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DevOps Engineer Resume Example

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How to write a DevOps Engineer resume

According to BLS, software development, which involves DevOps engineers, is one of the fastest increasing sectors, with a 22 percent increase anticipated from 2019-2029. Such expansion means there will be lots of opportunities for you to search for, but it also implies you will have to compete with a heap of skilled job applicants looking to get the benefit of the expanding sector. Before giving you suggestions on how to write a DevOps engineer resume, first understand...

What is DevOps?

The conventional software development tasks utilized a segmented approach. When a bit of software was necessary, a firm would form a group dedicated to that program. Following the completion of the software, the staff hand over the finished system to an operations department to monitor. Any software changes would need the formation of a new team to solve the concerns. It usually led to conflict between the operations group, which was responsible for ensuring a network's viability for clients, and the development staff was making improvements fully operational.

DevOps originated from the agile methodologies approach, which emphasizes collaboration and iteration in software design. It encourages ongoing engagement and review between teammates and stakeholders to develop and enhance the software. DevOps allows businesses to streamline their approach to software creation and optimize the deployment, reliability, and servicing of several software products. It is a method of splitting down the expensive barriers that frequently appear in businesses of all sizes when developing applications.

DevOps engineers help with many areas of development and maintenance by playing different roles throughout the process. They ensure that the firm stays on pace to meet project deadlines. They provide uniformity in code modifications and the delivery of new application systems to diverse settings.

Exceptional DevOps professionals know how to take a step back and look at the broader picture. They also understand how to evaluate particular functions in a workflow and improve their efficiency. For instance, they may advise testers on the techniques to employ while assessing the feasibility of a new online application.

Job Market Outlook for DevOps Engineer

The prospects of DevOps professionals are as promising as the development of IT as a whole. And as engineers establish new business activities, there will be a requirement for professionals who understand structuring, debugging, and delivering high-quality updates to clients. According to research, there is a huge demand for competent software operations experts to handle program deployments more than the other type of software engineer.

As per the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the employment market for software developers will expand by 21% from 2018 to 2028, which is more than four times faster than the overall growth rate of 5%. The DevOps market should rise much quicker.

To achieve long-term achievement and advancement in DevOps, you must continually broaden your skillset. There is always a modern technology on the horizon that promises to revolutionize the way we create, deliver, and administer software. It is up to DevOps engineers to analyze their applicability and ensure that they are securely implementing it into their company's current CI/CD architecture.

What are the Duties of a DevOps Engineer?

Image for part: What are the Duties of a DevOps Engineer?

Skilled DevOps engineers create application works that look smooth. They understand and carry out the demands of programmers, administrators, stakeholders and handle difficulties during project revisions. In many aspects, DevOps engineers are comparable to IT project managers. They fill the gap between the operations group and the coders by educating each other on their respective roles in maintaining effective software project results.

Here are some of the duties that DevOps Engineers perform daily;

  • Infrastructure Management. DevOps professionals keep monitoring the several activities involved in software development and production. They ensure that the people have the necessary information, that databases can expand to suit corporate requirements, and monitor the administration of various operational procedures. The position also entails the supervision of diagnostics and scheduled deployments.
  • Oversight of Security. DevOps engineers verify the confidentiality and reliability of any software that the organization deploys. They investigate and handle any issues that might result in the compromise of valuable corporate data. DevOps engineers also work with the cyber security division by following the current organizational standards.
  • Automation Management. DevOps in the present day often entails the utilization of numerous computerized technologies to facilitate the consistent supply of code to diverse settings. DevOps engineers know how to minimize manual operations and increase the productivity of the system production life cycle.

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Steps for writing a DevOps resume

Image for part: Steps for writing a DevOps resume

Professional summary

Add your most relevant DevOps skills in your resume professional summary that highlights your accomplishments with concrete figures. Include your top talents helps that recruiters see them when they rapidly read your application. If employers like what they saw in your resume description, they're likely to move on to the more extensive portions of your CV.

DevOps Engineer with more than seven years of expertise assisting agile software upgrades, developing, expanding, and optimizing systems. Helped save the company around $1.5 million per year by using knowledge in Jenkins, Git, AWS, and other technologies, while decreasing deployment durations from hours to minutes. Proficient in a variety of programming languages, like Java, C++, and Python.


