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Artificial Intelligence Engineer Resume Sample

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William E. Rosser

AI Engineer

Data-oriented Artificial Intelligence Engineer, fluent in C++ and Python, with a problem-solving attitude, an introspective attitude to projects, and a solid understanding of banking industry requirements.


AI Architect
  • Collaborate with Data Scientists and Product Managers to define an issue statistically and within the scope of the company.
  • Devise strategies for tracking and visualizing the effectiveness of all installed methods, and publish verified schemes to the RTB platform.
  • Proficient in C/C++ and Java development and troubleshooting skills.
  • Understanding of open-source Machine Learning technology.
  • Construct models and test the outcomes.
  • Assist in the growth, validation, and installation of operational applications.
  • Committed to the growth of technologies in IoT safety and helped to increase corporate earnings by 50% in the third quarter.
  • Collaborated with other AI specialists in the organisation to design, create, and test software that detects risks and protects IoT systems applying AI and machine learning techniques.
  • Rectified difficult obstacles and helped game designers construct without restrictions by recommending technological options to deliver a wealth of experience.
Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Helping the R&D division and fast development staff in writing polished, optimized code for numerous games to increase the utilization of basic components.
  • Working actively with architects to develop the essential procedures for action games, creating decision trees for various stages, and assisting in the creation of neural nets as applicable.
  • Evaluating peers' operational ideas with other computer programmers and coaching junior software engineers and interns as required to improve their talents and efficiency.
  • Created a customer classification methodology that resulted in a 45% rise in business total sales.
  • Introduced multiple architectures to handle millions of more client data.
  • Received 100 percent adherence to business best practices on a continuous basis.
  • Revenue was predicted within 1.8 percent using logistic regression frameworks.


Bachelor of Software Engineering(Artificial Intelligence)
University of Maryland, MD


Harvard University Machine Learning
Professional Certificate in Foundations Of Data Science
Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

460 Flanigan Oaks Drive

College Park, MD 20741

Data structures
Web Scraping
Quantitative Analysis
Decision Analytics
Machine Learning Algorithms
Predictive Modelling