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What careers will be in demand in 2022?

Considering the most popular IT jobs may allow you to obtain a future interview. The following is a list of the top technology jobs for 2022. The IT business is flourishing again and will keep expanding, so why not look for a career that will allow you to advance? Firms are looking for people who can work long hours and for long-term jobs. Prepare yourself; here is our collection of the top IT jobs for 2022.

DevOps engineer

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DevOps engineer assists and supervises the development process while also participating in deployment and system administration. DevOps Engineers oversee scripting, programming, and process design. This sort of engineer is in charge of the development group, which is involved in the deployment and network management. You are accountable for creating and upgrading a distribution architecture in this job. This job's typical compensation ranges from $95,000 to $140,000. The skills necessary for a DevOps engineer are;

  • Proficient in Linux or UNIX network management
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • A thorough grasp of DevOps industry standards
  • Programming

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Cloud Architect

A Cloud Architect guide and monitor the cloud as part of the business's cloud services program. Most cloud designers have to be well-versed in networking, computing, and safety. Companies are searching for people knowledgeable and skilled in cloud services such as Amazon Web Services. Hiring managers are also seeking individuals with experience or knowledge of ITSM, automation, and cloud-based scalability. The typical income ranges from $120,000 to $202,250. The skills for a cloud architect are;

  • Excellent software expertise in languages like python, Ruby, and Elixir.
  • Information Technology engineering background
  • Outstanding leadership abilities

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Product manager

A product manager is responsible for managing the development of a specific product from the beginning to the end. Product managers will administer the corporation's projects, monitor the workflow, and verify that everyone stays on track. The typical pay package is between $90,000 and $120,000. The product manager skills include;

  • Product Lifestyle Development
  • Management software such as PivotalTracjer
  • Exceptional analytical abilities
  • Identifying and expressing the requirements of the user
  • Establishing a product vision

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Programmer Analyst

Analysts in this role develop and build new initiatives and generate process mapping using design patterns and diagrams. It is advantageous if the applicant has previous expertise as a systems analyst or a computer engineer, as this job is a hybrid of the two. A programmer analyst's compensation may vary from $88,750 to $154,00 on average. The skills of a programmer analyst consist of the following;

  • Knowledge of how to diagnose and debug information management.
  • Computer languages such as Java, C, and C 
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a similar subject.
  • Coding expertise

AI Architect

The AI architect is accountable for managing all AI efforts and has a strong background in math and statistics. The average yearly wage is more than $110,000. Some of the abilities required are:

  • Python and Torch programming abilities
  • Expertise with TensorFlow or based projects
  • Knowledge of AI, machine learning, and neural networks

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Systems Analyst

The system analysts create ways to help in addressing the problem by evaluating the company's IT infrastructure. They analyze the issues in the most cost-effective way possible. As an analyst, you will test software and databases to confirm they are fully functioning, doing safety checks and assessments on the organization's information. A system analyst's compensation might range from $59,000 to $92,000. The system analysts skills;

  • Analytical abilities
  • Data research and coding expertise.
  • Competency in technical assessment and project administration

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Network Administrator

They are in charge of LAN/WAN standards, applications, and equipment. The network administrator role requires a significant amount of debugging and requires you to be on standby in the event of an emergency. As per the BLS, there will be 8,000 total Network Administrator positions available from 2019 and 2029. The average yearly wage is $112,690. Some of the abilities required include;

  • Professional accreditations
  • Analytical and diagnostic abilities
  • IT expertise for business
  • Showcasing networking strategies

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Software Engineer

Image for part:  Software Engineer

Software engineers design, construct and deploy software applications. The position necessitates coding, developing, and implementing apps. It is a known position since they create apps for the healthcare system, government, and commercial companies. About 40 thousand software engineer roles are now available in the United States. The average yearly pay is $110,245.

Some relevant abilities are as follows:

  • Fundamental computer science and application development capabilities
  • JavaScript, Python, and Java

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Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineers must have a strong foundation in digital platforms and knowledge of security-protocol stacks. Blockchain engineers are experts in designing and managing digital business solutions. Engineers should be able to assess a company's technological demands and provide options for those demands. You will require experience designing architecture and services that use blockchain platforms. This post has a pay package of about $150,000. Other abilities essential for performance in this role include the following technologies:

  • R3  
  • Ripple  
  • Bitcoin  

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Data Scientist

Data scientist handles and analyzes massive volumes of data using machine learning, cognitive computing, and predictive analysis in this job. Excellent math and technological abilities are essential in this job since you will be interpreting data to develop a business plan. The average yearly pay is $94,280. Extra skills and insight in the following areas will be beneficial:

  • Calculus and linear algebra
  • Data Visualization
  • Programming and data manipulation
  • Machine learning

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