If you have considerable DevOps expertise, prevent stuffing as much experience and qualifications as possible onto your CV. Rather, thoroughly study the job requirements and mention just the DevOps qualifications, code technologies, and successes most essential to the role. Recruiters enjoy reading resumes that are specifically suited to their job advertisements. Answering hiring employers' queries in your CV makes their job simpler and increases your chances of landing an interview. The below are some adjustments to keep in mind when customizing your CV to a job specification;

  • If the job requirement expressly states that you must be familiar with C++ and Python, add them at the top of your selection of computer languages and highlight notable initiatives in which you used C++ or Python.  
  • When a job ad seeks applicants with AWS competence, place evidence of your AWS credentials prominently throughout your CV.


You are an expert in mechanization as a DevOps Engineer. So it must be unsurprising that many firms utilize ATS to filter applications using AI that searches the content of your application papers for resume keywords related to suitable abilities. Take notice of the keywords stated by the recruiter from the job ad. Put only job post keywords to make it an ATS-optimized resume. Here is a list of skills for your resume;

  • Technical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Project management skills
  • Multitasking
  • Self-motivated
  • Coding languages (Python, Java, C, C++, C#, and Golang)
  • DevOps tools (Jenkins, Puppet, Git, Ansible, Chef, Nagios, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS)
  • Microsoft Office

A trustworthy DevOps professional is well-versed in all aspects of the Systems Development Life Cycle, described as the structured process of designing, creating, evaluating, implementing, and managing a technology platform. They must also have a complete understanding of fundamental DevOps ideas and best practices. Here are some of the DevOps engineer hard skills necessary to be present in a resume;

  • Agile Development. DevOps engineers assist groups in organizing tasks in shorter stages, known as sprints, to complete a significant amount of updates. They also aid in the mapping of the work that the department must accomplish in future sessions and incorporate input from each edition of a software system to solve future difficulties.
  • Continuous Integration. DevOps engineers ensure coordination of the new code with a current codebase. The engineers uniform design and prevent including elements that might degrade efficiency and negatively impact clients.
  • Continuous Delivery. DevOps engineers are in charge of the constant deployment of new programs through monitoring and automation. They seek methods to eliminate waste and guarantee that programming is always ready to launch. DevOps developers must learn how to use popular CI/CD systems such as Jenkins to handle various elements of rapid deployment.
  • Orchestration. DevOps engineers can examine procedures and explore new methods to enhance productivity by eliminating manual tasks. To accelerate deployments and coordination process ensures turning any repeated procedures in an automatic system. Making database modifications or establishing a new web host are examples of such tasks.
  • Source / Version Control. Source control technologies, often known as version management solutions, assist DevOps engineers in reducing production time and increasing the likelihood of effective releases. These technologies aid in the recording and storing of modifications to web applications over time. GitHub, Subversion, AWS CodeCommit, and Microsoft Team Foundation System are all famous source management solutions.
  • Container Management. Containers enable it easy for DevOps engineers to build up flexible staging for various apps. They permit you to make accurate clones of a system that is necessary for the distribution. Containers are more portable than virtual computers, which they used previously for this reason. Docker, Kubernetes, Microsoft Containers, and DigitalOcean are some significant container technologies. DevOps engineers may assure uniformity across many platforms by using containers.
  • Programming Knowledge. A computer science foundation is essential for performance as a DevOps engineer. Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript are a few technologies that a potential DevOps engineer will have to study. Anyone interested in working as a DevOps engineer in a company must have prior knowledge of various diagnostics techniques, integration technologies, automation, and computer languages. Most DevOps experts have experience in IT project supervision, systems management, software engineering, or other IT fields.

Though technological competence (hard skills) is essential, DevOps engineers must also have management and interpersonal skills (soft skills) to flourish in this profession.

The following are some of the most popular soft skills for DevOps engineers;

  • Efficient team administration and leadership.
  • Clients with varying degrees of technical understanding will benefit from clear and concise communication.
  • An insight into the workplace culture and the individuals that use regulated software solutions
  • A dedication to quality checks to maintain the DevOps application's authenticity.
  • The capacity to keep delivering information to developers and other stakeholders.


