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How to write a DevOps engineer cover letter

When a job applicant applies for a DevOps Engineer position at a new organization, they must demonstrate their worth through several channels. Although the DevOps Engineer resume is the most renowned component of the job application, the DevOps Engineer cover letter is vital for securing a position. Composing an excellent DevOps Engineer cover letter is significant to your job hunting experience.

Most businesses no longer require cover letters nowadays, although many job applicants are still required to submit cover letters. In addition, if you submit through email to the hiring manager, your email serves as a cover letter. An interesting DevOps Engineer cover letter will enable you to catch the recruiter's attention and result in a job interview. Before you can construct a job-winning cover letter, first choose the material and structure for the document.

When preparing a DevOps engineer cover letter, check the specifications given in the job specification of the position. Illustrate your most essential or remarkable credentials to demonstrate to businesses why you are an ideal applicant for the post. A compelling cover letter will attract the employer's attention and enable you to stand out from the crowd.

What is the purpose of the DevOps engineer cover letter?

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The cover letter serves as a type of primary criterion for you. It assesses your ability to tell an engaging story about yourself. The company is attempting to determine whether or not you will be able to produce captivating stories on behalf of that firm in the future by evaluating your cover letter composing talents.

Most employers may let you upload a cover letter to your application as an alternative. If you accept this as a task and complete it, it will indicate your strong dedication to the corporation and help create a narrative about yourself as a leader and contributor. And here's the essential point, the approach is more valuable than the result. When you begin the cover letter writing task, you can find out your narrative and how you are the ideal remedy to the company's problem.

Prepare a pre-interview study on the organization to know what you're supposed to address and how you can describe yourself during the interview. When you've completed your DevOps Engineer cover letter, you will have a conceptual comparison statement for how you intend to display yourself in all of your interviews, which is quite beneficial.

Format for DevOps Engineer cover letter

The most successful and compelling cover letters comprise three main components.

1. The first section is an introduction. The opening paragraph contains the following specifics;

  • The firm to which you are applying
  • Job position
  • Synopsis of how you will contribute to the organization.

Most cover letters neglect to specify the job role or the enterprise name. It is evident to the recruiter that you're sending the same cover letter to several organizations, which suggests that you're not sincere enough or don't think about creating a lasting impression. If that's the case, it is best not to send a cover letter at all! Also, be sure that you are submitting the relevant cover letter to the exact organization. You have to show that you have invested in all of the efforts in customizing a professional cover letter. It must focus on how you're enthusiastic about what the firm is doing and how you're the ideal match to meet their requirements. However, if you believe you cannot address the job criteria on the corporation's website, you may want to apply to a different career instead.

2. The second segment is the story. In this paragraph, you speak about yourself and illustrate how your prior relationships have prepared you to be the most matched applicant possible for that particular role. Use it to answer interview questions like what was your best moment, how did you handle disappointment, and explain to us regarding an instance when you efficiently led an endeavor from start to finish. And remember to tailor your cover letter to the individual company and the job you want instead of utilizing a generic one that ends up in the trash.

3. The third component is the closing. In the final and concluding paragraph, highlight the value you'll provide to the firm and why you're the ideal option for the particular job. Convey your enthusiasm about joining the team in the future. Persuade them to contact you to set up an interview so they can understand more about why you're the perfect candidate to fix their issues. With a cover letter that follows the pattern outlined above, you will leave a significant mark that will capture the recruiter's interest, which can increase your likelihood of landing a job interview.

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DevOps engineer cover letter writing tips

Whenever you begin writing the first line of your cover letter, you should first organize your thoughts and put them down on a blank piece of paper.

Ask yourself questions including, What are your best attributes? What is your status as a DevOps Engineer? Which of your job experiences has been the most rewarding for the organizations you've employed with until now? Likewise, undertake a corporate study. What is the company's product, competition, business's purpose, and what is the organization's culture? With the DevOps Engineer post you are seeking, what issue statement are they attempting to overcome?

Now you have two tales - one for yourself and one for the firm. On a piece of paper, jot down both narratives. Evaluate your two stories and your pre-interview study and apply them to shape your opening and closing statement.

Reduce the entire thing to a one-page by removing all of the unwanted and unneeded information. When prospective employers review your cover letter or CV, they look at the quality of your experiences rather than the total of your experiences. As a result, strive to delete or leave out every unnecessary phrase you've placed in because it will lower the quality of your experience.

