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Emergency Nurse Resume Sample

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Emily Paling

Emergency Nurse

Energetic and trained Certified Emergency Care Nurse with over ten years of expertise in high-turnover urgent departments Specialist in triage and emergency medical treatment for Trauma Unit patients. Excited to join Albury Wodonga Health to help its patients and personnel. Recognized thrice for the great degree of care. 


Registered Emergency Nurse
John Fawkner Private Hospital, Victoria, Australia
  • Appointed to serve on hospital boards, including the Nurse Hiring Council to promote the Trauma Unit.
  • Assisting with evaluations, treatments, and other aspects of patient treatment.
  • Updated medical paperwork in a comprehensive way.
  • Established care and prescription regimens for emergency department patients to prepare them for a healthy recovery following a tragedy or incident.
  • Coordinated the room set up for the emergency departments such as the cleaning of surgical tools and the sterilization of surfaces before-after patient appointments.
Registered Nurse
Northern Hospital Epping
  • Supervised ER patients, especially notifying doctors or charge nurses of improvements in patient condition and interacting with patients and their families in a range of stressful scenarios.
  • Conducted medical treatments like EKG, cardiac monitoring, checking vital indicators, UCG screening, and drug administration.
  • Worked with a lot of ER experts to guarantee efficient patient care.
  • Implemented immediate patient health evaluation on patient's entry at the ER in the early stages of an acute condition or injury.


Master of Science – Nursing Honors Program
Deakin University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Victoria University, Australia


  • Camping 
  • Public speaking
  • Journaling
  • Theatre - Participated in a play at Knox Community Arts Centre (KCAC) for a cause to generate funds.
  • Writing


Medical emergency treatment certification
Registered Nurse certification

92 Carlisle Street

Balmattum VIC 3666                     

Communication skills
IV therapy
ER Level 1 - Trauma