Image for part: Education

DevOps engineers often begin with a bachelor's degree in software development, computer science, or a similar subject in the IT sector. A background in mathematics can also give the groundwork for advancing one's career in DevOps engineering. Prospective DevOps engineers should select a course that offers them to specialize in the following areas;

  • Software Development. DevOps engineers must know how to explore, construct, and deploy software products. Scala, JavaScript, and Ruby are technologies that can help with both front-end and back-end software development. It's also beneficial to become acquainted with recent JavaScript technologies and runtimes such as React, Angular, Node.js, and Polymer.
  • Cloud Architecture. With so many enterprises shifting to cloud technologies for data and processing demands, DevOps engineers should be familiar with cloud architecture fundamentals. This position will almost clearly necessitate the maintenance of programs and databases on a cloud platform. Browse for courses that address subjects such as cloud technology, cloud database administration, and serverless design.
  • System Architecture. DevOps Engineers must examine and manage the complete DevOps process used to help development, testing, and CI/CD procedures. That entails comprehending the movement of all firm processes and the effects that varying adjustments have on customers in multiple parts of a corporation. Explore subjects such as networked systems architecture, software design, and client-server configuration. Understanding the fundamentals of data retrieval, networking, and memory allocation are also valuable.

Certifications and Licenses

DevOps engineers that want to improve and certify their expertise might think about getting certified in these areas. It demonstrates to recruiters your dedication to creating and sustaining your skillset. Remember that every organization has a preference for a technological stack. The following are some of the credentials for DevOps engineers;

  • Cloud Development and Architecture. Amazon and Microsoft provide DevOps professionals with the option to get valuable credentials in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Windows/Linux. Most DevOps engineers will have to collaborate and maintain Linux and Windows operating systems. To certify your abilities on such technologies, acquire accreditations such as the CompTIA Linux+ or the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA).
  • Cybersecurity. DevOps engineers should safeguard the workflow against data theft and verify the safety of any program software or technology added into the system. A vendor-neutral certification such as the CSA's Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) is appropriate.

Format for DevOps engineer resume

Try adopting the classic reverse-chronological resume structure if you are a skilled DevOps engineer. It starts with your most current experience and lets the employer understand how your abilities and expertise have developed over time. If you're looking for an entry-level IT career or don't have any technical expertise, a functional resume style is a great place to begin. It will permit you to include skills gained through education, traineeships, and other non-employment activities. You draw viewer's attention away from your lack of relevant professional experience by using this resume structure. Lastly, if you are fresh to the sector or are transferring from some other world of IT, consider creating a hybrid resume. In this situation, you can highlight essential technical talents and your Information Systems expertise.

What are the salaries of a DevOps Engineer?

In the United States, approximate monthly wage for DevOps engineers and associated job positions;

  • DevOps Engineer: $126,793
  • DevOps Manager: $113,740
  • Software Developer: $108,366
  • Front-End Web Developer: $107,276
  • IT Project Manager: $96,509
  • Database Administrator: $95,357
  • Computer Systems Analyst: $80,787
  • Computer Programmer: $76,085

DevOps Engineer Resume Example

DevOps Engineer Resume Professional Summary

DevOps Engineer with professional experience administering and enhancing IT systems for well over 150,000 users at any particular time. Demonstrated ability to introduce expansion into older systems and simultaneously improve performance measures by up to 35%.

DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

  • Linux system administration
  • Bash scripting
  • Jenkins
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes     

DevOps Engineer Resume Job Description

  • Created and operated a network for corporation-wide development activities.
  • Accountable for administering and monitoring the operation of 12 Unix systems.
  • AWS Cloud Computing interfaces were tested for functionality.
  • Supervised over 250 operations with a significant event rate of less than 2%.
  • Documenting was generated by methodically assessing the results and functionality of historical systems, creating several user and programmer manuals, and implementing an automation tool reporting process.
  • Aided in the growth of infrastructure into over 14 nations.
  • Supplier methods and techniques were inspected and instructed to verify conformity with our guidelines.
  • Performed periodic performance monitoring on a variety of systems.
  • Set up a firewall and a networking tracking system.

Senior Devops Engineer Resume Example I

Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Professional Summary

Searching for a DevOps role where a foundation in the creation, development, and delivery of software and architecture may be leveraged to confirm efficiency, responsiveness, and productivity in the gaming sector. Comprehensive knowledge in SCM, VMware, and AWS cloud services. Proficiency and perfect understanding of automatic cloud-based network execution, such as Web services, Application Control Interfaces, routers, archiving, analytics, and safety.

Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Meeting participation
  • Project planning
  • Performance Management
  • Developer collaboration
  • Custom coding
  • IT solution development
  • Effective communication
  • Software applications

Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Job Description

  • Established and designed an automation and management system to handle large-scale internal and open cloud installations.
  • Formulated and built corporation-wide distribution, maintenance, and tracking systems.
  • Implemented an efficient construction and delivery procedure for the program, re-engineering the configuration for a better experience, and paving the way for the development of a constant information model.
  • Successfully developed agile Software Launch Administration methodologies for a range of uses.
  • Accountable for the execution of the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes, including the use of Jenkins, Python, and Shell programs to streamline daily tasks.

Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Example II

Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Professional Summary

Versatile information technology expert with considerable managerial and relevant expertise in the corporate, educational, and government areas. Unix network, operations and development, DevOps, and Agile approach experience. Exceptional interpersonal skills, and previous expertise in career advancement, networking, monitoring, and regulation.

Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

  • Configuration Management
  • Docker
  • Active Learning
  • Containers
  • AWS/VMWare/Cisco
  • Perceptiveness
  • Monitoring

Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Job Description

  • Transmission of knowledge from two significant technical staff that went on to other possibilities.
  • Assisting the supervisor in recruiting five members of the operations team and bringing them up to accelerate on the surroundings.
  • On a combination data model, I managed site performance.
  • Collaborated with development groups to resolve issues with in-house software.
  • Upgraded surveillance by modifying warning levels and increasing reach to close tracking holes.
  • Jenkins and shell tools were used to do software updates.

Senior DevOps Engineer/Researcher Resume Example

Senior DevOps Engineer/Researcher Resume Professional Summary

Evaluate and find solutions linked to SVN open source integration. Optimize system availability and operating excellence. A DevOps Engineer professional with excellent scripting language skillsets and a collaborative mindset to address issue and collaborate with engineers to provide dependable and accessible service. A dedicated DevOps engineer who is enthusiastic about developing outstanding systems in a very agile and dynamic setting.

Senior DevOps Engineer/Researcher Resume Skills

  • Creative Thinking
  • Source Control
  • Puppet/Chef
  • Critical Thinking
  • Deployment
  • Salt/Ansible
  • Jenkins

Senior DevOps Engineer/Researcher Resume Job Description

  • Working with the marketing and technical staff to streamline, organize, and standardize ABC's cloud architecture, and lead and oversee the expansion of the company's inner IT network.
  • Developed new procedures and controls for the construction process, and participated in inspections, the build Continuous Integration framework (Jenkins), and the continuous delivery setting (puppet).
  • Integrated autonomous program distribution and wrote installation and automation procedures.
  • Participated in directing the automation release group and dealing with Puppet, and writing puppet packages for software deployment.
  • Over 200+ AWS cloud servers were handled, and the AWS command prompt functionality was used to administer and setup numerous AWS technologies.
  • To address the dynamic IP needs, VPCs with numerous network segments and subnets were scheduled and constructed.

Senior DevOps Engineer/Manager Resume Example

Senior DevOps Engineer/Manager Resume Professional Summary

Experienced, imaginative layout management professional with a strong interest in tool development and automation. Extensive, hands-on, and managerial expertise in all aspects of infrastructure support, comprising operating systems, database mechanisms, network management, and professional writing.

Senior DevOps Engineer/Manager Resume Skills

  • Portable code writer
  • Engineering standards
  • Process Improvement
  • Solutions Deployment
  • Database Programming
  • Operational Improvement

Senior DevOps Engineer/Manager Resume Job Description

  • Automated assessment, planning, and execution.
  • Responsible for formulating and executing the USDA research Management Systems program, which will make it simpler to create and maintain USDA field observations.
  • Perl functional testing and automated Internet Browser testing were used to design and fabricate an automation testing framework.
  • MySQL and RedBrick inquiries were created and optimized.
  • LDAP authentication methods were written to connect Catalyst software to the current Active Directory authentication infrastructure.

