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Data Scientist Resume Example

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How to Write a Data Scientist Resume

Data scientists are a new generation of computational data professionals with the technological expertise to address complicated problems and the enthusiasm to discover what issues need to be solved. The part of their role requires to be a mathematician, computer scientist, and understanding the latest trends. And they are immensely valued-after and also highly-paid because they cover both the market and information technology domains. Who isn't going to aspire to be one?

They are a symbol of the changing times as well. A decade earlier, data scientists were not on most satellites, but their rapid prominence represents the way corporations think regarding massive data nowadays. It is no longer possible to eliminate and neglect the unmanageable collection of unorganized data. As long as somebody that can venture in and uncovers market trends that no one thought to look for before, it is a digital gold mine that enables them to raise profits. And now, the entry of the data scientist!

Corporations are buying up individuals in massive numbers with professional expertise. That implies you have a variety of job roles for yourself, so imagine huge! If you develop a systematic, strategic approach to generate your resume, you will improve your prospects and maybe get many work opportunities.With the engagement of around 15 min, this post will lead you bit-by-bit through the framework of the following;

  • Exploring both your knowledge and successes
  • To defeat candidate monitoring mechanisms by using techniques and pointers.
  • Demonstrating your competent character
  • Introducing your insight in a positive manner
  • Maintain your cv design and style simple and readable

Job Market Outlook for Data Scientist

Image for part: Job Market Outlook for Data Scientist

Mostly every day, the domain extends into our lives, and as a data scientist, you are at the cutting-edge of making the information valuable. Companies receive broad repositories of data on human nature, patterns, economics, statistics, and all other elements evaluated in the latest high-tech environment. You take the details, scrutinize and analyze it as a data scientist, so you can make decisions on everything, including the color for producing a product anywhere a government scheme is needed.

Data scientists function with data sets, machine learning, and advanced training algorithms in their simulation models. Big data is relied on by many sectors. The major platforms in which Data Science Central claims that data scientists can efficiently employ their talents and obtain the highest wages are as follows:

  • Travel
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Communications
  • Outsourcing
  • Gaming
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Education

Big data is used by both of these sectors to guide decision-making and address issues, but both have different requirements and priorities. Several data scientists started their profession as statisticians.But these functions have also changed as data storage and processing technology starts to develop and expand. Information is not only an afterthought to be handled by IT. It is a valuable knowledge that needs study, innovative insight, and skill to convert high-tech concepts into new ways to generate revenue.

As a data scientist career, there is indeed no concrete job description. Here are a few things you're probably going to do as a data scientist;

  • Compiling vast quantities of undisciplined information and turning it into an accessible format.
  • Addressing business-related concerns via data-driven approaches.
  • Determining the number of languages for programming, namely SAS and Python.
  • Obtain a thorough understanding of statistics, as well as numerical evaluations and quotas.
  • Taking note of computational approaches like machine learning and text analytics.
  • Interacting and cooperating with Information technology and industry.
  • Checking for volume and data anomalies, and also finding patterns that could improve the result of a company.

Data scientists typically use the following terminology and innovations:

  • Data visualization comprises of creating representations that convey correlations to observers of the images between the represented data. In creating a visualization, this synchronization is achievable by incorporating a synchronized initiative among graphic marks and numerical data.
  • Machine learning focuses on computational models and simulation.
  • Deep learning is a field of research in machine learning that utilizes information to construct complicated concepts.
  • The system that identifies trends in information is pattern recognition.
  • The processing of data is easy to see since it is the method of translating information into a format.
  • The method of analyzing unorganized data to gather essential industry knowledge is text analytics.

Despite that reach, it will be to your advantage to concentrate your resume as accurately as you can on all your field of expertise. In your resume, you have to be able to clarify what quality you are going to bring with your research to an organization. Companies are searching for ways to streamline processes, save resources, promote more, boost performance, stay ahead of trends, define and optimize their target audience, hire suitable personnel, and employ verifiable statistics to support assessments and validate them.

