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DevOps Engineer Resume Sample

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Van C. McKenny

DevOps Engineer

Proactive DevOps Engineer with a solid Linux foundation and 6+ years of expertise creating, developing, and coordinating cutting-edge cloud service distribution automation. Looking to enhance excellence at Microsoft by leveraging established constant deployment techniques. Reduce complaints from customers by 60% for a software application. At Obelus Data Services reduced deployment durations by 25% by utilizing Jenkins and AWS capabilities. Increased Client satisfaction by 35%.


DevOps Engineer
Obelus Data Services
  • Puppet Professional architecture was used to build, deploy, and monitor 6,000+ servers.
  • Shell publish scripts were rewritten, lowering deployment durations from 6+ hours to less than two min.
  • Developed CI/CD workflow for worldwide engineering team utilizing TeamCity, providing for hundreds of code modifications every hour with minimal downtime.
  • Jenkins and Maven were used to streamlining the construction and deployment processes, removing 80 percent of the human labor.
  • Developed a migration plan from Perforce to GitHub, involving diverging, integrating, and labeling.
DevOps Engineer
Strat Infotech
  • Employing Octopus Release and PowerShell, build and manage completely automatic CI/CD workflows for software distribution.
  • Effectively manage, optimize, and analyze AWS, EC2, and RDS cloud hosting, involving recoveries, patching, and scalability.
  • Decreased monthly expenditures by $4,000 by removing superfluous machines and combining databases.
  • Docker containers were designed and deployed to divide up a monolithic program into microservices, simplifying the development process, enhancing flexibility, and optimizing performance.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University of Pennsylvania, PA


AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
Certified Kubernetes Administrator
Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
Google's Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

2379 Elmwood Avenue

Warminster, PA 18974

Communication skills
Configuration management
Monitoring and analytics
Version control
Continuous Integration servers
Deployment automation
Testing and Cloud Quality tools