Associate Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Example

Associate Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Professional Summary

Over 5 years of expertise scheduling, building, and delivering cases on AWS, Rackspace cloud platforms, and data centers, and familiarity with EC2, ELB, Cloud watch, and administering safety teams and IAM on AWS. Windows, Red Hat Linux, Centos, and Solaris computers are used to manage multiple contexts in the software production lifecycle.

Associate Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

  • Monitoring
  • Python/Perl
  • Leadership Skills
  • Programming
  • Apache/Nginx
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Agile
  • Zabbix/Sensu

Associate Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Job Description

  • Accountable for developing and enhancing the stability and efficiency of AWS cloud programs and architecture.
  • Collaborated with the production group to create a participatory IT operations framework focused on Agile and DevOps approaches, and created code in several programming languages to enable computerized IT management techniques - the backbone of cloud services.
  • Over 200+ AWS cloud servers were enabled, and the AWS command prompt functionality was employed to administer and set up numerous AWS services.
  • In EC2 instances, I installed, configured, upgraded, and patched RHEL 6.x, 5.x, and Windows 2008, 2012.
  • To address the configurable IP needs, VPCs with numerous network segments and subnetworks were devised and constructed.
  • Extensive search was used via JSON and the Java API.
  • Composed chef recipe books for deploying and administering programs.

Assistant Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Example

Assistant Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Professional Summary

Over 8 years of IT expertise, including Oracle, UNIX, JavaScript, and Shell scripting. Assessment, planning, programming, modification, maintenance, and unit testing were all part of the job. Experience developing user interfaces using a template software tool. Excellent expertise in L4 level management and improvements/bug fixes, and the concepts and best practices of Software Configuration Management in Agile, scrum, and Waterfall approaches.

Assistant Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

  • Process Improvement
  • Operational Improvement
  • Web-based software engineering
  • Solutions Deployment
  • Database

Assistant Senior DevOps Engineer Resume Job Description

  • Collaborate with network engineering professionals to determine hardware/software needs for the construction of a new network.
  • Addressing code flaws, modernizing interfaces, and boosting overall effectiveness enhanced the total quality of the current automotive applications.
  • Interaction with other business analysts, software developers, and architecture professionals was essential in delivering highly scalable systems for mission-critical programs.
  • I was responsible for launching new computer applications and operating systems throughout a range of business areas, like chips and table.
  • Interaction with a multi-functional group of business analysts, designers, and tech assistance personnel to create a complete list of new software specifications.

AWS DevOps Engineer Resume Example

AWS DevOps Engineer Resume Professional Summary

9+ years of experience as a Build & Deployment DevOps Engineer Considerable experience establishing and guiding teams through the Release/Change Monitoring Method Experience with Continuous Integration Technologies (Jenkins, and Team City). Knowledge of software design approaches like Waterfall, Agile, and Scrum. Solid knowledge of bash - Perl/Expect, and experience to Python coding. Extensive hands-on expertise with the development and implementation of SOA services such as Oracle Policy Modeling, and Oracle Business Activity Administration.

AWS DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

  • Maven
  • Gradle
  • NANT DevOps Docker
  • Nagios
  • Puppet
  • Openstack & AWS Working Knowledge
  • Scripting Languages Linux Sheel Scripting And Advanced Shell Scripting
  • Configuration Management Perforce
  • Subversion
  • GIT
  • Bit Bucket CI Tools Jenkins

AWS DevOps Engineer Resume Job Description

  • Offered NoSQL database efficiency optimization and stress analysis to obtain satisfactory database quality in the production server.
  • Designing and building NoSQL databases such as Mongo, and cache databases.
  • Establishing and installing VMS on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, maintaining the network interface, azure ad, and developing PowerShell programs to execute all of the preceding activities.
  • Developing a structural management platform Ansible for on-demand deployment.
  • Producing playbooks for dynamic habitats and modifying old plays for Rackspace provisioning.
  • Constructing and updating cloud forming frameworks, chef recipes, and programs for automating and deploying AWS supplies and configuration updates.
  • Incorporating Subversion with Hudson/Jenkins to simplify the software check-out workflow utilized Hudson/Jenkins for scheduling projects and deploys managed shell and Perl programs for automation.
  • Connecting Jira with git hub source code allowed for the maintenance and administration of Jira, and the assignment of responsibilities to users.
  • Upgrading all Jira activity for the software group to monitor the status of user requirements or problems.

