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Personal Banker Resume Example

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How to Write a Personal Banker Resume

The financial services industry has long been a fruitful avenue for employment. Perhaps, now more than ever, with the way the global economy is in link to it. If you're a banking professional or you're looking to be one, it might be an excellent resume to get a top job with great pay, benefits, and work environment!

The term 'banker' defines several business and financial activities. To describe the word generally, on behalf of other people, bankers are responsible for storing and managing money, offering banking services to them, and generating revenue through transactions and loan interest.

Compared to its roots, banking today is enormously intricate, as transformed by the digital era. Today, state-of-the-art is to pay bills online, invest in bonds, also cryptocurrencies. Loans and finances are typically necessary as there are different categories of loans available for buying a house, car, and even college fund. Additionally, the value of credit cards has increased due to revolutionization that made the transactions far-reaching, and for outlays, we have the cash to cover.

Bankers help individuals and companies supervise through the challenges of the modern banking sector. In these fields, job seekers have lots of opportunities and competition. To knock-off, the hiring process is to craft an excellent resume that makes you a potential candidate.

Together with the hipCV resume builder app, and our great templates, this guide will help you find the right job in the banking sector. Studies have shown that recruiters usually spend a few seconds on a resume, so there is no room for error and little time to make an impression.Read on to learn how to build a resume that reflects your willingness to succeed in the internalized banking industry. This guide will discuss:

  • The outlook of the banking sector, with future wages and employment opportunities.
  • How to create a profile to stand out from the crowd of job hunters.
  • How to demonstrate your work history, training, and skills to gain the attention of employers.
  • How to dodge the drawbacks of computerized software that usually eradicate work candidates.

Job Market Insight

Image for part: Job Market Insight

Looking for a new career in the banking sector is difficult enough, without knowing the type of role and the demands of the latest job positions in various sectors can be daunting.First, familiarize yourself with the banking industry before becoming a part of one.The classifications that constitute who is a 'banker' and their position in organizations in the banking and financial sector is;

  • Retail bankers - Their role is to assist clients with regular transactions such as cashing checks or withdrawal, deposit, or money transfer.
  • Personal bankers - Helps to open savings accounts, counsel clients on transferring money to higher-income investment accounts, and process applications for loans.
  • Commercial bankers - Offer funding, cash flow, and liquidity assistance to corporate and institutional customers.
  • Loan officers - Responsible for assessing whether prospective defaulter is approved based on their business models and the financial worth of their endorsement.
  • Investment bankers - Assist big corporations with promoting money from investors, evaluating the debt burden, compliance with government legislation and restructuring in public offerings, and mergers.
  • Merchant bankers - Like private equity companies, on account of a significant percentage of earnings, merchant bankers use their capital to fund desirable businesses.

Elevator speech: outline your character sketch

Image for part: Elevator speech: outline your character sketch

Perhaps you're familiar with the word 'elevator speech' or the elevator pitch, meaning you have little time to impress someone before he or she gets off the elevator. Concise and quick, but persuasive, and no words are lost: this is also the definition of a resume profile. Often called a description, the resume statement is the first chance to tell prospective employers about the skills and interests.

While lists of past jobs, qualifications, and skills control resume, a professional overview allows you to describe your character description by using words to praise yourself modestly, with an emphasis on integrity and abilities.

Note that to tailor the resume's phrasing to the preferences and needs of each work listing. And while your job or education experience has limited space for versatility, there's more wiggle room in the profile. As there is less room to wiggle in the work and education history, but more flexibility in the profile section.

Recall also that spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes are a complete deadlock. The main reason behind rejecting resumes is poor English cited by the recruiters.

Pitfalls of Applicant Tracking Software

Image for part: Pitfalls of Applicant Tracking Software

The Applicant Tracking System is used to review resumes based on the career skills required for a role. If your resume lacks sufficient keywords highlighting your skills, the employer will not evaluate it.

This breakthrough has advanced to the 'resume optimization' process, as it requires customized resumes and CVs for every job position. Application tracking technology, the program decides and gives the chosen resumes green light for further testing, offers both incentive and risk.

To beat the candidate tracking software is to track down the job listing for any specific requirements from the company website to decide what skills and qualifications are necessary for the role.

A competent banker who can provide informative and productive solutions for customers and explore financial alternatives. Adept at forming customer relationships and managing deposits and funds, and Excelling on the provision of comprehensive and reliable customer service & assistance.