Personalizing your cover letter, which enables you to attract the recruiter's attention, is one of the simple strategies to ensure that your cover letter distinguishes you from the many other applicants' cover letters. Showcase your excitement for the position by exhibiting why you're the right match for that specific task and how thrilled you are to join the corporation. Use the job requirements to help you develop a cover letter that shows how your abilities, expertise, or job history makes you the top prospect to be a DevOps Engineer for the enterprise.

Outline your genuine passion for the firm and the role and your ability to match the business's demands. Don't miss to research the company. Check the company's website and learn about the firm's goals and vision, and include that information in your cover letter. Also, mention to the employer how your values align with the organization's aims and how your job aspirations may help them achieve company goals. So make sure that your cover letter focuses solely on the talents that the business needs and featured in their job post.

Reviewing and Tweaking - When you've completed the cover letter, modify it and get responses from a colleague or an advisor, and replicate this method until you and your evaluator consent and are impressed that you are the right person for the job out of all the other applicants who are qualifying.

Here are some quick tips for writing a DevOps cover letter;

  • Use of the appropriate cover letter format, one-inch margins, line spacing 1.15, and 11pt-12pt typeface.
  • Include an eye-catching yet competent cover letter heading.
  • Demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the job and discuss why you would like to be a part of the organization and the benefits you will offer. 
  • Give your contact details, for example, your mobile number and email address, and if appropriate, provide an URL to your LinkedIn page to enhance credibility.
  • Do not post your social media connections, like Instagram or Facebook.
  • Double-check your cover letter before sending it to the recruiter. Check for mistakes and grammatical problems twice. 

Take notice of these crucial factors and note that you're marketing yourself to the firm and the prospective employer.


Note: the final aim is to show that you're an outstanding applicant among everyone else who applied for that job role. And concentrate on the primary value you contribute to the organization!

DevOps engineer cover letter example 1

James S. Harmon



27 Oct 2021

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am applying for the position of DevOps Engineer position at EtchSketch Engineering Technologies. I have the technical mind required to build code and the big-picture mindset essential to render it original and distinctive. I also love project management, coordinating individuals, and directing them to places to utilize their skills. I'm ecstatic about the thought of joining your team and putting my skills to work for you.

At Candor Data Software, I started my Information Technology profession as a front-end developer. My initial job enabled me to collaborate with developer groups to create applications ranging from mobile games to search results and malware analysis tools. Working with other coders sharpened my technical abilities and showed me the importance of working efficiently with the team and subdividing duties to increase productivity and enhance seamless cooperation. Then worked as a cybersecurity specialist at Falcon Innovation Systems, where I designed encryption technology and trained clients on ways to employ it.

I eventually opted to integrate my abilities as a DevOps Engineer at Falcon Innovation Solutions, based on my expertise in software engineering, cybersecurity, and public presentation. I constructed CI/CD workflows that enhanced the firm's capabilities to develop, build, and deliver technology by 25%, with me at the lead managing production and the IT Ops team.

I am thankful for the chance to contribute my distinct set of abilities to your business and its clientele. I don't see any conflict between recognizing the reasoning in well-written code and being a good communicator. I look forward to illustrating how I can blend both qualities as we progress through the recruiting process.


James S. Harmon

DevOps engineer cover letter example 2

James S. Harmon



27 Oct 2021

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am interested in applying for the DevOps engineer role at Quantum Software Technologies. I am confident that my talents and history will enable me to meet your standards for this position.

I am continuously upgrading my skill set and am competent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, and talents to write novel code. I have a bachelor of science degree. For the last four years, I worked at Arch Focus Technologies, and my core duties were to engage with software developers, system integrators, and other IT staff members to monitor code deployments.

I was engaged in all aspects of the product lifecycle, from strategy development through installation and management. My achievements as a DevOps engineer over the last four years are stated below;

  • I enhanced the company's quality control and operational efficiency leading to the introduction of new innovations and management ideas.
  • Launched performance management for development services to help developers in improving their product information and technical abilities.
  • Implementation time for crucial Arch Focus Technologies architecture was decreased by a factor of 15.
  • Developed software applications to operate on Red Hat Business Linux 7 platforms and govern essential aspects of the company project.

Quantum Software Technologies will profit from my expertise and experience cooperating with software engineers to deliver new apps and services. I welcome the opportunity to discuss the position and my credentials further in-depth with you.


James S. Harmon


The DevOps Engineer cover letter allows you to express your narrative without being constrained by the structural limitations of the DevOps Engineer resume. Grab the most of this opportunity by telling the recruiters why you're the ideal match for the job!

Begin with an enticing opening, supported by your core storylines, as though responding to an interview question. Ensure that your core narratives center on the business's problem and how you can solve it. Finish with a closing statement that summarizes your value offer and displays your enthusiasm for the role.

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