You have to be mindful of what you are up against to promote yourself in your work application. The main obstacle is Applicant Monitoring Systems that are incorporated by the organizations, and it ranks the resume based on the criteria set by the recruiters. There are many tracking systems on the market, so there is no one way to guarantee that you can conquer one, but you might have an edge as a data scientist since you understand how to interpret data. Here are some ideas to get you started on your resume;

  • Tracking program checks for specific keywords from job ads
  • The software cannot  read data in headers and footers
  • Use acronyms if there is any specification for the application, so write complete names.

Now, Let's discuss your Profile Summary.

Before moving on that, here is a guide on what is asked in data science interview questions?, what skills are essential to be a data scientist.

Profile Summary

Image for part: Profile Summary

Your overview tells hiring managers slightly who you are and what you deem quite valuable about your profession till now. You have the prospect to exhibit your unique character and qualities in this eloquent summary, not more than four to five lines, thereby previewing one of your crowning accomplishments.

Do not reinvent for every job role, but it is essential to involve the phrases that your research has discovered to maximize your Applicant tracking ranking.


Image for part: Employment

The record of jobs is the cornerstone of your resume: it offers the blueprint of your professional success to employers. Just like you consider placing together pieces of information to shape an overall picture, do it in the same manner. A building block to another is a growing work or data science initiative. The core principle is to inform employers of your previous contributions to every role, progressions, and what you are willing to do if you are part of the organization.

You will need a cover letter with your job application and that's why we have compiled a guide on how to write a cover letter for a data scientist.

Numerous data scientists commence their professions as software developers, data analysts, or data engineers, so be careful to establish a consistent trend of growth in obligations and expertise if you are looking to make the switch to data scientists. Consider thinking about all qualifications to be a competent data scientist. The four foundations of data science are something you should be aware of;

  • Awareness as to how corporations work or set of data on one or more markets
  • For data processing, metrics and probabilities are significant
  • Engineering and research design of applications
  • Determination to describe both verbally and in writing your approaches, observations, and interpretations.
By 2026, the jobs of all computer and data research scientists will increase by 19 percent, which is considered much quicker than the average for all occupations, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In the employment segment, focus on the specifics, as this is one way to convey that you are monitoring your milestones and developments. When you compose your resume, include action verbs. Here is a list of  action words used with phrases:

  • Construct frameworks and incorporate them
  • Formulate and evaluate information
  • Identify ideal data points and parameters
  • Acquire broad descriptive and predictive information sets
  • Build visual representations to convey outcomes
  • Uncover strategies and prospects

You may have worked as a freelance worker or tried several activities that may not apply to your occupation. So, try arranging your job experience by assignment if any of this is the situation for you. Then, you can provide more info about your major accolades to hiring managers. In the job background category, follow these suggestions adequately:

  • Coordinate your employment record in reverse-chronological order
  • Present a professional development trend
  • Include facts and figures to support your points
  • Specify compelling descriptive words
  • Conducted detailed data testing of information from a variety of suppliers.
  • Acted as a link for many specific ventures for customer service teams.
  • Examined and rectified data inconsistencies with debugging groups.
  • Amalgamated data with published sources, secured and tracked old data sets.


Image for part: Skills

Your segment of skills gives a snapshot of your abilities you have that complement the work for which you are applying. So now is the opportunity to strategize a compilation that you know of any program, mathematical model, arithmetic branch, and so on. The core competencies are the technical work to conduct your job. Next, reflect on your interpersonal and other soft skills necessary to be a valuable employee. Here is a list of abilities you can include in your resume as per the job requirements;

Hard skills

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Mathematics
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Statistics

Soft skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Time Management
  • Problem-Solving
  • Perceptiveness
  • Communication
  • Creative Thinking
  • Collaboration
Data scientists are the catalyst for any enterprise striving to optimize their company and be more data-oriented.

