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How to write a blockchain engineer cover letter

You've probably seen the basic cover letter format. Describe yourself, discuss why you're a good match for the position, explain why the firm is a good fit for you, and close by offering your contact information and greeting them for their time. But, as new faces join the dynamic market alongside those returning to or changing jobs, most of us have a unique opinion of what comprises a blockchain engineer cover letter in 2021.

For instance, the increase of video job submissions and professional-looking cover letters is challenging to overcome, putting many job applicants considering they aren't doing enough to stand out. Finally, every applicant wonders: with recruiting companies receiving more cover letters, what does it take to distinguish yourself in today's job hunt? In 2021, we'll look at several suggestions and approaches for drafting a blockchain engineer cover letter. 

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  • The core purpose of a blockchain engineer cover letter is to capture the employer's attention by describing what you can offer. However, if your first phrase begins, I am writing to apply for Blockchain Engineer at ABC Tech Solutions, then odds are they will stop reading immediately — even if you are an ideal fit for the post. Replace the standard opening with a unique message. Begin with an exceptional accomplishment that you are proud of and is related to the position, or mention an area of the job title that jumps out to you. If you can draw their interest, you've won half the game. 
  • Write your cover letter to the right individual, including the job position and reference id (if applicable), and where and when you discovered the posting. Provide the date and your contact information.
  • An excellent cover letter is brief and employs short phrases and straightforward language. It should be 3-4 sections long and no more than one page in length. Continue by saying why you want this position and corporation. Next, show how your primary talents, abilities, and experience may assist the company in meeting its objectives. Highlight how your hobbies and interpersonal traits make you the optimal fit for the position, and appreciate the reader for taking the time to read your application.
  • Your cover letter must explain how your unique mix of skills and experience may provide value to that specific post in the firm. Examine the job specification and connect your most practical abilities, credentials, expertise to the job requirements using particular examples to back up your claims.
  • Employers aren't looking for candidates who can copy and paste a conventional cover letter example. They're looking for folks who will fit in with the company's culture and who can think beyond the box. Although cover letter samples might be a place to start, don't try to copy them exactly. Instead, infuse some humor and character into the cover letter.
  • Your cover letter's language must be professional, engaging, and positive. You would like to show that you are excited about the position and have a favorable outlook on the firm. Consider identifying sections where you may lack the abilities or knowledge indicated in the job post since you can address them during the interview process.
  • If you've ever questioned how other individuals make their cover letter and resume look so perfect, the answer is templates. There are several templates available on HipCV resume builder and hipCV cover letter builder to enable you to distinguish yourself from the pack. And the best thing is, you do not even have to be a designer to utilize them. If you're employing a template, ensure your cover letter and resume look the same. To make an impression, use the same typeface, color combination, and layout for each.
  • The purpose of a cover letter is to describe yourself and demonstrate why you are a perfect match for the job and the firm, but it must also serve as a preview for your CV. You want the viewer to go from your letter to your outstanding resume, so don't copy the resume's content and paste it into the cover letter, but include snippets that will tempt them to keep reading.
  • Individuals working in a workplace are familiar with a stack of professional jargon and are bored of it. Consider not using words and expressions like 'team player' and 'give everything you've got. If you want to incorporate these emotions, find a method to put them in your terminology, the viewer doesn't dismiss them as pointless fluff.
  • Whatever changes occur in cover letters throughout time, one piece of guidance on how to write a blockchain engineer cover letter stays constant. Prospective employers will quickly disregard your application if it contains misspelled words or inadequate copy-paste work. When dealing with applications or storing them as PDFs, it's easy to overlook a stray comma, incorrect bullet point, or unfinished phrase. When exporting your cover letter as a PDF, check it via a proofreader or have a reliable colleague/mentor double-check it for errors. Another technique to notice any minor problems in your cover letter is to read it aloud.

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Blockchain Engineer cover letter example

Dear Employer

As a Software Developer with five years of Blockchain expertise, I passionately apply for this role. Employed as a Software Engineer: Blockchain at ABC Technologies, where my responsibilities are;

  • Build various systems like blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.
  • Construct and enhance approaches to protect client systems and key-management platforms.
  • As a Subject Matter specialist in charge of identifying bottlenecks/bugs and developing responses to these problems.

I have an M.Sc. to complement my work expertise. I have extensive knowledge designing large-scale simultaneous, event-driven distributed networks and focusing on public-key cryptography/blockchain. Along with JavaScript and C++, I have compelling CS basics, such as a solid understanding of computations and data structures. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Delta Tech Pvt Ltd. Now I'm looking for a fascinating opportunity for my career growth.

Please find my résumé attached for your review. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting you and discussing my skills and qualifications in-depth.


Amy Walsch

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