Jr. DevOps Engineer Resume Example

Jr. DevOps Engineer Resume Professional Summary

6 years of IT expertise as a DevOps Engineer with knowledge of software maintenance, Build and Release monitoring, and Linux Systems Control. Skilled with merging, labeling, and versioning across settings utilizing SCM technologies such as GIT, Subversion, and TFS on Linux and Windows systems. TortoiseSVN and webSVN for Subversion were installed, and embedded Jira - a process improvement application. 

Jr. DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

  • SCM
  • SonalQube
  • Bitbucket
  • SaltStack
  • Hudson
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Agile
  • Jira
  • Nagios
  • CentOS
  • Hardware IBM P-series

Jr. DevOps Engineer Resume Job Description

  • Performing as a DevOps Engineer for a group that includes three separate software developers and various product upgrades that are all happening at the same time.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and the capacity to communicate with individuals at all levels.
  • Excellent professional experience as part of a team to achieve the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.
  • Cooperating with off-shore staff to facilitate the application in operation.
  • Creating and executing rapid application continuous delivery solutions for a variety of projects.
  • Delivering Java apps to web nodes in an agile constant iteration framework, and automating the entire process.
  • Integrating program quality assessment approaches - checking style, finding problems with ci instruments.
  • Participate in the design builds employing chef as a configuration performance measure.

Build & Release Engineer/DevOps Engineer Resume Example

Build & Release Engineer/DevOps Engineer Resume Professional Summary

DevOps Engineer with 8 years of industry experience as a specialization of Software Design/ Management/Continuous Integration and knowledge on source control technologies such as Subversion, Clear case organization, controlling build, and various deployments. I have also worked on Clear Quest (Bug Monitoring Software) handling and have experience with Build Automation technologies such as Hudson and Continuum.

Build & Release Engineer/DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

  • AWS
  • Linux
  • Unix Administration
  • System Administration
  • Perforce
  • Subversion
  • ANT
  • Scripting
  • Build And Release Automation

Build & Release Engineer/DevOps Engineer Resume Job Description

  • Engaging with client staff to comprehend client installation needs.
  • Coordination with the production, database architecture, quality assurance, and IT operations departments to avoid issues.
  • Accountable for interacting with source code management technologies like Team Foundation System and Git.
  • Composing the programs in Jenkins utilizing maven construct resources to transfer from one platform to another.
  • The main responsibilities include the development and distribution of Java programs to complex settings such as dev, QA, UAT, and manufacturing.
  • Evaluate, fix, assemble, and release issues linked to writing programs, diverging, combining, and source code construction, and Linux management.
  • Incorporating a continuous deployment network with Jenkins and Chef to automate the process from assign to release.
  • Supporting chef and puppet systems, and a management platform that may leverage ServiceNow records to restore computers to their original condition by modifying folders, processes, or modules deployed on real or virtual systems.

Middleware/DevOps Engineer Resume Example

Middleware/DevOps Engineer Resume Professional Summary

Solid understanding of version control platforms such as Subversion and GIT, and proficiency with source specification control client technologies such as Stash, SourceTree, GitHub, Git GUI, and other command-line apps, etc. Excellent knowledge of the ideas and benchmarks of Software Configuration Management in Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall approaches. SCM Workflow, rules, regulations, and Release Notes were intended to facilitate manufacturing and let QA groups launch or distribute the best quality products for the organization.

Middleware/DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

  • Anthill Pro
  • Docker
  • Bug Tracker & Testing Tools: JIRA
  • Redmine
  • HP Quality Center
  • Project Management Tools: Base Camp
  • Atlassian Tools
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Scrum Methodologies

Middleware/DevOps Engineer Resume Job Description

  • Integrating many teams for various technologies, like java/j2ee.
  • Retaining full evidence of fairly difficult system requirements, such as system installation processes, backup and restore methodologies, and system testing procedures.
  • Creating and establishing an agile SDLC, and improving the framework for software configuration management.
  • Delivered java initiatives into web software hosts such as Apache Tomcat.
  • Perform the essential everyday subversion operations for the task, such as integrating, establishing branches, and labels employing tortoise svn.
  • Administering the codebase of a program app, involving breaking and version control.
  • Maven is used to generate artifacts from the software system and put them in the Nexus centralized database for corporate releases.
  • Engagement with coders to identify and deliver clear detection of frequent build errors.

