicate updates, discuss service standards, and address any operational concerns, fostering a cohesive and motivated team environment.
  • Manage inventory levels for dining supplies, ensuring that necessary items are consistently stocked and readily available during service hours.
  • Maintain a clean and organized dining area, adhering to sanitation and safety regulations, and overseeing table arrangements for a comfortable and visually appealing ambiance.
Olive Garden, GA
  • Collecting food and beverage orders over the telephone and providing them on time.
  • Taking care of all cash register operations and restocking refrigerators with dressings and desserts.
  • In all work tasks, I successfully taught, inspired, and guided teammates.
  • Properly produced food items and cooked desserts.
  • Offered high-quality meals to visitors and ensured a memorable dining environment.
  • I delegated the meal orders to my subordinates so that they might be prepared.
  • Thoroughly evaluated the food and service excellence of orders delivered.
  • Calculated the orders serviced and obtained the payment.
  • Responded quickly to client concerns and handled difficulties.
  • Enhanced guest check rates progressively by advertising appetizers, specialty products, and wine options.
  • Won the Dessert Sales Contest, which resulted in a 15% boost in overall sales figures.
  • Teamed up on the design of eye-catching front-of-house exhibitions to promote new items.
Four Points by Shearton, GA
  • With persuasive selling and dessert-to-go purchases, I regularly had the top guest check rates across all full-time waiters.
  • Unofficially acknowledged as Head Server, with responsibilities for supervising opening and closing operations and instructing new servers on menu options, corporate regulations, and protocols.
  • Occasionally aided coworkers at peak hours to encourage teamwork while offering outstanding service and a memorable dining experience for guests.
  • Specialized to provide excellent customer service by being approachable and courteous.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and team development abilities, and the ability to establish relationships with a wide spectrum of clients, supervisors, and coworkers, a knack for swiftly addressing conflicts prior to advancement.
  • Complete understanding of menu items, especially gourmet cuisine, spirits, and wine combinations.
  • Experienced at recognizing, detecting, and meeting the needs of guests, and describing unique requests.
  • In dynamic situations, efficiently juggled while staying respectful and courteous.


Diploma of Hospitality Management
College of Coastal Georgia, GA


Certified Restaurant Server (CRS)
Certified Professional - Food Safety (CP-FS)

1705 Austin Avenue

Brunswick, GA 31520                     

Payment Processing
Deliver Orders
Money Handling
Food Service Regulations
Central Reservations Systems (CRS)
Client Relationships