Employment history: Demonstrate it clearly

Image for part: Employment history: Demonstrate it clearly

You know the mystical meaning of the word 'experience' if you have applied for a job. Unless you offer to go on your first Space mission, perhaps you'll be asked whether you've done this before. If you have a compelling banking job history, extract it. Write in reverse order about your previous jobs and describe what you've achieved with powerful keywords.

2018 Harris Poll / CareerBuilder survey found that 77 percent of Recruiters spotted typos or poor grammar as a 'deal killer'.
For both employment history and education section, reverse chronological order is best by exam. Probably, this places your most remarkable accomplishments first for your last job. It is what the recruiters expect, and you don't have to violate the law to impress them.

When justifying your position at every job, focus on what you were doing, be as precise. If you don't have impressive job experience and you are a college graduate, feature some relevant internships or volunteer work. And if you have a job experience outside the banking sector that could be useful, mention it, be imaginative in explaining its relevancy to the banking job position.

Bullet points are common in resumes. Lots of achievements are not a problem, to limit your resume to one-page condense two-points into one, as it saves vertical space.

Skills and Expertise: time to glow

Image for part: Skills and Expertise: time to glow

Feature the skills that you possess in your resume. It may involve technical skills in accounting, auditing, or specific software applications. And in areas like communication, teamwork, and customer care, write about your soft skills.

The section of skills is a great place to add any requisite capabilities that are not in your professional profile, job details, or education. One way to gather your skills is to analyze and create a master list by describing your abilities. Check with the recruiter's requirement in the job listing and add the extracted skills.

Here are the core skills that an employer is looking for in retail banking, insurance; ul>
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service
  • Organization and time management
  • Numeracy skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Educational Qualification

    Image for part: Educational Qualification

    Banking professions usually require a bachelor's degree, and a master's degree in a related field like business, finance, or accounting may give you a nudge, and is essential for more competing jobs. Present your history of education in reverse-chronological order, similar to your job history, indicating the more higher education first. You may also claim an outstanding GPA, academic honors, or other academic distinctions where appropriate.

    Also, there are advanced certifications in the banking sector that can improve the chances of getting a job or promotion. Applicants must attend courses in specialist fields and pass professional tests to obtain these certifications. The specialized certifications make you a competitive candidate with a reward for a higher salary.

    According to the Corporate Finance Institute, the useful certifications in the banking sector;
    • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
    • Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
    • Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)
    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
    • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

    Resume Layout: eye-catching novelty

    Image for part: Resume Layout: eye-catching novelty

    Banking is one of the moderate sectors, as expressed in the dress and grooming norms. Also, your resume should be professional and free of stunts or over-decoration. It is great to have a one-page curriculum vitae, as it helps employers to determine valuable skills and qualifications.

    Make sure your resume is free of any glitches that non-PDF formats might cause, which may look completely different on the employer's computer. The Applicant tracking software also screens for file format and can result in a refusal. Check our hipCV sample templates, find the one that suits best to your preferences, and use it to create your resume. Only the resume content is what you need to think. We have looked after the design aspect for you.

    Personal Banker Resume do/donts

    Image for part: Personal Banker Resume do/donts
    • Mention your suitable job experience
    • Upgrade resume for Applicant tracking software
    • Specify accomplishments in numbers
    • Add soft skills
    • Acknowledge volunteer work or internships
    • Don't copy exact wording from the job listing
    • Don't include the job experience with controversial companies
    • Don't exaggerate on your resume
    • Don't cover holes to hide anything

    Today's banking sector is continuously changing by emerging technology and how we invest, borrow, and lend. In this changing environment, job seekers need to find ways to stand out from the competition, and the starting position is an exclusive resume.

    Points to Remember

    • A resume is a complex document that should be customized to fit any professional requirements, hitting the notes each hiring manager is seeking.
    • It is particularly relevant in your resume's more versatile profile and skills portion, where you have to say why you're the right candidate for the job position.
    • Resumes must pass Applicant tracking software assessments that wipe out CVs that don't include the required job skills or have unstable formats.

    By using the resume builder app, you'll leave nothing to chance, and resume templates at hipCV — can be a door opener. Start creating your resume now!

    Check out our complete guides on resume writing hacks , cover letter hacks , hard skills , soft skills , how to write an International resume , CV writing , resume keywords , resume action verbs.

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