Release Engineer/DevOps Engineer Resume Example

Release Engineer/DevOps Engineer Resume Professional Summary

Expertise in Siebel system building and deployment execution, Oracle Policy Technology, HP ALM, Web Logic, and Java programming projects. Experience configuring Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for Siebel, OBIEE, Web Logic, and Java systems. Domain expertise in health services, production, and automobiles.

Release Engineer/DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

  • Puppet
  • XL Deploy
  • Siebel Administrator
  • Python
  • VBScript
  • MS-SQL
  • Oracle
  • Apache HTTP Server

Release Engineer/DevOps Engineer Resume Job Description

  • Participate in the setup of Siebel, OBIEE, HP ALM, and SOA in build and deployment technology.
  • Coordination with software development, system management, and DevOps staff to ensure a seamless and effective rollout.
  • Involved in granting coders admission to git libraries via ssh key transfer.
  • In charge of uploading the generated Siebel SRF and non-repository documents to the git repo.
  • Accountable for providing the most recent OBIEE RPD and catalog records to the git folder.
  • Required for the storing and preservation of code base on a regular basis for disaster response.
  • Develop custom team zones, elements, pipelines, schedules, dashboards, iterations, and work item classes in RTC.

Puppet Developer/DevOps Engineer Resume Example

Puppet Developer/DevOps Engineer Resume Professional Summary

Experienced and qualified DevOps Engineer with 10 years of industry expertise in DevOps, Build Automation, and Release Administration, covering end-to-end software setup, creating binaries and releases of artifacts, and the whole life cycle paradigm in enterprise systems. A solid grasp of the SDLC, and skills in program build/release and installation handling.

Puppet Developer/DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

  • Cloud Watch And Nagios Configuration Management 
  • Ant Operating System Windows Variants
  • Server Apache
  • Tomcat
  • RTC CI Tools Jenkins
  • Bamboo 
  • UNIX

Puppet Developer/DevOps Engineer Resume Job Description

  • Cooperating with the production and management teams to construct the procedures and technologies required to enable the standardization of builds, releases, debugging, and architecture as code utilizing chef.
  • Creating Chef scripts to set up, install and support the current network software system.
  • Transferring their local database server, especially test and production settings, to AWS.
  • Implementing the product's application logic with elastic cache and establishing AWS cloud watch for program analytics.
  • Responsible for developing comprehensive formation and integrating strategy, reviewing policies, increasing code quality, and developing backup and archive strategies.
  • Functioning alongside the project administrators for the launch and project managers for all ongoing projects to coordinate supplies.
  • Take part in the design of the DevOps framework and cloud technologies.

SCM/DevOps Engineer Resume Example

SCM/DevOps Engineer Resume Professional Summary

DevOps Engineer with experience in the IT business, including Development, Network Architecture, and Software Configuration Management. My areas of expertise include SCM, Build/Release Monitoring, Transition/Incident Management, and AWS Cloud Technology.

SCM/DevOps Engineer Resume Skills

  • AWS Build Tools: Ant
  • Oracle
  • Bug Reporting Tools: Bugzilla, Jira
  • PVCS Tracker Web/Application Servers: Tomcat
  • Perl Source Code Management: Subversion, TFS, Git
  • Maven Scripting Languages: Shell, Ruby

SCM/DevOps Engineer Resume Job Description

  • Delivered configuration management knowledge to all software design initiatives.
  • Establishing multiple Jenkins and Hudson tasks for the installation of Java-based apps and the execution of test scripts.
  • Transferred complete social media architecture from Amazon Web Services to Rackspace hosting.
  • Presently in charge of integrating Symantec's processes and related products with OpenStack, focusing mostly on the cinder element.
  • Generating and replicating templates for multiple platforms like windows, Redhat Linux versions, and Ubuntu application software.
  • Creating git hooks for the local database, code transfer, and remote archive, and working on the git hub.
  • Solid understanding of version control platforms such as subversion and git, and source tracking client programs such as git bash, and other command-line interfaces.


  • Consider the employer's point of view and determine what they might expect to see in a CV.
  • Provide all of your information in a clean and readable manner that is conveniently visible.
  • Outline all of the abilities required for a DevOps Engineer.
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