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Medical Assistant Resume Sample

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Phoebe Burrows

Medical Assistant

Compassionate and efficient medical assistant with 4+ years of expertise. Excited to deliver advanced treatment and patient care practices at Middlemore Hospital patients in need of primary care Previously, serviced an average of 50 patients daily and assisted in the implementation of HIPAA and OHSA certified standards and procedures.


Medical Assistant
North Shore Hospital, Auckland
  • Aided in development of the practice's quality - management strategy. Initiatives achieved HIPAA and OSHA conformity, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced monthly operating expenses by 15%.
  • In crisis circumstances, responded patiently and appropriately and gave a genuine, compassionate approach that instantly put patients at rest.
  • For roughly 30 patients daily briefed patients for tests, gathered health history and vital indicators, and aided during evaluations.
  • Collecting lab samples and doing standard checks.
  • Input data and maintained client digital medical data up to date.
  • In CPOE, processed over 2500 lab, radiological, and pharmaceutical requests for clinical and Medicare patients.
  • Addressed calls, welcomed patients, and assisted office staff as necessary.
Medical Assistant
Auckland Hospital
  • Examined and documented a total of 50 patients each day. For example, doctors and nurses may gather patients' vital indicators, identify and diagnose their health records, and prep them for medical services.
  • As instructed, purchased x-ray, and medical equipment digitally.
  • Helped nurses and doctors with many types of medical care and support.
  • Recognized for efficient managing of administrative responsibilities such as taking calls, arranging meetings, overseeing medical data, admitting patients, invoicing, and bookkeeping. It enabled doctors and nurses to emphasize on their patients' medical conditions.
  • Maintaining the hygiene, sanitation, and upkeep of all premises, exam areas and machinery.


High School Diploma
Manurewa High School, Auckland


Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)
Registered Phlebotomy Tech (RPT)
Certified in First Aid and CPR


  • Calligraphy
  • Gardening
  • Public speaking
  • Networking with new people through Meet
  • Photography - Participated in Nikon Small World photography event and won 1st prize in 2017.

162 Hay Road, Pinehill

Auckland 1072                     

Medical Billing & Coding
Patient Vitals
Data Entry 90 WPM
Bookkeeping & Filing
Medical Records Management