Some of the tool skills are:

  • Python
  • Cloudera
  • NoSQL
  • R Programming
  • TensorFlow

In this part, include some unique phrases that will characterize your resume and help you win the ATS software is this segment. The abilities comprise of the following;

  • The capabilities used in a lower-level job, such as data analyst, you might have employed these talents, like statistics and production of software.
  • The qualities used to do your role regularly like, data mining and evaluation, artificial intelligence, and pattern recognition.
  • Specialized skills that enhance your resume and attract employers in the ATS ratings, like algorithms for classification or model building.

Pick advanced skills over lower-level expertise when you develop your skills category. If you have specifying competencies, then do not outline any required skills. However, do not disregard soft skills, because you are also accountable for interacting with your discoveries as a data scientist and advocating for your proposals.


Image for part: Education

Data science is a relatively new development, so you still don't have a certificate, but boot camps and degree programs are sprouting up to bridge the gap. Although right now, there is no specific requirement for the job of a data scientist, since it is growing in demand, but in the future, this field will demand a certification. For now, hiring managers are looking for data scientists that have degrees from other disciplines that are listed below;

  • Information technology
  • Statistics
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

Over the next decade, there will be about 5,400 new jobs. As the need for unique and enhanced technologies in the field of data science grows, the market for skilled data scientists will escalate. The massive rise in data gathering would lead to higher availability of resources for data mining.

If you don't know how to begin your data scientist resume, then here is a data scientist resume sample.

If you qualify for the above-stated fields, then include it in your education. Most data scientists have graduate degrees that emphasize their chosen field, so a university program is not a prerequisite to be employed as a data scientist, even if you have a career in the above courses. Get a qualification program or additional training if you want to enhance your resume or cover in skill shortages.


If you have any accolades, then add in this section. Here is a list of topmost validations for a data scientist;

  • Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science
  • Cornell Data Analytics Certification (Online)
  • CHDA – Certified Health Data Analyst
  • GCP – Google Certified Professional Data Engineer
  • CAP – Certified Analytics Professional


Image for part: Format

Use this technique to increase the efficacy of your resume, so emphasize the message rather than the layout. It is a graphical image of your professional character, so reflect that.

Keeping it easily readable is the core concept. Hiring managers only invest seconds looking for specifics and gaining a sense of who you are. It is probably to go in the trash if your resume contains big chunks of type or a complicated interface.

Follow these tips while formatting and designing your resume;

  • Ensure to leave adequate spacing between lines and texts
  • Highlight the main achievements and skills using bullet points
  • Check for color and brightness, that it is recruiter-friendly
  • Ensure it is simple to locate your contact details, qualifications, and job roles.
  • Eliminate having columns or inserting massive data in headers and footers that can not be interpreted by the ATS.

Select from one of our hipCV templates, ensure that you do not exaggerate the color, or switch the text to one that is not easily readable.

Data Scientist Resume do/donts

Image for part: Data Scientist Resume do/donts

  • Include job-relevant knowledge and add your associate or bachelor's degree if the place is entry-level. 
  • Optimize your resume for every job role
  • When explaining your abilities, make clear and straightforward statements in easy-to-understand words.
  • Do not use a complex framework or ignore the terminology in the job listing.
  • Do not go over two pages. Some roles or sectors can require an in-depth resume, but one or two pages are preferred.
  • Do not hurry to send a non-reviewed resume.

For data-scientists, there are very diverse career path choices. As a multidisciplinary occupation, data science provides visibility and transition opportunities in multiple fields. The data scientist's emphasis is on a specific area of engineering, product, or business, and ensuring that the expertise and talents needed were well-read, paves the way to shift into these professions. So, before moving on with your job hunt process, here are the key points to know for crafting a resume for a data scientist job position;

Points to Remember

  • Data science is the newest development to the spectrum of technology professions, and the job of a data scientist is highly in demand.
  • To illustrate the challenges you have encountered, the steps you have taken, and the approaches you have extracted, you have ample of data.
  • Instead of work history, think using a project segment; it could be a great way to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Orient your abilities section on the unique capabilities that may improve your ATS rating and persuade hiring managers.
  • Consistency and symmetry are vital than the imagination when it comes to the structure of your resume.

To develop your resumes, try our hipCV resume builder and its stylish resume templates. Start and create a Data Scientist resume now!

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